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You don’t have to be a genius to make a fortune. Today, Jack Gibson shares an investment opportunity that will help you make a fortune. Listen and learn about how to invest in crypto without losing sleep.

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You Don’t Need To Be A Genius To Make A Fortune In Crypto

You don’t have to be a genius to make a fortune. That is pretty freeing for a lot of us. I know I’m no genius. I want to make a fortune. I want to make sure you guys are clear on my platform and my position on who I bring onto this show and what topics I cover. I’m never going to bring anybody on my show that I would not personally invest or put my own money with them or that I don’t wholeheartedly believe in what they are representing and what their philosophy is.

I have had people approach me to get on my show, and I said, “I don’t know that I would invest in what you’re doing.” One person asked me to get on there in multifamily real estate. I have never heard of them. I’m sure they are probably great, but I said, “Send me all your resources. I will review them. If I feel strongly that I would put my own money into this or will put my own money into this at some point, I will bring you on my show.”

Anytime that I recommend anything if I talk about a specific tactic or investment, or I bring somebody on the show that is talking about an investment opportunity, I have either already put my own money into that. As soon as more cashflow replenishes, I will be investing in it. You can rest assured that I put my money where my mouth is, pretty much everything that I’m going to talk about. Maybe there are a couple of opportunities where I will be able to monetize and make a profit off of recommending it to you. Nothing of that has happened yet. I certainly plan on doing that in order to help sustain this platform.

I’m serious about that. I want you guys to feel confident in knowing that anything that’s said on this show is going to be something that I would stand behind, and it’s going to be a great bet. However, I’m not providing any specific financial advice for you. This is merely financial education, and I am not a licensed financial advisor. I cannot sell securities. Those are things that are licensed products like stocks, bonds, and whatnot. A little clarity and disclaimer for you so you understand where I’m coming from. When I recommend cryptocurrency or stock, I’m not selling those to you. I can’t make any money from those. I wanted to get clear.

Let’s dive into the subject because this is going to be pretty enlightening for you guys. You don’t have to be an expert on the technology of cryptocurrency behind it to make a fortune. Here are the questions that you need to focus on. Is adoption increasing or decreasing? Adoption is the number of new users. Number two, what happens when the asset drops? Question three, do you have the mental fortitude to hang in there?

If we look at it on any given day, you can wake up, fire up your computer, and your positions could be down 50%. That has happened to me. The flip side of that is also true. You could log in to your account on any given day and see everything up 50% from its lows. I don’t recommend looking at it often. I think crypto is a better asset to put your money in, don’t log in and look at the prices. I know it’s difficult because it is addicting to want to watch it, but it is much better for your overall psyche if you look at the longer-term trends. You are going to see a lot of fluctuations in there.

The key is, do you have the internal fortitude to be able to withstand the volatility? As I have said before, “Volatility is the price that you pay for outsized gains to make sure that you don’t make bad decisions when you’re thinking is at its most impaired.” When you’re down 50% to 60%, believe me, your thinking is impaired. You’re not thinking with your most rational, correct mind. What we need to look at is what the longer-term trends are showing us. That means adoption. We don’t need to know anything more about crypto than that. You don’t even know what a blockchain is. You don’t even know how the consensus mechanism works. I don’t even know what the fuck that means what I said. None of that is necessary.

It’s good to know so you have a deeper understanding of what you’re buying. It’s important you’re not a speculator or even a gambler to buy something because somebody else talks about it or says that they made money with it. That’s called FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. That is never a good thing. In terms of what you need to know in order to make a fortune from these assets, all of that knowledge and in-depth technical understanding are completely unnecessary.

When people come into the Bitcoin network, that's good for the entire crypto ecosystem. What's good for Bitcoin is good for everything. Share on X

Are companies pulling back from adopting the asset or moving forward to adopting the asset? Are there more users signing up, buying cryptocurrency, and setting up new accounts on Coinbase, Celsius, or any of the decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, MyEtherWallet, and those things? What does that look like right now? Even though Bitcoin certainly saw a pretty big pullback from its high of $64,000 down to as low as $29,000, while that was happening, adoption was increasing.

That’s why anybody who asked me, I was saying, “Buy the dip, keep buying. You’ve got a discount. You’ve got a great opportunity here.” We had a slew of announcements that came out during that time, like JP Morgan saying, “We’re now opening up Bitcoin to all of our customers, not the wealthy ones.” We saw an announcement, PNC Bank, that’s the fifth largest bank in America. It is an incredibly conservative bank out of Pennsylvania. They used to kick people off their platform out of their banking if they did crypto.

They are offering crypto to clients in partnership with Coinbase. It’s crazy because PNC Bank is a real vanilla type of bank that has never shifted out of its lane. The fact that we got to this point where they are offering crypto is incredible. The Neuberger Berman, it’s a $400 billion fund, has now said it’s going to be getting involved with Bitcoin too. What’s happening? Why is this adoption happening from these real big players? Everything always comes down to what? Follow the money trail. Show me the money. As you know on Jerry McGuire, that awesome movie, the economic incentives are driving the adoption of Bitcoin by the big global shepherds of investor capital, because why? Fees and greed. They can monetize it.

These companies are not making as much money as they used to in other asset classes with their fees. They are looking at something where they can charge exorbitant fees on and increase their bottom line. They don’t care about their clients, guys. They care about fees. You’re never going wrong betting on Wall Street. We got to look at those types of things.

The other thing you need to be aware of is the way Bitcoin is designed. It has this incredible structure of self-reinforcing economic incentives. Think about it this way. Once you’re in the Bitcoin network, like these big players are, you’re incentivized to defend the network, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, PNC, and Morgan Stanley. These companies have their reputations to uphold. They cannot and will not put their reputation at risk for any asset class. That means every lawyer in lobbyist has now worked in service to defend the Bitcoin network. Once they join it, whether they realize it or not, they become a defender of the Bitcoin network.

There is all this stuff going around in the media about the legislation and proposed regulations that are coming down the pipe. Could there be some additional regulation that comes with cryptocurrency? Yes, of course. I think that’s probably inevitable, but it doesn’t matter because they cannot corrupt this asset. It is incorruptible. That has never existed before. Any publicly or privately traded company and any other traditional type of assets could all be manipulated in some way, shape, or form. As Bitcoin gets bigger, it gets so much harder to manipulate the actual price. The way that the code is written into Bitcoin, it cannot be corrupted.

There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin. 4 or 5 million have been lost forever. The actual amount of Bitcoin that is out there is pretty tiny. About 18 million Bitcoin have been mine. 4 or 5 million have been lost. Maybe there are 13 million out there. That’s a finite asset. I believe that it’s still cheap relative to where it’s going. I think at some point in my lifetime. I’m 43 now in 2022. I expect to live with my current lifestyle. I’m going to make at least 90, I believe. I get another 50 years.

I do think side tangent that with the advances in biotechnology, precision medicine, and gene editing therapy that I have been reading about, I do believe that we could see lifetimes extended to average over a hundred, maybe even 120, maybe even more than that. I don’t know. It’s crazy what’s happening in medicine in the advances that are extending human life. Let’s say on the low end, 50 years. I believe we’re going to see a minimum of $1 million price per Bitcoin in my lifetime. That’s realistic. That could happen sometime within the next two decades.

INWE 35 | Investing In Crypto

Investing In Crypto: Follow the money trail. The economic incentives are driving the adoption of Bitcoin by the big global shepherds of investor capital because of fees and greed. They can monetize it.


Why? I have talked about this before. If you want to get the low on Bitcoin, I did an overview on Bitcoin and why I believe it’s such a strong financial asset. Did You Miss Out on Bitcoin? was a previous episode that I did. Take a look at that one. What happens is people come into the Bitcoin network. That’s good for the entire crypto ecosystem. What’s good for Bitcoin is good for everything. What happens is people start looking at Bitcoin, and they’re like, “That is super expensive per coin.” That starts spilling over as they invest in Bitcoin.

They start looking at Ethereum and the other coins. That’s what happened to me. I did the exact same thing. I started getting interested in looking into Bitcoin and Ethereum. I saw those two, and I was interested. I started learning more about those. I started investing in other cryptocurrencies. Altcoins are alternative coins, everything but Bitcoin. I started investing. Now, I have 41 in my portfolio of the different cryptos. All because I started getting interested and investing in the one. It creates a spillover effect. What happens for Bitcoin?

What’s good for Bitcoin is good for all of the other altcoins. That’s why I believe that we need to keep focusing on adoption. That’s all you need to do. Adoption is going to radically take off in the next several months. I don’t think we have seen anything yet. If you look at the trends of adoption, it’s crazy how much it’s grown in the past several months. We’re going to go to new highs. We’re going considerably higher from here. Trust me when I say it is going to be a volatile road.

When you buy it, and you can buy it now, Ethereum hits $3,200. You could buy it right now at $3,200. It’s a great price, anything below $5,000. It could drop down to $1,700 by next week. That is possible. Don’t sweat it. You didn’t make a mistake. It’s impossible to time the asset. You cannot time it. We do not know what’s going to happen in the short run. Nobody knows.

What we do know is if we buy it and hold it for the next five years, I’m on a ten-year plan on anything that I do business I start, and investments that I make, I’m on ten-year plan. I’m going to buy something and hold it for at least ten years. That’s always my thinking unless something changes drastically to the underlying thesis of the investment. I am not going to buy stuff and sell in the short term. Look at long-term adoption. Study it yourself if you’re not fully convinced that crypto is a great place to put some money.

Don’t put all your money into crypto, either. Be smart about it. Position size, your bets, put your money to where the amount that you’re able to lose. It’s like a trip to Vegas. You guys know when you go to Vegas, and all likely, whatever you take is probably not coming back. Whatever you would do, if you took a trip to Vegas and you’re okay with losing it, that’s probably the amount that you should invest into crypto. If it’s something that you’re going to lose sleep over, that’s going to affect your current lifestyle, that’s too much. Don’t do it. You don’t ever risk your current lifestyle for a better one. That’s it for me. I hope you enjoyed the episode. Have a great day, you guys.


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  You don’t have to be a genius to make a fortune. Today, Jack Gibson shares an investment opportunity that will help you make a fortune. Listen and learn about how to invest in crypto without losing sleep. — Listen to the podcast here You Don’t Need To Be A Genius To Make A Fortune […]