For about 15 years, every Thursday morning at 7am I would go to a local networking group meetup called BNI – Business Network International.  The purpose of the group was to build relationships with other local business owners and pass referrals to each other.  Good old fashioned hand shake, breakfast meeting word of mouth marketing.  It was a great group and I’m proud I was a part of it for so long.   One of the members in the group was Loren Gerber, who was there every week, delivering his commercial for his commercial real estate business – and he was, at 89 years old, still #1 in the area in total sales.  

Loren is my fucking hero.  I told him that, and I meant it.  Well I didn’t say fuck, but pretty close.  I told him I wanted to be like him when I grew up.  When I asked him why he was still working, he said he still enjoyed his work, of providing value, and he would be bored and probably die if he wasn’t.   

Did you ever stop and think that maybe the current prevalent concept of retiring at 65 is not all it’s cracked up to be?  When I hit 65, I bet I’ll just be hitting my stride.  You see, I do a lot of dumb shit.  I make a lot of mistakes.   And by 65, I’ll have made so MANY fucking dumb mistakes, that I’ll have this thing called wisdom.  And you know what else?  I’ll be in incredible shape because I’m immersing myself in functional medicine, biohacking, alternative medicine AND bio-technology and gene therapy will by that time be really, really good at not only extending human life, but enhancing the quality.  Sure, I’ll want to potentially take more time off, do more traveling, experience more, well, experiences – but a Man without a Purpose has never proven to be a good thing.  

So that’s why I’m not saving for retirement. Because I’m never going to fucking retire!  I plan on earning income all the way up until the day I pass on.  Now, what I am doing is building up a diversity of assets that can grow, produce income, and continually upgrade my quality of life, but I’m not socking money away that I can’t touch for 40 years in the hope that I make it there in good health and have enough time left to enjoy it.   

My Friend, that’s our mission here at Indestructible Wealth.  We want you to live and enjoy the now, while building an ever increasing, well strategized, bulletproof future.  We won’t risk our current lifestyle for a better one.  Ever.  What we will do is take small calculated risks that won’t take us out of the game and if they hit, we upgrade, and if they don’t, we take another stab.  Again, and again, and again.