Do you feel stuck in a financial rut, struggling to make ends meet and wondering how to achieve financial freedom?

Maybe you’ve tried to save more, invest in the stock market, or cut back on expenses, but you still can’t seem to get ahead. Or perhaps you’re overwhelmed by debt, trapped in a dead-end job, or unsure how to start building a retirement fund.

The good news is, achieving financial freedom is within your reach. With the right strategies, mindset, and tools, you can take control of your money and build a secure, abundant future. 

In this article, I’ll show you three powerful habits to achieve financial freedom. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your finances to the next level, these habits will help you create a solid financial foundation, build wealth, and live the life you want. 

We are all inundated with some screwy beliefs about money.

I was taught money was evil, and rich people were mean and underhanded. I was made to accept that I will never be rich.

Maybe you can identify with that type of upbringing. I wasn’t taught that by my parents though.

I got it from the movies, probably just like you.

The top 10 movies of all time at one point all had an evil, rich villain.

Think Titanic, Spider-Man, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, Jurassic Park: Lost World, or Avatar. These are still to this day (adjusted for inflation) some of the top-grossing movies of all time.

The formula for a top-selling movie is pretty simple.

Hero battles greedy, corrupt, megalomaniac, extremely rich dude with sinister plans for self-absorbed expansion of money and power. Hero defeats evil, rich villain.

The End.

The hero is always poor (Spider-Man or Jack from Titanic) in it for the cause (Indiana Jones or Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park), or just very different (Avatars).

Whatever the case, they are not rich; they are the underdog, and money is not their motive. And they all subconsciously play to our limiting beliefs.

I bet you went to these movies, like me, and never put “2 and 2 together”. We weren’t consciously thinking,

“This movie is dangerous because it’s causing me to hate rich people”.

But money is completely devoid of consciousness. It doesn’t sit there and think, “Oh, this person is deserving. Let me flow to him”, or, “This person is undeserving. Let me not flow to him”.

Instead, money is a byproduct of these three habits. Let’s explore them in more detail.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom: 3 Powerful Habits To Take Control of Your Wealth

Habit No.1: Live On Less Than You Earn

If you consistently keep more than you spend, you’ll have a surplus of money.

Simple math, right?



Well, far from it.

Internally, we are in a conundrum. A man’s primary need is respect. A woman’s primary need is to be loved. You can flip that in the cases where the female is an alpha, and the man has embraced his feminine energy, but overall, this holds true.

A man wants respect more than he wants sex, which for the ladies reading, probably find hard to believe.

With this extreme drive for respect, we believe that acquiring material objects will get us the respect we do crave.

I definitely did this.

When I was 23, I had a decent business going. It wasn’t a six-figure income business, but I was doing well, having hustled through college with my direct sales business which I built into a full-time income by the time I graduated.

Being an alternative business model, there was no lack of jokes, disrespect, slams, and scam hate-mail, so naturally I wanted to shove my success in their face. 

Then on top of that, my friends told me that if I had a sweet car, I would make a statement when I showed up at the beach with a cool new ride. I already had a car that was paid off, and it wasn’t bad by any stretch – a black Dodge Avenger.

I convinced my Mom to co-sign on the loan to a brand new silver BMW 330, because I didn’t have any credit built up from using debit cards all through college.

That right there should have told me that I wasn’t ready for this car.

Of course, my drive for respect, and good ole fashioned revenge that Jim Rohn said would be so sweet, when you drive your new car up on your hater’s lawn (yes, the wise man did say that, but I believe he was kidding). 

Maybe it gave me a little respect, but the only thing I really got from it was the stress of the payments. When my business took a dip, I had to get creative to make the payments. The last thing I could stand was the loss of respect for turning that car back in early.

I knew I only had one choice, and that brings us to the next habit.

Habit No.2:  Maximize Your Ability To Earn From Your Current Profession

Your single biggest source of income is your job or your business. Most jobs will pay you more money as your skill rises. 

Your business will provide you with more money when you increase the revenues and profitability, which typically only comes from advancing your skill sets.

So, the quickest way to make more money is to improve your skills. Put yourself on a skill-development track to become world-class at your chosen profession.

If you don’t know how, no problem! Here’s what you do:

  1. Offer to take the most successful person at your company out to lunch.
  2. Ask this person about their work habits.
  3. Acknowledge their success and ask them, “What do you do that’s different from everyone else?”

I’m telling you, successful people love to pour into others. You are doing them a favor by feeding their ego and bolstering their significance.

It’s a win-win for you both.

This past Sunday at our Church luncheon, one of the guys there was standing in the taco truck line and asked me a question.

“How much for an hour of your time?”

He said he’s been watching all of my Instagram videos, and he valued my expertise. He asked if he could take me to lunch. I said, “Of course, but the only thing I ask is that you read my book before we meet”.

If someone can’t bother reading my book, then I’m not interested in giving up my very valuable time.

During your lunch conversations, don’t interrupt them. Just listen and take notes. By the end of the lunch, you’ll have the beginning of a blueprint for becoming world-class at what you do.

This takes me to my third habit.

Habit No.3: Create Multiple Income Streams

If you’ve nailed the first two habits, No. 3 is how you turbocharge your wealth.

This is where you invest in low-risk, income-producing stocks, stock options, cash flow real estate, or private businesses. My initial capital was invested into a small single family home in Arizona, which I purchased for $80,000, rented for 6 years, then sold last year for $230,000. 

I bought self-storage and received a guaranteed 10% return, a mortgage-backed note (I became the bank) for an 18% return. I ran stock options and generated thousands of dollars in profits.

If you’d like to really dive into these strategies, then grab a copy of my book right here. It’s the only finance book I know of that teaches a multiple streams based approach.

This isn’t where you buy digital-only assets, like crypto, NFTs, or eComm stores. Those are very high-risk assets that have no place in your foundational strategy (potentially with 10-20% of your starting capital, depending on your age and risk tolerance).

Instead, take the income from your safe plays and speculate into these projects with “house money”. House money is a common gambling strategy to take your initial betting chips off the table once you win, and play with the winnings, aka the house money.

Also, this is where you can incorporate a “side hustle” for extra income.

Side hustles include – but aren’t limited to – Uber driving, Postmates/Grubhub deliveries, selling crafts on Etsy, buying and selling on eBay, etc. Direct sales was my side hustle in college, and I still get paid from product reorders to this day. Twenty five years later.

If you are willing to forgo immediate cash with your side hustle, then building a personal brand and creating digital influence will pay you more over the long run than any of these ideas. It will simply require a lot more patience.

You just keep reinvesting all your surplus capital into low-risk, income-producing investments. Lo and behold, in about seven years, you’ll be rich.

If you’re not rich by then, then maybe it’s ten, or fifteen. Still a long shot from the traditional forty-year retirement plan taught by Wall Street.

Did you do anything wrong to get this wealth? Did you tread on anybody to create this wealth?

No and no.

As you can see, wealth creation isn’t complicated. But it is difficult. It’s difficult because we’re bombarded with ads to buy stuff every minute of every single day. We see social media posts with the Jones family showing off all their material possessions and lavish vacations.

Of course, we feel left out and fallen behind. That makes habit no.1 – live on less than you earn – the toughest to acquire.

But without that habit, you can never create lasting wealth.

FAQs: How to achieve financial freedom

What is a healthy view of money?

Having a healthy view of money includes understanding its worth and importance, but also not letting it consume your life. It means recognizing the value money brings to your life – it can help you build financial security, support charities and causes important to you, give you options and freedom, build relationships in the form of investments or loans that mutually benefit both parties. But at the same time it’s important to understand that money doesn’t bring happiness nor is it a requirement for having meaningful relationships with friends or family. Money should never be one’s primary focus; instead one should focus on leading an intentional life where they find fulfillment through experiences – travel, learning new hobbies and interests – rather than possessions made possible through wealth. In essence, if we learn how to prioritize what truly matters in life first then our relationship with money will become more balanced and healthier overall.

How much wealth should you hold in cash?

How much wealth to hold in cash is a personal decision and depends on your individual financial goals and objectives. Generally, holding 3-6 months of necessary expenses in cash is recommended as an emergency fund. Beyond that, you should look at diversifying your portfolio with investments like real estate to ensure that your money retains its purchasing power over time. Additionally, it’s important to maintain some liquid assets for unexpected expenses such as car repairs or medical bills. Ultimately, the amount of money you keep in savings versus investing will depend on how comfortable you are with taking risks and how much risk tolerance you have for investing.

What is the fastest way to achieve financial freedom?

Fast, as in twenty years instead of forty?  There is no quick way to wealth, but the fastest way to financial freedom that’s still slow is to create multiple streams of income. This could include starting a side business, investing in the stock market, working extra hours at a job, or selling items online. Generating multiple sources of income gives you greater flexibility and security while allowing you to grow your wealth over time. Additionally, it can reduce your reliance on a single source of income so that if one stream dries up temporarily you have other options to fall back on as needed. Taking control of your finances by creating multiple income sources is the surest path toward achieving financial independence and ultimate personal freedom.

Final Thoughts

If I have any agenda, it’s to spread the message that ANYONE can become wealthy.

My entire mission is to take my hard-won wealth-building lessons and share them with you so you can increase your wealth.

I’ve made real estate sales where I was paid a commission of $115,000 for one transaction (I’d sold 17 houses to a single investor).

I enjoy helping everyday investors change their financial lives more than I ever did helping very rich people get richer.

If I help a wealthy person go from $20 million to $25 million, that does not change their life in any way.

If I help someone making $100,000 a year with $50k in assets go to $2 million, that absolutely transforms their life.

And I get the biggest blessing: Words of affirmation, my primary love language.

And there’s another reason I’m giving back.

I was given an incredible work ethic by my parents, and their constant love and support. But I built my businesses from zero, with their core values guiding me

America gave me the opportunity to get everything I value.

So when I see that flag swaying and hear the national anthem playing in the background, it still brings a huge feeling of gratitude.

I can’t convey in words how I feel about this country. Love is not strong enough. America gave me opportunities, mentors, love, friendship, and the type of painful life lessons only a free-market economy can provide.

I have faith in America. I still believe if you work hard, save, and invest wisely, you’ll be rewarded.

Just like I was.

I know times are tough.

But you are tougher. You can take control of your actions and start changing your life right now.

As we just celebrated the Fourth of July, I’m especially thankful for it.

I am truly grateful to readers like you who have given me to be of service to you. You’ve changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you level up your finances:

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