INWE 21 | 21 Day Money Challenge


An eight-step list of exactly how to save at least $500 in the next 21 days. Free gifts are ready for those of you who complete this challenge!

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Introducing The 21 Day Money Challenge. You In?

I have got a 21-Day Money Challenge I’m going to drop on you on this episode. A lot of people have found success with 21 days to change a habit where you do a fitness challenge or a nutrition challenge where you try to lose some weight or physique change. Twenty-one days can make a difference because it can give you a short period of time of where you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you can maintain your focus, and then you can see some results and build some competence and some quick wins.

I have got a 21-day challenge in the money department that I’m going to drop on you, and that this will help you guys make some changes that you’ve probably been thinking about making, you need to make, but you haven’t done it yet. Let’s get focused and let’s start changing the long-term trajectory of your habits so that you guys could start building some indestructible wealth. First, you know how I do it. I drop my what’s happening. Frustration-wise, typically in my life, that’s the fun part.

If I told you everything is fine and great, how boring would that be? We need a polarity in our lives. My eleven-year-old, he had his first sixth-grade football scrimmage before their first game drops. He’s a third-string quarterback, and we are supposed to be a first-string defensive end. The first 30-minute segment goes by, and he gets in one play very end of the game on the quarterback position. Kara and I are looking at each other freaking out. What is going on? He’s not playing. This is awful. I need counseling. That’s what I’m thinking. I need to call a counselor professionally for this.

He gets in and they design a pass play. He’s got a good arm. He had warmed up at all. This is his first throw out of the shoe. Interception. Kara and I are like, “We are dying.” We’re dying not a good way. Then they play another 30 minutes segment, things dramatically got better. Our mood is much improved, and I’m not going to speed dial the counselor quite yet. We’ll save that for probably later on in the season.

Competitive sports parents. We want our kids to be successful. We want them to have fun. We want them to showcase their skills. I’m hoping that he finds his sport, finds his way, develops into a great athlete so that we can cheer them on. Give us something to do entertainment-wise. I’m sure you competitive parents out there, you know what I’m talking about.

At the end of the day, we want to put our kids in the best possible position to be happy and to enjoy life. Having the kid that dominates the sporting events. That’s us trying to live vicariously through them. That’s not productive. The bottom line that I have come to realize after my oldest son, he isn’t that interested in sports. He’s more into technology.

We have to release our expectations for our children and what we want them to do or what we think they are going to become and embrace the natural God-given talents and interests they have. Click To Tweet

I have to release my expectations for our children, and what we want them to do or what we think that they are going to become and embrace the natural God-given talents that they have an interest that they have been given. I have been doing that with my oldest. He does a lot of the filming for me, for my videos, for this platform and edit some. He’s edited all of my videos and uploaded them. It’s giving us a chance to bond in that regards. With Tyler, I go out into the backyard, we play catch. We do all that. We shoot hoops. John, that’s not the case. We trying to figure out how do I embrace them for what they are interested in. Dropping indestructible parental advice on you. I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m learning. I’ve got long ways to go.

Let’s get to the 21-Day Money challenge. The very first one I’m going to drop on you is eight things here that I’m going to give you. Eight things to focus on that are part of the 21-day challenge, some of these are tough, some of these are relatively easy to do, and also easy not to do. The first one is no online media distractions.

What does this look like? I was going to say plain and simple, no pornography. There’s a lot of you reading that don’t do that, and there’s statistically, there’s got to be a bunch of you that are reading that do. There’s no judgment. However, that is draining your energy and your focus. You are not going to become the best and most productive person that you are designed to be when you are draining yourself and all your energy with that focus on that thing.

This also includes the reason why I said it’s not pornography. I’m going to include Netflix. That’s going to suck. Twenty-one days with no Netflix. We are taking out pornography, Netflix, and aimless scrolling. I’d like to take out scrolling altogether, but a lot of you do it intentionally for your business where you are trying to learn and you are trying to engage.

You’ve got to have to figure out the difference between productive, intentional scrolling or your purpose is to create engagement and to build up your social media chapter. Maybe support your team with some encouragement and positive comments. Aimlessly scrolling, Netflix, and pornography are not serving you, and they are draining your energy and attention. Instead, I’d like to have you submit transfer that energy and focus into financial coaching or financial education. It doesn’t have to be this platform. Although this is a great place to start. I want you guys to focus that energy on learning more about the money game for the next 21 days.

If you want an incredible resource, go to my website, I bet a lot of you haven’t taken any time to read any of my blogs or vlogs, video blogs that are on my site. You are going to be able to go to my site. There are 25 to 30 blogs that I have written that are all on there. Consider it a mind dump of my knowledge and wisdom that I have accumulated about this subject. You go there and let it rip. A lot of the blogs won’t take you about a few minutes to read. That will make a big difference for you in your financial education.

INWE 21 | 21 Day Money Challenge

21 Day Money Challenge: Let’s take out these energy suckers. We want to retire young so that we can enjoy our money now, instead of waiting until we are 65 or 70 when we are not potentially in good health or potentially not even alive.


The more that you know on this subject, the more educated you are, and the better decisions you are going to make, the quicker we are going to get to that end goal, which is financial freedom, retire early. That’s FIRE, Financial Independence Retire Early. We want to retire young so that we are able to enjoy our money now, instead of waiting until we are 65 or 70, when we are not potentially in good health or potentially not even alive. Let’s take out these energy suckers.

Number two, no restaurants, not even for lunch or dinner. No restaurants for 21 days. Meal prep and cook at home. You are going to save so much money. For Kara and I, the beginning of our wealth journey, rarely did we go out to restaurants. Maybe it was once or twice a month on a Friday night type thing. Saturday night once every other week. For the most part, we stayed at home and learn how to cook and grill and save so much money.

Dave Ramsey, this is one thing where I do agree with him on. He said that when you are trying to pay down debt and you are trying to aggressively attack that, you should not see the inside of a restaurant. I’m aligned with that. Twenty-one days. You are going to save a few hundred bucks right there, I bet. Number three. Start a side hustle. What’s your passion because you’ve got to increase your income. Let’s start doing this now.

Let’s start figuring this out. You don’t want to rush to start a side hustle because you don’t want to rush into that may not be a good fit. If you’ve been thinking about doing the side hustle, you’ve got something in mind. What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger and take action. Let’s go get off the fence. Time is going to keep passing you by. You got to take action. You got to be aggressive and proactive. Start that side hustle you’ve been thinking about doing.

If you’ve already got your side hustle, then my suggestion on point number three is to learn a new skill that’s going to help you accelerate your income inside of that hustle. You could take a course on how to be more effective on Instagram. You could take a course on how to learn any new social media platform or you could hire a coach. Have you thought about getting a coach to give you some specialized knowledge in terms of developing skills inside of being able to promote your business more effectively? That’s what I would be doing. Learning digital marketing. It is the future of business. It already is the future, but it’s only going to escalate in the future of what it is you will become. Let’s focus on that for point three.

Number four, transfer high-interest credit card balances. If you’ve got high-interest credit card debt, it’s impossible to grow wealth. I’m going to say it. It’s impossible. As an investor, even a good investor, it’s difficult to consistently get over 10% returns on your money. It’s hard. Can it be done? Certainly. The best in the world, Warren Buffett averages 20% a year for so many years. He’s a genius. Think about that. One of the best in the world gets 20% yearly average. What makes you think you are going to do much better than him? I don’t think that you probably will. My expectations are I’m certainly won’t. I may have a year where I beat that by a lot, but on consistently year-after-year, that’s tough.

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High interest credit cards are usually at above 10%. That means if you pay those off, you are immediately getting a 10% return on your money. If you don’t pay them off and you try to invest when you’ve got high-interest credit card debt, that means you’ve got to outpace your interest with the returns on your investment. In other words, if you’ve got interest rate on your credit card is 10%, that means you’ve got to make 11% or more to outpace or outgain that cost of that debt.

Let’s get that debt attacked. Let’s get it for the meantime in the next 21 days, you are probably not going to pay them off if you have it. Transfer those. There are a lot of offers where there are 0% intro APR offers where you can get balance transfer or something to that card for 12, 18 or 24 months. There’s a balance transfer fee that you are going to have to pay to do that. However, take a look at what you’ll pay an interest over the next twelve months and then what you’ll save in interest by transferring it and I’m betting pretty substantial amount of money that the savings, what you’ll save in interest will outpace any costs that you have of transferring that money over. Let’s focus on that. That’s step number four.

Step number five, cancel your online, rarely used, membership fees. I know that you’ve got them there. They are lurking on your charge card or auto PayPal payments. You are paying on stuff that you are like, “I’m not using it right now, but I might use it later.” You have used it in the past, but you haven’t used it for a few months. Get rid of that stuff.

Those little $20, $10, or $50 a month charges, that adds up. $50 a month or $600 in a year that you could save that $600 and put it into some Ethereum, Bitcoin, or some good altcoins. Think about that. I was thinking about that too, “If I saved this money, what could I do with it?” That could then amplify the returns.

I was paying a ton of money on my cable bill and we hardly even watching cable. I didn’t want to mess with it because I didn’t want to take the time to make the call. I was like, “There’s probably nothing that I’m going to be able to do.” Make the call, tell them that you are canceling. That’s what I always do, and then they always give you an offer to try to keep you. That’s what I would do is threaten to cancel. Typically, they won’t call your bluff. They are going to try to salvage you or you could say, “I’m canceling this if I don’t get my bill down. This is ridiculous.” That’s how I would probably put it.

They gave me a package offer that was on a promo, and they dropped my bill by $200 a month. Where I’m at in this stage of the investing game, saving $200 a month, doesn’t do a whole lot for me, but statistically percentage-wise still, that’s $2,400 a year in savings by making a ten-minute phone call and cutting out a few channels that we weren’t watching anyways. It restructured the bill. Another thing that we did, we went to the Verizon store and then I went to check out upgrading my phone. It turned out with the package promo that they had going at the time, we were able to upgrade, get new phones, and we cut our bill down by $30 to $40 a month. Take a look at restructuring any of those types of auto bills where you have packages that you could be potentially taking advantage of promotions that may be offered.

INWE 21 | 21 Day Money Challenge

21 Day Money Challenge: Having some cash sitting in your safe gives you a nice, warm, fuzzy, and confident feeling. There’s something emotionally charging about that.


Number six, I want you to save up a minimum of $500 in cash over the next 21 days. If you do those things that I’m talking about up until this point, then this shouldn’t be a problem. What I want you to do with that cash is get a safe and put that cash in your safe. You want to start building cash, money greenbacks that are sitting in your safe that are doing nothing. We know that they are getting devalued by the amount of government printing of money, but we want to have some cash. It gives you a nice, warm, fuzzy, and confident feeling having some cash sitting in your safe.

There’s something emotionally charging about that. That gives you confidence to keep going with your financial plan. Having it there and not spending it is amazing. This is going to create the feelings that you start needing to start taking the actions and continual actions that you need to create the results. We want to have those. We want to be working on making yourself feel good about your progress.

$500 in cash saved up in 21 days. That’s incredible. If you are at a higher earning level, then you need to then challenge yourself. Maybe $500 is not enough for you to take on a 21-day challenge. What’s that number for you? It’s going to stretch you but also give you a goal so that it’s going to cause you to maybe get a little bit uncomfortable and make some changes to get to that point. Is that $1,000 or $5,000 in cash? I don’t know what that is, but I’d say aggressively attack it. Get that cash in so that you have that nice emergency fund sitting right there.

Number seven, I want you to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. If you’ve already read this one, then go on to the second book, Cashflow of Quadrant. I love the second one. It might even be better than the first. I don’t know. That’s probably tough. The first one, to me, is more of an engaging story, but the second book, Cashflow of Quadrant, helps you understand how money flows through our economy. I love that book. Read one of those two books over the next 21 days. Number eight, follow for daily motivation. Follow me for daily motivation. There are two ways you can do it. I post every morning. I’m somewhere around 8:00 on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account or not on it, just create one.

Every single morning, I’m in a 365-day posting challenge. I’m going to post every single morning some type of financial education and financial inspiration. Maybe a new way of looking at finances that you hadn’t thought of before. The other way is on Instagram. I do post every day in some capacity, whether it be on my Story, on my Reel, or on a regular feed push. You are going to get something from me on that platform. @IndestructibleWealth, that’s going to help you with your financial education and getting better.

Those are the eight steps. If you take the 21-day challenge and you complete it, you’ve got to document all 8 steps. When you complete it, I want you to share with me what happened. You’ll do a little one paragraph write up and then I’m going to send you and give you a free gift. I’m not going to tell you what the gift is, but I’m telling you it’s going to be fricking incredible. I’m going to probably give you a choice between three options. You guys would get to choose three different things that will help you give you some insider information and knowledge that’s going to help you moving the needle on your net worth.

Take the challenge and document it. We will do a little quick 3 or 4 sentence write-up of what you learned. It would be awesome if you took the 21-day challenge. Post it in your Story on Instagram or Facebook, and then tag my site or my page. That’s the best way to go. Nonetheless, even if you email me, “I took the 21-day challenge. Here’s what happened. Here was the result. Here’s what I learned.” Then you are going to get a free gift regardless. Let’s create some indestructible and better financial habits in the next 21 days.


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  An eight-step list of exactly how to save at least $500 in the next 21 days. Free gifts are ready for those of you who complete this challenge! — Listen to the podcast here Introducing The 21 Day Money Challenge. You In? I have got a 21-Day Money Challenge I’m going to drop on […]