How can you invest in yourself? Why should you? A dive into my personal investments in myself, and why they are worth it.

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Episode #36 – Troll: “You Give Terrible Advice! Absolute Rubbish!”


Welcome to the Indestructible Wealth Podcast. This is the place where we help young entrepreneurs to make, keep, and grow wealth that you can enjoy now, and for years to come.  I’m your host Jack Gibson, a serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple seven and eight figure businesses, and wealth building strategist.  Each week I’m going to share my tips, resources and secrets, to help you create a plan and build the life you’ve dreamed of. 

Well I knew it was inevitable. My first troll on social media and he was pretty brutal. So today I’m not focused on giving you a podcast about trolls, but I want to share the advice that I gave and then his response and then my response back. So his response to my reel on Instagram which is a short form video. This is where I said, Hey guys essentially if you have $2,000 to invest or $10,000 or $20,000, or pretty much anything under $50,000, the answer that I have as far as what financial assets you should buy is none and I know that this goes counterintuitive to a lot of the traditional financial advice that you get up there. They would say you want to start putting aside and you invest into the stock market and dollar cost average and start like that and so I want to explain the difference of why my advice was probably was terrible for that particular person, or maybe a group of people that want to go about it a certain way and why was absolutely fucking the best advice you’re ever going to fucking get in your life for some people as well. So he wasn’t wrong when he said terrible advice, absolute rubbish, someone commented on my post. It was great. 

So here’s the thing, I get this question a lot, like what financial assets should I buy with $2,000? And my answer is always the same thing. Don’t buy anything. None. Why? Because when you only have $2,000 to invest or $10,000 to invest, you don’t have an investment problem. You have an income problem. So you’re not generating sufficient income to have enough money left over after you pay your expenses and your lifestyle expenses and all of that to make anything interesting and make the needle move on your net worth. So I think anything  up to $50,000, I mean everybody’s different, but I don’t think that you should really be worried about investing into financial assets. What I would be hyper-focused on is developing your skills, starting a side hustle, investing back into your own business. So you want to be max focused on maximizing your cash flows. And once you have those really optimized, then you can start thinking about buying financial assets. I don’t really think before now he said, which is I don’t even know who he is or if it was a she?  he had no name on his Instagram account and he didn’t have a profile picture. 0 posts, 0 followers. So I don’t know. Did somebody just anonymously, maybe one of somebody who follows me in, didn’t like it, made up a fake account and then they just wanted tell me how bad I suck with my advice, which is fine. I can handle it because here’s the thing here was his argument. If you’re telling me I have $20,000 to invest, I can’t do both. Like I could invest into the stock market because if my money is just sitting in the bank with $20,000 in the bank, I’m getting 0% return. So that’s what his response was. So on the other hand somebody else commented on the same post and said gold. And I know for a fact that they’ve made a ton of money with the advice that I’ve presented here with investing back into yourself. So funny, right? One says gold for the advice. The other says this is absolutely terrible. 

So let’s dive into, what does it look like to invest back into yourself? I’ll give you examples of how I’m actually doing this right now for this very platform. There’s 4 things that you can do to invest back into yourself.  I mean of course it probably is more than this, but these are the 4 that come to mind, right? Top of mind awareness books, courses, coaching and go into live seminars. Those are to me the most impactful and the quickest things that you can do to accelerate your own skills and learning so that you can exponentially increase your earning power. For me in this brand,what I’ve decided to do is I’ve got to learn new skills. I’ve got to be able to master digital marketing, online marketing. There’s no way that I’m going to be able to grow my platform to the level of influence, the level of impact and the level of monetization because I do plan on making money off this platform. I am not doing this as a charitable business. However, right now the whole focus is just providing value, creating great content, helping you solve your own problems and then building up to no like trust factor to where my audience would say, Hey, I love what you’ve given me in terms of free value. What can I pay you for? That’s going to actually help me to take it to the next level. So what you guys got to understand about digital marketing and online marketing and just personal branding in general which I highly recommend to everybody that’s interested in really creating wealth and retiring early and retiring young financially free. You want to be starting to focus or start thinking about your own personal brand because I feel from all the research that I’ve done that this is going to give you the absolute best chance of then creating that no like trust ability factor. I don’t even know if that’s a fricking word, I’ll just go with it. That’s going to create that factor. That’s going to then create this influence and relationships with people where they’re going to want to buy from you. Digital branding is really to me the future of business and how giving away free content I think is definitely a way to go. The only way to do business, but it is going to absolutely pay dividends into your future the younger that you can start out it. Then the better. Now you do want to be picking a specific niche. That’s a focus like you can’t be talking about everything and expect to get an audience. You need to be focused on one subject, one type of audience, one niche, and then you just hyper focus on providing awesome value and solving problems in that specific area of your expertise. 

When I look at how I approached this platform? Why am I trying to get on other platforms? Because just if you build it they’re not going to just come. So just because I’m putting out a podcast, doesn’t mean that people are going to find it, even though this is great quality, and this is life changing content and all of that, but I want to amplify and I want to exponentially increase the views. The listenership and therefore in order to do that, I’ve got to be on multiple platforms and really understand how they work. There’s other platforms that are actually in my opinion, now that I’m studying and learning them and getting involved that are probably more fun and have higher levels of scalability than what Facebook does. Facebook drastically reduces your reach on your posts especially on a business page post. You could have 10,000 people like your page and they’re only going to show your organic posts to maybe 1% of those, if you’re really lucky. So there’s what I found is that I’ve got to break away from the traditional because that’s the only social media platform that I’ve done for like in the last decade and it’s just not a way that I’m going to be able to scale this brand. 

Looking at all the things that I’ve invested into brand builders. This is the company that I got started with that helped me figure out my core message, who I’m going to speak to. Like they teach you how to build a digital personal brand. I put some coin down in order to get 2 days of full intensive training for 2 people with personalized hands on 1-on-1 or 2 on 1. And then I have a monthly coaching call as well as access to some really incredible courses. Then on top of that I hired 2 LinkedIn coaches. I took two LinkedIn courses. I’ve got a YouTube course that I subscribed to and paid for. I haven’t dove into it yet, but it’s right there ready for me to go. And this is where it probably gets funny to you. I actually am taking a Tik-tok course with the Tik-tok coach. I know. It’s great. Isn’t it? I don’t intend to dance if that’s what you’re asking. And so I’m not dancing for sure. However, keep an open mind which I’ve been trying to do. Do you actually realize that Tik-tok is for the audience that I want to reach between the ages of 20 to 35? They’re very heavily involved in this platform and they’re on it. Engaging. A lot. If I want to reach that audience, you have to go where their attention is. So I got to learn how to do this and how to be relevant. I hired a coach and I’m going through the platform. I just submitted 2 videos for him to review. And so he’s going to go through them and he’s going to tell me how bad I suck at them, what I need to change. It’s a way out of my comfort zone and that’s the thing. If you want to continually grow and expand and stay relevant, you can’t just keep doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result. That’s called the definition of insanity. You can’t just stay on Facebook with your 300 crusty fucking friends who aren’t going to buy shit from you. They’ve already proven that they’re not okay. You’ve got to because you’ve been posting them over and over again with your offers. This is if you have a business, I’m assuming I know a lot of you do. I don’t think all of you are thinking that things are going to change. You’ve got to figure out how I can pivot? How can I learn new skills? How can I learn a new platform or 2, and start expanding your reach to a new audience. 

I did an Instagram consult. I found this gal. She’ll do one for you for $99. I asked her if she would continue to coach me, but she was booked up. But she gave me a full audit of my Instagram page. She gave me an incredible value for $99. I told her I’m like wow, that was you definitely undercharging. I was way more valuable than that. And anyways social media butterfly, I think is her social now, is that right? I don’t think that’s right. I’ll look it up and you will put it in the show notes for you guys. If you want to have her do it for $99 just review all your posts, not all your posts, but kinda like your grid reviews your bio, make suggestions about the way you’re showing up and pretty awesome. So here’s what happened though? From the LinkedIn course and hiring the coach, I want you guys to think about this for a second. So my very first post on LinkedIn. I got 101 views and I got 1 like and that was from the coach that I was paid pretty much obligated to like my post. Talk about kind of depressing. Because it was the same post that I’d posted on my Facebook page and I got 30 comments, tons of engagement everybody  loved that post and now I take the same post, repurpose it a bit posted on again LinkedIn and I get fucking crickets. It was awful right? So then I took 2 weeks off. I’m like, man, do I really want to pursue this? This is painful, right? This is going to take some time. So then I just kept working with the coach and just kept refining the way I was posting. I had to really work on my hook line. That’s the first line that gets people’s attention and stops their scroll. So that’s one thing I would definitely suggest that you guys put some attention on for your social media is what that first line, the hook line is everything because you only have 3 seconds to grab somebody’s attention and stop them from scrolling to read and engage with your posts. Great book on this too. It’s called hook point the 3 second rule by Brendan Kane. Incredible book on this subject of the new 3 seconds of attention span that we have right in today’s day and age, digital age anyways. 

So I took a couple of weeks off and then I decided, okay, I’m going to show up consistently. This is not something I’ve never done before on social media. I’m going to post every day for 365 days straight. I’m not coming up for air until 365 days of straight posting. I’m not going to get discouraged. I’m going to embrace the ups and downs. 34 days later this is a post from just a few days ago from when I’m recording this. I’m up to over 29,000 views on that one post. I think 30 comments and the post continues to get pushed out by the algorithm because people are stopping, they’re reading it and they like it. The post simply said that the headline said employees and entrepreneurs should invest differently. That’s it? That was my tagline. Well that’s stopping the scroll apparently because that audience on LinkedIn is like,  whoa that’s different. What does he mean? So you’ve got to be thinking about your social media posting. I know that most of you you’re interested in growing your businesses and growing your income. This is a very important part. 

So this wouldn’t have happened. If I hadn’t taken the course, invested in the course and hired the coach, I wouldn’t be at that post I would no way be at 29,000 views no way. Think about that for a second 34 days later, that would just wouldn’t have happened on my own. I don’t know enough about the platform about how to structure posts about how to get engagement about consistently showing up fighting through the ups and downs because there’s posts recently just the last since that post have only had 400 views, God LinkedIn feels like my cryptocurrency portfolio fucking ups and downs and massive swings and volatility and highs and then lows, right? You have to be able to and embrace that volatility that you’re going to experience as you go about building your business to be able to get the outsized gains of volatility is the price that you pay to retire young, retire rich. Volatility is the price you pay for outsized gains. 

So in thinking about these 4 areas that I’m suggesting you hyper-focus on books, courses, coaching, seminars. How many of these if you had to ask yourself what are you doing in this area? What are you investing into with your own time, money, and energy to enhance your skills? Now you don’t want to just spend randomly on books, courses, coaching seminars in order to just say, I’m investing into myself. You want to be strategic. You want to give it some thought, you want to hyper focused on what are the skills that you need to develop in order to take your earning power to the next level? That I can’t answer that question for you but I want you to start asking that question to yourself. Great leaders ask great questions, high performers the way that they are high performers is because they’re great question askers. They stay humble. They stay teachable and they’re constantly in learning mode. They want to keep getting better; they’ve never arrived. Keep working on yourself. So I want you guys to really take that away from this particular podcast. That question. What books, courses, coaching and seminars. Can I get involved in, what’s going to make the most sense for me to take me from where I’m at, to where I want to go faster, more efficiently with less headache, with less trial and tribulation. 

There’s no way you’re going to go from where you are to where you want to be without trials, tribulations, ups and downs, and headaches. It’s the degree of those of which you’re going to experience that you can mitigate that you’ll never avoid, but you can mitigate it and make that growth pattern a little bit more fun, friendly ,fast pace and all that because you invested in yourself and increased your own skills. I applied this concept about every area of my life in my spiritual life. I have a spiritual coach, AKA my pastor, when I’m encountering a situation that’s very difficult. He’s the first person that I go to. He’s got all the wisdom right. He studied the Bible a lot more than me. Let’s just put it that way. And he’s got a lot more wisdom in that regard so that’s who I go to. For my golf game I really want to get better. I’m still struggling in that area but I’m getting better than I was when I started little over a year ago. I’m not going as fast as I want so that frustrates me so then things and objects get thrown occasionally on the golf course because I’m not personally developed enough to be able to handle the fact that I’m not better than what I think I should be. Let’s just put it out there. That’s the way it is. I’m going to get better. But still things are probably going to get thrown occasionally. I have a business and life coach. I’m going to have him on this podcast. They’re going to be sharing with you guys some entrepreneurial mindset tips and some other things they’ve learned about the money game. Those are just coaches that I have in my life right now. You can’t spend probably all the money that I am on all the coaches that I’ve got. Also got a tax strategy team, that costs me a thousand bucks a month, but I’m at that stage where I’m the earning power that I have is so strong that I need to have that team to be able to reduce my taxes and they absolutely save me far more money in taxes than what I’m spending with them on the strategy consultation fee. 

So what you’re going to be doing as you increase your businesses and you grow you’re going to be looking to consistently build a team around you have people that are going to help you in specific areas of your life, of your businesses, of your finances that are going to help you to get where you want to be. Pretty soon, I’m going to be available as a financial coach. Now I’m going to be probably super expensive on a one-to-one basis. And that’s just because my time is so limited and so valuable that the earning power that I have per hour right now is really really high. So in order to make it to where it’s worth my time to be able to do one-on-one financial coaching I’m going to have to charge quite a bit. But I will be having group coaching coming out. You’ll be able to be a part of a course and be a part of a small group environment. If you’re wanting that kind of a next level layer of implementation and strategy in your financial game. Now that’s not for everybody whether you do it or don’t do it. I don’t really give a shit. I’m doing really well financially, so it’s not really a question of I need your money because I don’t. But if that’s something that you want to invest into for yourself then great. That’ll be available and announced probably pretty soon as well. 

All right I hope this helps you guys get a little bit clearer about what exactly it means to invest into yourself. What questions to ask yourself and just some overall higher level thinking about who you want to surround yourself with coaches and mentors so that you can take your game to the next level. Thank you guys for being on. Here we go.

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