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Episode #33 – Why Bitcoin Mining Stocks are set to Explode


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All right. Welcome to the indestructible wealth show. Super excited to share some information with you today. This is going to be a specific tactic. A lot of times I cover strategy where the strategy is the overall system that you’re utilizing. This is a tactic that means I’m going to give you guys a specific investment that you could buy today and I’m pretty excited about it. Now, keep in mind on this platform I only ever share or bring guests on things that I will personally put my own money into. Now pretty much everything I brought to the show I’ve got my own money in or it’s somebody I believe in what they’re saying. This is something that I recently invested into that I thought, I got to share this with you guys. This is some really expensive research that you guys are going to get that you’re going to be able to have access to so stay to the end of the show. I’m going to show you how to get access to this for free.

All right. So just wanted to share this past weekend we had our 16th wedding anniversary celebration, Kara and I had an incredible time. Saturday night. It was so great. We went to our favorite restaurant Timothy’s oh my God it was amazing. But at the end of dinner, I’m like hey, I got a great idea. The casino’s only 5 minutes away. How about we go celebrate our anniversary and win some freaking money? And Kara said yes instantly to my surprise. Yeah, let’s do it. So we went and of course I went back to the high limit room. They don’t have a poker room. So I went back to the high limit blackjack room. The first time I’ve ever been in the high limit room. I’ve never done that before. Honestly, I usually just play out on the main floor but it’s too crowded and there were no seats. I knew the manager from a home poker game I played with him a couple years back and he’s like yeah man, go back to the back man. You’re going to have such a better experience. It’s too crowded out here and in your home game you’re betting twice as much as what they bet back in the high limit room, you’ll be just fine. So Kara and I went back there, there were only 3 people back there, great service and went up some money we went back down, was almost all in all out and then made a comeback. And Kara made me pull my chips off the table, which is probably a good thing. We walked out with some money ahead instead of a donation. So that’s always a good thing. So thank you Kara, for ratcheting my aggressive nature in that day. So let’s talk about this particular investment. I am very excited about this. Let me set the stage. 

There was really only one thing that I remember from high school economics. There were 4 of us in the class. 2 were my best friends. 1 was a mortal enemy. You can see how that wasn’t a recipe for me exactly paying attention but I learned supply and demand and how it affects prices. Now I’m not super intelligent. I don’t claim to fully understand how this whole cryptocurrency thing works, but here’s what I do know. It’s going to infiltrate every area of our lives within a decade, probably less. And I know that I no longer want centralized platforms controlling my everyday life. So when supply goes down and demand increases, price has to go up. It’s one of the basic laws of economics. Yet it’s also one of the most profitable. So put simply, if supply decreases while demand simultaneously increases, again prices have nowhere to go but up, economics 101. So there’s some big supply shocks that we’ve seen over the years. I want to give you a couple examples. Now, this dates back to when I was 1 year old, so I don’t really remember it right. People thought we were going to run out of silver, due to higher inflation. So silver prices ran from as low as $4  to as high as $49. You could have made as much as 13000% on certain silver mining stocks from this surge in demand. In 2008, we saw mild oil shock geopolitical instability in the Middle East and the after effects of hurricane Katrina led to worries over shrinking petroleum reserves. Had you invested in oil drillers during this time you could have made as much as 1272%. So in each of these cases we saw unprecedented cuts and supply meeting unprecedented demand. But those gains are nothing compared to some of the supply crunches that we’ve seen in the crypto space. The most well-known example is the Bitcoin having. So let me explain this. If you’re not familiar with the Bitcoin halving. It’s built into the code. Pre-programmed.  The new supply of Bitcoin is cut in half every 4 years exactly. But here’s the important thing you got to know about these halvings. If you position yourself before they start, that’s how you profit from the explosive price. So those who positioned themselves before the 2016 Bitcoin halving saw the chance to make gains as high as 14,619% and 26977%. Damn! Those who got in before the 2020 saw their gains soar 2950% and 5121%. I missed those opportunities. But the good news is for all of us, there’s a once in a lifetime event happening in the crypto market, that’ll be bigger than all the other havings combined. This event is what my main man Teeka Tiwari of the Palm beach group calls the super halving. So let me explain. We know that there can never be more than 21,000,000 Bitcoins in existence. So there’s supply. The issuance is strictly regulated by a computer code that cannot ever be hacked or compromised with the rate of issuance is going to be cut in half every 4 years until the last Bitcoin is mined 2140. So the 1st having in 2012, dropped it down from 7,200 to 3600, second one in 2016, dropped it from 3600, 1800 and now in 2020, we cut it from 1800 down to 900 and that’s where we stand today.

But this super having event will be different. It’s not tied to Bitcoin’s code and it’s not going to reduce supply to 450. He believes it’s going to knock supply all the way down to 0. Now think about this. What are the implications? Wow. Critical. It means that very soon there will be 0 new Bitcoins available for purchase. And once that happens, oh my Lord. Is the price going to skyrocket? 

Now, this is good news to buy Bitcoin and hold the actual coin and already institutions have started buying up as much Bitcoin as they can get their hands on. But once new coins or no new coins are coming to market, where do you think prices are going? But here’s the deal. The best gains aren’t going to be made in Bitcoin itself. It’s already a 1 trillion plus market cap. It’s not going to make the same extreme moves it did in its early days. It’s just like Apple stock, Facebook stock, those already have $1 Trillion valuations. You want to make the big money in those, you had to be in  the early days, the best potential gains from here are in the small projects tied to Bitcoin that still have a massive runway ahead. So not every halving is known like this is one that’s not getting any news coverage. The mainstream financial media has not picked up on this. So with Bitcoin predicted to reach $500,000 within the next 5 years. So again, buying Bitcoin I would definitely want to own some Bitcoin guys. I think personally at some point in our lifetime we’ll see it go to $1,000,000 per coin. So let’s be clear on this. This is not going to be a pre-programmed one day supply drop, like we’ve seen in the past. It has nothing to do with Bitcoins code. Instead this is critical that you get. It all has to do with the Bitcoin miners. So the miners are the people providing the computing power that are necessary to run the Bitcoin blockchain. So they solve complex equations to verify transactions, and this is what keeps the network secure and humming along. So remember in the previous podcast where we talked about “did you miss out on Bitcoin?” These are like the modern day version of the ledger man. They’re the ones that are making sure that all the transactions that are done throughout the network are validated.

So as of last year, since may of last year, The Bitcoin code issues 900 new Bitcoins per day. These go directly to the miners. So then the miners are the ones that are releasing this new supply onto the market. Now at current prices that’s the chance to earn around 50 to 60 million worth of new Bitcoin every day. But there’s one problem. Historically Bitcoin miners haven’t been able to hold the Bitcoin they mine. They’ve had no choice but to sell it to fund their operations. So think about this as you guys got to get this. Ever since Bitcoin’s been around, it’s been plagued with negative connotations to the drug market, to pornography and money laundering. Even Janet Yellen recently made the news and dropped Bitcoin’s price temporarily when she said that Bitcoin’s used by money launderers which is not even remotely possible. it’s 1% of the total transactions and they’re doing it less and less because Bitcoin is a public ledger. So it’s hard to hide what you’re doing on a public ledger.

This made it a taboo for the gatekeepers, the miners of traditional finance to touch. So Bitcoin miners haven’t had access to traditional sources of capital but what we’ve seen is major adoption takeoff in the crypto market over the past few years. So huge players like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and mass mutual are taking note one after another, these big institutions are now coming into crypto and that means now for the first time ever miners can raise money through the capital markets. So they can issue shares which are equity or bonds, which is debt to raise money. So now they can hold they’re Bitcoin. They no longer have to sell them to fund their operations. This is going to change everything.

So let me give you an example: what’s happening in this trend? Cipher mining technologies is a little known company that’s been mining Bitcoin for years. It had to sell its Bitcoin because nobody would give it funding. Recently fidelity and Morgan Stanley just plowed $425,000,000 into this product. Now do you think they’ll ever have to sell their Bitcoin again just to keep the processors running now that they’re sitting on $425,000,000 in cash? Huh? The value of that cash isn’t going to budge. If anything the value of the cash is going down, but the value of the Bitcoin they’re mining over time it’ll only continue to rise. 

So tell me, riddle me this Batman. What happens to Bitcoin’s price when miners are hoarding it, companies are adding bucket loads of it to their treasuries, payment companies are buying nearly 100% of newly minted coins and credit card companies are paying out $900,000,000,000 a year in Bitcoin rewards. It goes parabolic, right? It shoots through the roof and more importantly, what does that do to the price of small plays attached to Bitcoin mining and in particular, they could go up 50 times or more. So we’re not going to see any new Bitcoin coming into the market. I don’t know, 2 months, 6 months a year, who knows, but this is where we’re headed. All 900 coins will be hoarded, never to be brought to the public market. It’s going to send Bitcoin skyrocketing to at least $500,000 within the next 5 years. Meanwhile, the companies that are responsible for mining this new Bitcoin will become extremely hot commodities. Why? Because they’re going to have all this Bitcoin going up like crazy and value on their balance sheet when it’s on their balance sheet that means the value of those companies is going to skyrocket right along with the price of Bitcoin. 

So there’s 5 topics in this space with a bonus 6. Do you want this special report? If you’re interested in this, if you get it and if it makes sense for your strategy.  Remember, what is your strategy that trumps your tactics? So if your strategy dictates that you could make some speculative plays like this because again, this is a speculative play we feel that the research, I feel that the research is very strong behind this or wouldn’t have invested multiple thousands of dollars into buying these particular stocks then if it makes sense for you then great. If it doesn’t make sense then great, listen to the next podcast and move on. This is a tactic. So if you want these picks, here’s what you got to do. You have to go to my website, myindestructiblewealth.com and sign up for my 7-step strategic wealth building email list. My business coach yesterday said, Jack you got to build your list, man you don’t own the rights to your social media following. You can get that yanked at any time. You got to build your list that’s the only thing that you actually 100% have ownership of. So I’m going to build my list and I’m going to give you guys an incentive for getting on my list. Promise I’m going to only send out 1 email per week once you get the links to the 1st 7 videos. So you’re going to be on what I call the insiders clubs you’re going to get exclusive access to investment picks like these, not every week am I going to be sending out exclusive picks like these. I promise that, but this is going to be a chance to get these picks. So this research found the top 5 miners that they’re going to believe will skyrocket due to the super halving plus there’s one company that will act as an on-ramp to anyone looking to buy crypto in this high demand environment. So again, we’re going to see their balance sheets balloon as Bitcoin soar. What the timing looked like, we don’t know. If you’re going to buy this it’s like anything I ever buy I have a 10 year hold. If I start a business I’m committed to that business for 10 years. If I buy a stock, I’m committed to that stock for 10 years, I’m learning the lessons of the past. If I buy a crypto it’s a 10-year play or plan unless market’s conditions really shift and there’s something that drastically is telling me to pivot and to make a shift. 

So when this happens it’s going to hit the crypto market like a lightning strike and these stocks could absolutely go through the roof. So again, myindestructiblewealth.com and sign up for that list. And what you gotta do is give me a 5 star review and send a screenshot of that 5 star review and put in your subject line. Please send me the top 5 Bitcoin mining picks. So if you put that in the subject line, because once you say email list you’re going to get emails from me, right? So just a reply back to one those with the screenshot with the top 5 picks in the subject line with the screenshot of the 5-star review. And give me a little writeup, tell me how awesome the podcast is, how much you’re learning, how much value. This research I’m giving you right here, access too if you want it. This is several thousand dollars worth of research right here. So you guys, I’m giving this to you for free. I’m not being, I’m not benefiting off of it. I have no financial gain here. I just want to build my platform and build my value proposition right here. So here we go. II think this is pretty exciting and if you find it exciting as well take those steps and let’s roll. So here we go. Have a great day.

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