Hey there. My name is Jeff Schechter. My friends call me Shecky, and I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jack Gibson for probably close to seven years now. And of that seven years we have been business partners in a real estate venture for almost five years. I know this guy really, really well, and we have become great friends. And I will tell you that I look at my Association with Jack as one of the greatest blessings of my life. This man is incredibly smart and he is just to get things done kind of guy. And he’s really that perfect balance of a man’s man pretty stoic. But at the same time, he’s also Super passionate and he has got an absolute huge, heart fun guy. Great guy to do business with. If you have the opportunity to be associated with him in any way, shape or form, I would strongly encourage you to jump on that opportunity.

Jeff Schechter

Hey, my name’s Kyle, and I met Jack, actually seven and a half years ago, and I’ve been working with them ever since. And when I first met him, my wife and I were just starting our business, totally clueless on how to run a business, how to operate finances, what to do with money, how to keep it, how to multiply it, especially how to keep it forward. And, you know, when we started first sat down working with Jack, he had us kind of list our expenses, all of this big breakdown from our checking account. He helped show us how much money we were wasting every single day, honestly, but compounded over months into us not having the amount of money we wanted to have or creating a life we have because we are nickel and diming ourselves essentially to practically pop poverty at that time. And so he helped us go through our finances. And he told us, You should not see the inside of a restaurant. So you’re making 10,000 dollars a month like a good steward of your money. And that was one of the principal foundations that he helped us with is being a good steward of our money and understanding where it’s going and then mitigating and controlling where it’s going and why it’s going there. And then the second thing, one of the biggest things that we still do it to this day is giving back, not being so attached to money that you feel like you need to keep it all to yourself, letting and go and releasing it to help go bless other people tithing and giving the local charities and organizations that you support. That’s been an absolute game changer of one of the philosophies that he passed down to us and then appearing all of that with you. I feel like you always had a carrot dangling out for us, something to strive for, something to work towards. And at that time, the beginning it was like, you got to make got to get to 10,000 dollars a month and we work like crazy until we get 10,000 dollars a month. And he’s like, good job. But, you know, you really got to get to 20,000 dollars a month. That’s where you start getting options and opportunities. So it’s like as an entrepreneur or someone that’s very driven. I enjoyed that game of always having that carrot and something to change, something to pursue, but not being confused and how it was going to do it either. Because he helped us along with that process, he really laid the tracks and the Foundation for us to follow. All we had to do was do that is follow the tracks that he laid because he had incredible amounts of experience, an incredible amounts of life, knowledge and information and networks. And the odds are we had a question on something he’s been there, done that and do the answer could find out someone who had the books. These are just a very small amount of books that we’ve got right here that he’s recommended to us over the years of continuing to educate ourselves on wealth and money management and financing and investing. It really with the end goal of helping us build a financial wall around our family that is going to be here long, long after we’re gone. Literally could not imagine doing any of that on my own. Coming from a blue collar background. Parents who were amazing humans, but they were not entrepreneurial minded. So Jack really filled that role for me as you can you know, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, one of the books over there, Robert Kiyosaki. He was absolutely Jack was our rich dad. I would say for sure. And so grateful for everything we built and created. Since then, I couldn’t even give you a percentage on the increase of our business because we went from zero to where it’s at today, which is absolutely astronaut club. Unbelievable. So appreciative, so grateful for the course, the process in the pathway. Thank you, Jack. I appreciate you.


Hey, everybody. My name is Garrett Dewald, and I’m here to share my personal testimony for how my friend Jack Gibson has been able to impact my life in business over the last seven years or so. Jack has worked with me directly as a coach and a mentor, and I’ve learned from him indirectly through seminars and courses. And I strongly encourage you guys to take advantage of what he’s putting out there. So for me, started business at the age of 20, coming from a background of high school education and a family of tradesmen, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, you name it and somehow found myself into sales. And I didn’t have any background whatsoever of finances, sales, anything like that. So right off the bat, the most valuable thing that Zack taught me was how to have a healthy mindset and have a clear path for how to think about money. Knowing the way I was raised, I used to think rich people were bad and the pursuit of money was bad and having money was bad, which is probably why I didn’t have any. So you helped get that straight for me. Help me believe that more as possible that I’m capable of more increase my capacity. And it also helped me realize that your belief systems are very much correlated to the amount of money that you will make and the amount you will keep and the amount that you may be able to multiply. So it taught me all of those things, which is amazing. He’s able to take very intimidating things like taxes and wore them very well and simple so that you can actually apply the information right away. That was very, very helpful, as well as tons of other tactics for personal growth, just ways of being your best self overall, carrying yourself best working on your personality, emotional well being, physical health, relationships, spirituality. It’s a very well rounded, all encompassing philosophy and approach to life. So the guy has been able to take his entire life’s experience, all of the ups and downs, plenty of downs, right. And put it all together and something that can hopefully Shorten that learning curve for all of us. So tremendous value. Great human, highly recommend.

Garrett Dewald

Hey, my name is Zach White. I’m a coach and I run my own business. I’m an entrepreneur and an investor, and I help engineering leaders to reach the next level in their career and in their life. And I’ve been on the entrepreneurial journey for just a couple of years now after being in corporate life and having a safe and steady career job for the first decade of my engineering days. Listen, Jack Gibson came and offered this opportunity to be a part of a mentorship program with him to really dig into what he’s learned in terms of lessons from the road and being an engineer and being a coach myself, there’s some natural skepticism about what is another person going to be able to add to your journey. And do I need this right now or what am I going to get from it? And I can tell you right out of the gate that I had multiple big breakthroughs in my time under Jack’s mentorship, and I believe wholeheartedly in one, you get what you pay for. And two, you got to invest in yourself because you are your best wealth producing asset. You are your best quality of life producing asset. And we often have this idea that I’m going to wait for the revenue before I invest. I’m going to wait for the promotion and when I have a ton of money before I invest in myself and what to do with that money when I have it or what to do in my relationship, when I have it, or maybe you are already married like me and will wait until there’s a problem before I dig in and get mentorship and guidance on how to fix it. And I can tell you that the results that I got from just those few weeks of Jack’s mentorship are significant, seeing my relationship in a new context and seeing what’s possible in a great marriage over the long term and what Jack’s learned in his life. In my investments in my financial picture, Jack gave me some very specific insights and saw it in a way that I had not seen it before and have made new decisions and actually increased my returns already in just a few months since the time going through that mentorship with Jack and I could go on and on about the areas in my health as a man and in longevity, it’s an amazing opportunity. So I’d really encourage you if you’re a young man, a middle aged man, shoot even an old man. at a transition, maybe you’re not getting the results that you want. Or maybe you feel like you’re just building the Foundation of how to step into your adult life as a man, in your career and in your home, in your personal health, your spiritual life, all the different dimensions of who you are. I think what Jack is offering here is absolutely fantastic. I would have gladly paid him 10 times what he asked me for So invest in yourself. Call it whatever you want, but make that decision to put the money down now to take the time and energy to get the real advice. Those lessons from the road that are going to change the trajectory and the returns that you’re going to get. Not just financially, but in the quality of your life, your relationships and everything in between. So if you haven’t already signed up with Jack, do it now. You won’t regret it.

Zach White

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