Anyone starting off as an investor or an entrepreneur is going to struggle. Stage One is when everything is on the line and you are grinding with little to no return.

I get it.

I’ve been there multiple times and pushed through. Stick with me as I take you beyond Stage One, to Stage Three, where you reap the rewards of all of your risk taking and effort.

Spoiler Alert: You might even miss Stage One once you have achieved your goals. This is how serial entrepreneurs are born. We love the chase, right? 😉

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Episode #25 – Stage One of Building Wealth Sucks: How to Work Through It.


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So I got inspired to talk to you guys about today’s podcast because I’m right in the middle, not in the middle. I’m in the beginning of stage 1 of the 3 stages of entrepreneurship and growing your wealth. I mean stage 3 of growing wealth, but stage 1 of entrepreneurship with this particular platform and it really sucks. So I just brought me back to my other 2 companies that I’m in stage various stages and all 3, like what? I’m in stage 3 in 1,  I’m in stage 2 in another,  and then this one I’m in stage 1. So I’m like oh man, stage 1 really sucks now it like brings me back and brings me present to what a lot of you are going through as you start to launch your businesses and maybe some of you are like, you got through stage 1 really quick. I’ve never been able to get through it all that quick and all 3 that I’ve launched. And there’s a lot here too that we’re going to unpack as far as growing your wealth, that has 3 stages as well. It’s very similar entrepreneurship growing and growing a business and growing your wealth. They have a lot of similarities, so stay tuned. And we’re going to dive in. At first, I really want to talk to you guys and remind you constantly about what it is that we’re really trying to grow financial wealth for, because at the end of the day, in my opinion, and the reason why I started off wanting to build a business and wanting to grow wealth is so that I could have incredible experiences. 

So yesterday I took my boys and then they brought their friend Daniel along. So it’s me, 3 boys hopped on a train, took it to a Chicago Cubs game and it was a full day immersion. We left at 9:00 AM and didn’t get back till 11:00 AM at night and that experience you guys was priceless. I look at it and tickets to the game for really good seats behind home plate, $600. Train tickets $50, food, gosh spent so much money on food if they charged, $10 for a hot dog that cost 10 cents, but a food probably $200. So the whole trip, I don’t know, $1000, maybe more for one day, but the quality time, the banter I had with my kids taking them to the first major league baseball game. Actually I took John when he was like 3 or 4, but he doesn’t remember. So I guess that one doesn’t count, but taking them to being a part of this experience, the Cubs got  3 home runs. Kids are jumping up and down super excited. Just to add a blast and even ran into Karen on the train ride going back, you guys know Karen’s oh man. I’m not even going to get into it because it’s a little politically divisive what she got into it with me about. But anyways, those Karens seem to be everywhere nowadays. And we were laughing about that all the way home.

So priceless, priceless the experiences. So that’s why you’re building wealth. That’s why you should be building wealth. money is just simply a tool to get you the experiences with your family and those that you love and your friends. That’s what it’s really all about. So that’s what I want you guys to keep in front of you at all times when the going gets tough, because my original why did I get started in business? And I remember back when I signed, when I got started and said, sign my name and said I’m ready to start this business. Why did I do it. It wasn’t to compete with anybody. It wasn’t to be the best. It wasn’t because I wanted to be the richest. It wasn’t because I wanted to be number 1. I didn’t care about any of that. The time that I started, all I was thinking about is I wanted to design and create an extraordinary life. So don’t lose sight of why you’re building, what you’re building it isn’t you’re not building it to compare yourself to somebody else to beat somebody else to compete with somebody else. To get recognized although all those things are nice. They’re not why you got started. Why did you got started? I believe it is a lot deeper than that. It’s a lot more meaningful than that. So when we look at these stages of business and building wealth. 

Stage 1, it’s not worth it stage. And then you’ve got stage 2. Where you say to yourself, kind of overriding thing that you’re saying at these stages and stage 2 you are saying it’s worth it or it’s about worth it or it’s starting to be worth it. That’s when you’re in the beginnings of stage 2 of your entrepreneurial journey and then stage 3, this is when you really hit the ultimate dream and goal of building a business. It’s the entrepreneurial dream. I’m not worth as much, like I’m getting paid way more than I really should. Obviously the goal is to go to get ourselves into stage 3. However, I want you to really focus on just enjoying and embracing each stage.

I look at it like this. Okay. My kids are in an incredible stage right now. My boys are 11 and 13. We have a lot of banter. We joke around. We can do more. Like activities together, we have more fun. there’s more sarcastic humor. They’re in sports now. So I get to go, be a part of that experience watching them play sports. Whereas when they were like, when they were baby 1, 2, 3, like I kept thinking I can’t wait to get out of this stage. I can’t wait until the real payday comes. And then I see Time hop, Facebook photos come up. You know where my kids were 1 or they were 3 or 4. They’re just so freaking cute they were just starting to talk and I’m like, man, take me back like that. Longing to go back into that stage. I don’t think you can really appreciate that, right? Until your kids get a little bit older. For those of you that have kind of gone through those stages, everybody says, what do they say? They’re like, man, it goes by so fast just to enjoy every part of it and don’t wish any part of it away. So that’s what I want for you guys with the 3 stages is not to wish any of these stages away because there’s something really cool. Really almost God, I hate to use the word beautiful because it’s not really. I call my wife beautiful, but I don’t really use that adjective for too many other things. I feel like it takes my man card away for that moment or for that day. But there’s something really beautiful about each stage. There’s a certain aspect to each one that I really do enjoy so let me talk to you and explain a little bit more, let’s dive into each of the stages and then let’s unpack this and you can uncover what I’m talking about.

All right. Stage 1, the it’s not worth it stage. This is where right you’re doing 10 units of work and you’re getting one unit of pay. So financially it’s not worth it what you’re doing at all. Okay. This is where you’re thinking. If you came from the kind of the job mentality or the employee mentality like, oh man, I should just retreat back, get a job and at least I get a steady paycheck. At least I get something that is guaranteed. Man, I’m put in all this work and I’m not getting paid for it. This sucks. That’s what you’re saying to yourself. Stage 1 sucks. You’re saying I should quit. There’s hardly any revenue coming in? No, one’s supporting me. I feel so alone. And these are very common in stage 1. This is where you don’t really have very many customers, maybe don’t even have a product yet like me. I’m in stage 1 in this brand. I’ve posted 6 times on LinkedIn, like where I put some real strategy behind my posts like it was not something where I just came, I hired a coach. A LinkedIn coach to help me figure out the platform and cut my learning curve. And so I’ve posted 6 times, not one person has commented. I’ve gotten like 3 likes. My very first post. I got 1 like guess who was? My LinkedIn coach, who’s paid to fucking say like it, she didn’t even comment. I wanted to fire her. Come on, give me some engagement coach. I paid you to at least say something on there besides just hitting the like button, but whatever she did a good job, she was a good coach, but still that’s bullshit. 

So 6 times now. And what am I going to do tomorrow? Because I committed, I’m going to post every day for 365 days straight, something of value, something to try to solve somebody else’s problems even though I got my own crap ton of problems too. As we all do. The thing about business is that we’ve got our own problems. We don’t get successful in business until we figure out how to solve somebody else’s problems and give them value. 

So I committed every day. 365 days, I guess what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’m going to post guess what? I’m probably going to get crickets and then I’m going to post the next day. And then the day after that and what I’m going to get probably more crickets. And guess what? I’m going to keep posting. I’m going to keep posting and guess what? Probably by day 30, I’ll get a few comments and then day 60. I’ll probably have 20 comments every time I post and on day 90, maybe I’ll be getting 30, 40 comments per post, right on day 365. It would be like what he had in his first post. He got one like that was it? Now he’s got all this engagement, all these people coming in want to hire and pay him and buy his product and all of that. See, I’m going through stage 1 when I do my Instagram reels which if you guys haven’t seen him yet, and I think they’re pretty good. You got to see the one where I had my head down. I just go to my page and the very first cover is where my head’s down. I don’t know everybody who knows me and is watching it. They seem to enjoy that one that was born out of my frustration of being in stage 1. Posting about how helping other people get financially free and how I did it at a young age and then I get 50 views and people show their dog and they get 1.5 million views. People shaking their booty. I just watched this video came up on my feet. It wasn’t, I wasn’t searching for it. I promise you. But this let’s call her just a rather amazing dance. Wasn’t showing any skin or nothing, but she just shaking her booty and she had I think it was like 2,000,000 views on it. I’m like, are you kidding me? This is what’s going on. I’m over here cranking out incredibly valuable content, telling people how they can change their lives financially and I get 50 views and this gets 2,000,000 views, frustration. So the feelings that you have in stage 1, Discouragement. I’m not going to lie there’s days where I’m very discouraged launching this new platform. My podcast gets some downloads, but nothing like nothing really all that great yet.

The feeling is loneliness. Like I don’t have anybody really supporting me. So anybody, when you guys text me or you send me a message and give me encouragement, shit. That means a lot that means a lot that means way more than money to me I promise. Like some of those messages are worth $5000 a piece I’m not even lying about that. They are very valuable. So don’t ever think that when you send somebody a message it’s oh, this isn’t going to mean anything. I promise if you send a note of encouragement, no matter how much money somebody is making or how well they’re doing or not doing it’s impactful. It means something. I’m trying to get better at sending messages by just saying, Hey, you’re doing great or this is so valuable what you’re doing, or just keep going. I got to get better at that myself, because I know how much it means to me when it happens. I know how much it means to other people when I do it. So that’s definitely on my list of things. Hey, I got to get better. That’s just value right there that I’m putting in the market. When I just encourage other people. You got these feelings of excitement, right? You’re launching something new. It’s new, it’s fresh. It’s exciting. You’ve got this challenge in front of you to grow something that you’re excited about. There’s feelings of being overwhelmed. Like I’m so overwhelmed doing this deal because there’s so many different avenues and so many different platforms, so much to learn about each platform. Each platform has their own style and intricacies and details. And man, so overwhelming and the hashtags and how many do I use? Short form video that was extremely overwhelming. I was so scared to do short form video, the Instagram reels Tik-Tok, YouTube short form video though, is the future of digital marketing.

There’s no way we can ignore it. How can I get a message out in 30 seconds is what I kept telling myself. I’m on my podcast talking to a message for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. How am I going to get it concise down to 30 seconds and still give value? Guess what you dive in. You learn, you experiment, you try, you fail. You keep trying, you fail again over and over again. That’s how you get good. You can feel paralyzed this is a common feeling of paralyzed. Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to do next. There’s so many directions that I can go that if I take this direction, I could be losing out on this. What if I make the wrong move in my business? There’s financial pressure. You got hardly any revenue. You don’t have very many clients. You have to be really careful what you spend your money on, or it could put you out of business. I think the biggest thing though, is doubt. This is probably your number 1 emotion. You just doubt yourself. You’re doubting yourself because you’re telling yourself, man I should just quit. No one’s supporting me, but you know what? Here’s the most important thing than stage 1. You gotta just keep going and you gotta stay consistent, you need to be consistent about being consistent, even when you’re getting the crickets, you’re putting the posts out on Facebook and you’re getting the crickets. No one’s responding. You’re sending DMs and you’re getting ghosted. You’re putting whatever it is your marketing platform you’re posting on Instagram. Nothing. It’s like your follower account is stalled out. Completely not going up. This is where you just gotta stay consistent. Keep experimenting, keep refining your approach. Always remember number 1, your job in business to be successful is to provide value by solving somebody else’s problem. If you focus on solving other people’s problems you’re going to provide value to somebody and you’re going to start to grow a tribe and you’re going to start creating a culture and you’re going to figure out how to attract your customers. You’re going to figure out how to build a team because to me there’s no I in team. At stage 1, you’re in it by yourself. But in order to get into stage 2, you have to start building your team, whatever business it’s in. I’m not talking about any specific business here either. It could be any business that you start, but in order to really grow it you’re going to have to start putting a team of people around you to help you to grow. There’s no way you can do it on your own. Either you can only grow so big on your own. You are completely limited with a team, your growth can be exponential. 

So stage 2, what stage 2 like, well this is where your mantra is starting to be worth it. Or you might even say it is worth it, it was worth it. This is what you’re saying. You’re putting in 10 units of effort, work energy, are you getting 10 units of pay right back. You’re not getting wealthy. You’re not getting rich. You’re not getting anything, but you’re starting to say, man I’m starting to get, I’m starting to get paid for what I put into this.

This is where you got some steady clients. You have clients that have recurring revenue that keep buying from you, that you’ve got you’re starting to develop some real fans that love you and appreciate what you’re doing in your business and the value that you’re providing. This is where you probably have a small team. You’ve got some people that you’ve put together to help you with various functions. Maybe you’ve hired a couple employees, you’ve attracted some sales reps. Maybe you’ve got some people like that are outsourced where they’re helping you take on some of the menial tasks, like a VA or something, an assistant that you, things that you don’t want to do yourself. You’re feeling supported. You’ve got people that are in your corner. You’re getting feedback. The feelings here, a little bit of contentment could start creeping in. This is dangerous though. It’s good contentment, but it’s also very dangerous because it could stall you out where you’re not really looking to grow and evolve into the next level. Comparison can definitely be a big one in stage 2. In stage 1 you don’t have time to compare yourself. All you’re thinking about is like survival. You’re thinking about how do I meet, how do I start generating some revenue to pay my bills and to stay in business? How do I get out of this feeling of loneliness? That stage 1, you don’t have time for comparison.

Stage 2. This is where you’re starting to think, Oh man, this person, they started in business, like way after I did and they just skyrocketed right past me. Those feelings of comparison are going to be absolutely detrimental to you if you let them really take hold of it, it’s natural for them to creep in, but you gotta fight those off. You got to just stay in your lane. You have to stay focused on why you got started in your business. You could have feelings of relief like oh man, finally I can I’m not going to go under a financial, I can stay, I can keep going. Like I can finally meet payroll. I could finally take some money out of the company. That’s an amazing feeling. These are where you feel challenged too, you feel challenged to do something greater and something bigger. You got to stage 2. This is great, but this isn’t enough. I don’t want to just basically survive. I want to thrive. This is the stage where you’re going to be tempted into a lot of innovation. And it’s great to innovate, you don’t want to do it too much. You want to stick to your bread and butter of what got you out of stage 1 into stage 2, you want to just keep pumping that stay, stay the course on that, whatever method you are doing, you want to just keep cranking that away. Don’t slow down. This is the big mantra you have not arrived at yet when you hit stage 2. Okay.

Let’s get into stage 3. This is where you put in 10 units of work and you’re getting a hundred units of pay. This is where you say, I’m not worth this much. Now I don’t say that too often, because I don’t want to put that thought into my heart and into my subconscious mind, because what happens when you say I’m not worth this much, then you’re going to figure out a way to self-sabotage somehow. Figure out some way to mess it all up so that you drop back down to where it’s comfortable into stage 2. 

Do so generally speaking, you want to avoid saying I’m not worth this much because what you did to go through stage 1 makes you worth that much because most people are not simply not worth. They are not willing to go through and pay the price of stage 1. When you’re in stage 3. You want to be careful to make sure that you feel abundant. You have to embrace everything about stage 3. This is where you have a huge team. You’ve got a large client list. People might call you an overnight success that doesn’t realize that you went through stage 1 and how hard stage 1 was for you and how even how difficult stage 2 was for you with the fighting off the feelings of contentment, wanting to breathe, fighting off the comparison mode. In stage 3 you’re feeling competent. In stage 3 you don’t have quite the haters either, at least they’re scared. They’re more scared of you and when you’re in stage 3, because all you have to do is drive your Tesla up on their lawn. Now it doesn’t say that you still don’t get them still. You definitely do and at all stages, you’re going to get haters but they’re definitely much more scared of you at that stage. You silence the crickets, critics, AKA critics in stage 3 with your success. That’s your greatest revenge in anything is success and that’s what you’ve done in stages. 

Your feelings? What are your feelings? Oh man, it’s funny. Me talking about feelings, right? What are those? Come on, buck up. Let’s go. But not as part of the evolution of who I am as a human I’ve really embraced more over the last few years. The feelings and the respect for and the empathy and understanding the feelings that we have as we go through the challenges and the journey of entrepreneurship and growing wealth and life in general. Main feeling in stage 3 is surreal. You like a lot of times you get to pinch yourself like, wow did this really happen for me? I didn’t know if it was ever going to happen for me, stage 1? I didn’t ever know if I was ever going to get out of stage 1. I was in stage 2 for years. Was I ever going to get out of stage 2? I’m in stage 2 in my real estate company. And for the last 4 years I jumped around. I started off in stage 3, because right out of the gate I made $1,000,000 the first year. Everything was just cranking and going like crazy. I’m like this is surreal. Like, how did I do that? I didn’t even like just woke up one day and I was like, wow, this is nuts. And then it really set in the challenges started to really set in that I wasn’t ready to be stage 3 in real estate. I skipped stage 1 and 2 too quick. And I jumped into stage 3 and emotionally, I wasn’t ready.

So I want you guys to make sure that you’re ready for when it happens. So from stage 3, I jumped back to stage 1. That was tough. And then we were in stage 1 for 4 years. I didn’t take a single Paycheck out of that company. In fact, all I did was I continually put money into the company to keep it going and to build it 4 years you guys didn’t take a single profit paycheck out of that business, 4 years. Can you do that? Do you have the ability to endure and to withstand that kind of pressure? Well the big payoff is about to come. Big payoff is about to come and that business, I can feel it. We are on the verge of incredible growth and incredible revenue. And some really amazing profits are about to kick in. I got lots of great things happening there, but that was hard. That was so hard. The other feelings in stage 3.

What, besides being surreal, elation, super excited, lifestyle and stage 3 is incredible. You’re able to do what you want to do with who you want to do it when you want to do it with absolutely no price tag attached. Can we afford this? Yeah, you can afford it. It doesn’t even make a dent in your cash flow. Yesterday, kids, tickets, everything we did flip, Bam! Doesn’t even register, the $1000 doesn’t even register. Because of where we’re at in our entrepreneurial journey, another thing that can set in, a feeling in stage 3 is boredom. You’ve achieved some incredible things. You got what you want. You got the lifestyle. If you’re going through a lot of the, probably done a lot of the same things over and over again, to get to the result that you’re at in stage 3 and you get bored, and this is where you got to figure out, how do I inject new excitement? How do I mix things up? How can I re-challenge myself? How can I make this fun and exciting again? Because at the end of the day, here’s what I can tell you. If you’re not a 100% happy in doing what you’re doing, then the rest of it, all the other metrics are pale in comparison. My main goal that I’ve realized in any of these stages is that my objective over everything else is being 100% happy. I want to wake up in the morning and be excited to attack the day. I want to wake up in the morning excited about what I’m doing and if I don’t have that, then the rest of it doesn’t really matter. The rest of it’s pretty, absolutely freaking meaningless. If I don’t have that. 

You’re actually in stage 3, to be honest you can be longing for stage 1. How is that? Why would you want to go back to stage 1? Because it’s exciting and you’re in stage 3. It can be a bit boring. You want to go back to where you’re grinding. You’re in the trenches you’re locking arms with a couple people you want that kind of like that challenge back at it reinvigorates you. Think about soldiers who are in combat with each other. And all they were thinking about when they were in the trenches together as they couldn’t wait to get out of it. And then they come back and why do they have so much depression and why do they have so many emotional struggles? Well I’m not an expert and I haven’t studied this because I know there’s a lot to unpack on that. And there’s more than one reason for sure. But one of the reasons. My theory is that they don’t have that extreme level of brotherhood anymore. They lost that sense of community and brotherhood by fighting together, being in the trenches, having that discouragement, having that doubt, having to pull the resilience together, having that challenge, they don’t have that anymore. And almost a part of them longs to go back to that. And then when they were in, they couldn’t wait to get out of it right in that interesting way that you get to stage 3 and then you have a longing back for stage 1. Isn’t that interesting that you get to stage 3 of having your, where your kids are at and you long to go back to stage 1 where they were 2, 3, 4. It’s interesting. 

So that’s why it’s so important to embrace each stage. Enjoy the journey that you’re on now. Of course this is a financial wealth building platform and that’s why you guys are listing, but in order to build wealth, my opinion you need to understand entrepreneurship. You need to understand owning and growing your own business. And if you’re an employee, of course listening to this and you don’t have a business. I strongly suggest you get a side hustle so that you have your own business and you have your own company and your own equity that you’re growing. That’s the fastest way to grow wealth in today’s day and age is to have your own business that you hyper focus on. You go all in on you, go through stage 1, the stage 2 get to the stage 3, take the excess cash flow from stage 3, and then you start investing in a cash flow producing assets. That’s how I did it. This is how I’ve done it. And it’s a very proven formula and you don’t have to wait until you’re 65 or 70 or 75 to enjoy your wealth. You can enjoy it now while you continue to build for the future. But as far as how does this compare to the wealth building process? We’ll think about it. Stage 1. This is where you’re just getting started. You have. You just get that first $10,000 saved up that first $50,000 saved up and your money is you don’t really know what to do with it. Like where do I put it? So there’s overwhelm, you’re paralyzed, there’s doubt there’s discouragement when you put it into something and it doesn’t work out or you lose money.

Okay. You should, I should quit it. Just spend all my money. Enjoy it now. You’re putting this money into investing in it. It’s not giving you any return. That’s part of stage 1 that happens. And then you get into stage 2 of the wealth building plans, probably where you get a %100,000 to maybe $300,000, $400,000 or $500,000 saved up. You’re putting that to work. You’re starting to get some return on your investment. It’s nothing incredible but you’re starting to get some money back, you’re starting to get, you’re starting to see some things happen. You’re starting to get some relief, right? You’re starting to get some relief at stage 2 of your investing journey and then stage 3, this is where it gets crazy. The compounding starts. Going through the roof. This is where you start getting huge jumps in wealth quickly because your money is now growing for you. It’s being put to work and you’re figuring some things out and you’ve got it into some incredible cash flow producing assets. You’ve got it in some things that speculative plays that you made that just all of a sudden, finally after a year or 2 or 3 years later, they’re starting to really pop. 

You’re seeing big jumps in wealth. Oh, $500,000 to even a $1,000,000 jumps in a year’s time in your overall net worth that stage 3. And guess what? You’re not going to care that much because you know why you’re like man, stage 1 that was fun. The odds were stacked against me. I was a back against the wall stage 1 was great. And you know what I can tell you about any of these stages, whether it be investing or entrepreneurship here’s what’s most important here’s what you want more than anything. I can already tell you what you want. You want an upward trajectory. You want growth. If you went from $10,000 to $20,000, man that is incredible. If you went from a $1000 to $5,000 that’s the hardest $5,000 to $10,000 to $20,000, that early stages those are the hardest in the wealth building journey, but they’re the most important because it sets the foundation and it starts to build the muscle it starts to build the discipline so that you can then be ready and be able to be the type of person that can handle the larger amounts. Let’s give you $10,000, let’s put $1,000,000 in your hands when you can’t even manage $10,000. Let’s give you $2,000,000 when you can’t even manage a $100,000 effectively, it’s the recipe for disaster. So you’ve got to be able to manage small amounts. So I hope this helps you guys. I love questions. I love interaction. I want this platform to be about helping deliver to you what you need. Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions, engage, give me feedback. I love it. I want this to be an interactive community. I promise there’s nothing that I ever won’t respond to if it’s a comment on one of my posts, a question on one of my posts, if it’s a DM, if it’s a question on my story, my stories I’m getting much better at the story game. I documented the journey yesterday with the kids in my story. It was great. And yeah just hit me up.

Let’s do it. So here we go. Thanks for listening. Appreciate you all.

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