Although I don’t know your financial picture, I would say the same thing whether you have $50k or $200k or $1million saved up and ready to start investing.  Your financial strategy is going to dictate what you invest into and where you are along on the 7 steps.  

We always want to create a stable and secure foundation to build upon. What if I told you you could invest into an asset that:

  1. Was virtually indestructible and has proven itself for well over 100 years
  2. Grows at an almost guaranteed 4-6% annual rate of return 
  3. Has liquidity, meaning you can access cash quickly from this asset should you need it for anything – an emergency, a new business startup, a home renovation project, or a great investment opportunity. 
  4. Grows tax free, provided you utilize it properly (which isn’t hard to do)
  5. Can be borrowed against, and yet still continues to grow and compound
  6. Can be passed on tax free to your heirs
  7. The moment you buy it, you instantly create a large guaranteed payout for your loved ones when you pass. 

How to Keep Wealth in Your FamilyI’m guessing you figured it out by point 7 that I’m talking about life insurance.  Now, had I told you up front before listing out the 7 benefits that it was life insurance, you would have probably tuned it out due to preconceived notions on what you’ve been told from well meaning but ill advised people.  For example, popular finance coach Dave Ramsey tells you to never buy whole life, just buy term insurance and invest the difference you would have saved into mutual funds.

I would agree with him.  DO NOT BUY WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE.  Most of them are not set up to benefit you and give you the previously mentioned benefits.   What I’m talking about here is a specially designed high cash value life insurance through a mutual insurance company.   These policies when properly structured give you a safe, stable, compounding effect on your money so you can enjoy your hard earned cash NOW, in this lifetime, AND create a situation where your estate is well funded and prosperous when you are gone.     

It’s very important to get it set up correctly from the beginning, because it’s a contract.   Once you enter into the contract, it’s very very costly to cancel it or let it lapse due to non-payment.   Since I am not licensed to provide this type of product, to learn more about this strategy, please reach out to [email protected] for your next steps.  I have studied and researched this asset and compared multiple policies and companies,  and I feel you will be set up to best grow your wealth with her.  I recently completed a podcast with Rachel, give it a listen! Now streaming on Spotify, click here!

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