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Achieving your first 100k is a crucial step in wealth-building, and it isn’t easy. Once you hit this crucial mark with the right strategies, getting to your first million dollars is easy compared to you. In this episode, I explain why this is true and how to get there.

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Your First 100k, And Why It Is Easier To Achieve One Million

I’m excited to announce that I’m finally offering the ability for you to work with me. I know that so many of you, probably every single one of you tuning in, have been thinking every day when you wake up, “When do I get an opportunity to work with Jack? That fucking guy is so awesome.” I think very few of you are thinking that, but I do want to give you the opportunity. It is now open. I’ve got two options that you can finally pick my brains on if you’d like to get more in-depth mentoring and coaching.

You go to my website, and there’s a tab that says Work with Jack. You click that and you’re going to have two options. There’s going to be one-on-one and you can book a call with me. If you want to book a single, “I want to pick your brain for an hour and see if I’m on the right track, bounce some ideas off you, or talk about some strategies in building my business,” that is great. However I can serve you.

I’ve built four LLCs or S corporations to over $2 million. I have fourteen different multiple streams of income and a multimillion-dollar portfolio. I’m not telling you that. You already know probably all of that. I’m just telling you that I know what I’m doing. I have so much to learn, but if you want to pick my brain, that is great. Do it. If you don’t, keep reading the free content and engaging. That’s great, too. I don’t care. I’m not doing this for the money as you probably are well aware. It’s a passion project. At the same time, I can’t do things for free like you don’t want to do anything for free either no matter how much you’re passionate about it.

Go to the website. Click on the link and follow along. You can watch a video that tells you a little bit more about the mastermind course that I’m offering. That’s an affordable way for you to get in-depth training on multiple streams of income. We’ll talk about debt paydown and all kinds of real estate, particularly specific opportunities that you can do. We’ll talk about speculation-type plays like crypto, tech stocks, and pre-IPOs. We’re going to talk about retirement accounts, the fundamentals of investing in you, and charitable giving in that course. It’s a complete course that’s going to take you quite a bit further along in your knowledge of what you need to do in order to build indestructible wealth.

It’s very action-oriented. There’s a basic mindset, but it’s not like you need to think more positive type of thing or work on your mindset. It’s that and it’s about how you’re thinking about your strategy. They’re also specific opportunities that you can take advantage of and start building your own portfolio of assets. If you’re interested, hit the website. If you have any questions on that, certainly, you can feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can hit me up on Instagram through direct messaging. I respond to those on a daily. I wanted to let you know that. Here we go.

I’m in an exceptionally good mood. That’s good for you. That gives you better content. When I’m in a bad mood, I don’t even hit the record button. It’s not even worth it. What I wanted to talk to you about is your first $100,000 and why it’s so critical that you put your focus on the first $100,000. I’m going to give you three reasons why you want to focus on the $100,000.

What I’ve found personally and what I’ve heard from others is that it’s easier to go from $100,000 to $1 million than it is to go from $0 to $100,000. A lot of people are like, “That doesn’t make sense. You’re going up $100,000 versus up a $900,000 increment.” If you stay tuned, I’m going to explain to you what I feel are the three main reasons why this is easier to go from $100,000 to $1 million net worth.

A Good Steward

The first one is my opinion. This is something that is a theory that I have. The other two are a little bit more concrete in nature. It’s spiritual in nature, so it’s certainly not for everybody. Here’s the thing. I believe that when you hit that first $100,000 and you’ve proved to God, the universe, energy, infinite intelligence, or whatever you want to call the all-knowing power that has created all of us and surrounds and permeates everything that we do, you’ve proven that you can be trusted with money.

If you look at the ancient texts, they talk about the fact that there’s this thing about being a good steward. What does being a good steward mean? A good steward means that you are entrusted with temporary ownership of something and that you have proven that you can take care of whatever it happens to be. In this case, we’re talking about money.

It's easier to go from 100K to a million than it is to go from zero to 100K. Share on X

There’s the story of the talents. These are three guys that were given talents by their master. Two were given five and one was given one. The guy with the one went and buried it in the sand. The other guy played it safe and the other guy went out, invested it, and turned it into ten. The master comes back and says, “You’re a good steward. You turned your five into more. You multiplied it.” He took the one from the guy who buried it in the sand and took the five from the other guy who played it super safe. He then gave it to the guy that was a good steward of his money.

I don’t know if that’s exactly how the story went. Maybe I was a little bit off on that. Does it matter? You get the point. You’re going to get multiplied when you’ve proven that you can be trusted with your money, you can discipline yourself, and not emotionally buy everything that you want. You’ve proven that you’re willing to live on less than what you earn. That’s one of the first laws of being able to create wealth. It’s to not spend as much as you earn, and that’s tough for Americans to do.

The number of marketing messages that we’re hit with per day is 5,000 or 7,000. It’s insane how many times we’re hit with a marketing message that’s meant to separate us from our money. You’re able to discipline yourself and keep the spending under what you earn. That’s pretty exceptional. I believe when you prove that you’re a good steward, you are increased.

I feel that God, the universe, or whatever infinite intelligence says, “You are doing great. You’ve saved up $100,000. You’ve protected it. You’ve invested it smartly. You didn’t take huge gambles and speculate with it and blow it. You deserve to be increased.” You get attracted to a lot of better opportunities. There are more people that come your way that help you create more resources. You get smarter with your investments. Many things fall into place for you and you are increased. That’s number one. That is spiritual in nature.

INWE One Million | Achieve One Million

Achieve One Million: You’re going to get multiplied when you’ve proven you can be trusted, you can discipline yourself, and not emotionally buy everything you want.


Momentum And Competence

Number two is momentum and competence. When you’re starting at zero in that first $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000, you don’t have that much momentum on your side at that time. You also don’t have that much competence yet. What happens is you start to accelerate that net worth and you start to hit that $40,000 or $50,000, and then you hit that $100,000. Your momentum starts taking hold. You start having more confidence in what you’re doing and feeling the energy and that forward progress. It causes you to continue to want to get even more into the group. You want to get even better returns, save more money, and invest more in more things.

Have you ever watched a sporting event where the announcers go, “The momentum is shifting?” We all feel it. Even if you’re watching it on TV and you’re not even there in the crowd, you can feel when the momentum shifts in a game. That’s what happens when you hit that $100,000. Your momentum drastically shifts and your competence accelerates.

When you’re at that $0 to $100,000 mark, this is where you got to dive in and keep accelerating and increasing your level of financial intelligence. When you do get ahold of some investible dollars that you can move the needle on your net worth, then you’re going to know what to do with it. A lot of people are like, “When I hit the $100,000 or $200,000 level, I’ll figure it out then and what my plan is.” It’s too late then. You want to be preparing and thinking about what your strategy is, what you are going to do with it, and what it is going to look like when that money comes into your possession.

Here is my belief. I believe the money comes to me in avalanches and there are so many easy ways to make money. There are so many incredible ways to add value to other people and many opportunities to generate more income. I feel like there’s so much abundance of money, especially living in America with trillions of dollars that are pumped into our economy from the government printing presses. Money is abundant. You got to go get a piece of that.

The first law of being able to create wealth is not to spend as much as you earn. Share on X

Compounding: Eighth Wonder Of The World

Let me go on to number three. This is the principle of wealth building that Warren Buffett called the Eighth Wonder of the World. It’s called Compounding. I’ll give you an easy example to think about. With the compounding of a penny every day for 30 days, would you rather take $1 million in cash or would you take a penny that doubles every day for 30 days? When you first look at it, you’re like, “I don’t want that penny. That’s probably worth $30 or $50 at the end.” When it compounds from day 26 into 30, it goes from a few hundred thousand all the way up to $5 million at the end.

That compounding starts to happen when you hit $100,000. Now you’ve got some money that you can start putting into meaningful investments that can set the compounding into play for you. I look at what’s happening for us. It took several years to get to that first $100,000. Our net worth jumped by $500,000 in one year.

It took years to get to the $100,000 mark. We’re jumping up in wealth by $500,000. It’s possible depending on where my taxes come in because I’m going to get hit pretty hard in taxes. It’s possible that our net worth will jump up potentially $1 million in one year. Why? It’s because of that first $100,000. That first $100,000 put us out at the starting gate. That’s when you’re in the starting block. When you hit that $100,000 mark, you can start racing, taking advantage of money, and making money.

Let’s think about it. Even if you get a strong 10% return on your money, $10,000 is going to go up by $1,000. $20,000 is going to go up by $2,000. Think about it when you got $1 million and you get it to go up by 10%. That’s going up by $100,000. When you got $1 million or $2 million as an accredited investor, you can get it into investments like private equity-type or self-storage-type funds where you can get 20%, 25%, or 30% returns on your money. When you got $1 million invested at 20% returns, that $1 million goes up by $200,000. That doesn’t even include all the money that you’re already earning and other investments that you have.

INWE One Million | Achieve One Million

Achieve One Million: As humans, we want to be growing. We want to be on a positive trajectory. That’s what makes us happy.


I know it’s very challenging. I remember getting off the ground in my financial and wealth-building journey. I remember saving up my first $50,000 by the time I was 22 years old and then investing it into high-risk tech stocks. You don’t want to drop by half because of the dot-com bubble. You want to be protecting that first $100,000. Guard that shit like Fort Knox. You want that in a safe, secure cashflow-producing collateralized, meaning they’re backed by something tangible like real estate. You want that initial capital protected. You want it churning out cashflow.

If you’re younger, let’s say you got $100,000, you could take 20% off of that and put it into some high-risk, high-growth type of stuff. Those are the asymmetric plays that we talk about. Get yourself some crypto and be a part of that or some high-tech growth stocks. Those small-cap tech stocks that have the chance to go parabolic, you want to do that. You want to take some of those stabs, but you want to be looking at protecting the bulk of that principal capital and get that churning out safe income. That is going to create an incredible base layer of foundation for you to build upon or that foundational level of indestructible wealth.

I want to challenge you to start thinking about, dreaming about, and focusing on how you can get to that first $100,000. I encourage you to start utilizing a net worth tracker. There are free apps that you can use that if you want to do it that way, you can put all the things that you own. I update mine once a month. You could even do it once a quarter. The important part is you want to start to see your growth trajectory. It’s going to start to tell you whether you are headed in the right direction or you are going south.

In my opinion, everything comes down to trajectory. As humans, we want to grow.  We want to be on a positive trajectory. That’s what makes us happy and excited. We don’t like to go downwards in any area of our life. The net worth statement shows you point blank what the number is and where it’s at from month to month so you can start looking at, “How can I get this number moving faster? How can I be more efficient? Am I headed in the right direction? Do I need to make any different moves?”

Track it. What I use is a simple Google Sheet. It’s stored online and it updates in real time. I create a tab at the bottom for it. I create a new sheet for each month. I copy and paste over each month the numbers from the previous month and then update them if they need to be updated. Some things don’t move at all, so I keep them the same. With the ones that need to be updated, like debts that I have maybe paid down or assets that have gone up in value, I update that sheet. I then look at that and look at the trajectory. That’s all that matters.

The one thing that I feel like I can control and gets me excited and helps me to stay on track is looking at where that number is compared to a year ago or six months ago. I’m like, “Am I making progress?” In fact, I tracked it. I put everything in, so I’m going to go back into it. When we hang up, I’m going to look at, “Where’s my trajectory? How am I doing? Am I growing?”

Maybe month-to-month is a little bit tough to look at because things can fluctuate from month to month. Where were you six months ago? Where are you year over year? That’s telling you a much better picture of where you’re at. I tell people in my sales team all the time, “Never ever compare month to month. No business ever does that.” If you ever get on an earnings call where a publicly traded company talks about its earnings for the quarter, they always compare this quarter to the previous year’s quarter. That’s what they’re always looking at. They’re like, “Where were we a year ago? Where are we now?”

Things can fluctuate in the market and in your personal finance from month to month or even from last quarter to this quarter. That’s what you want to be looking at. Mostly, what I’ll be looking at is where you were one year ago and where you are now. I hope this helps you focus on that first $100,000. There’s the spiritual component, the momentum and competence, and the compounding. Put them all to work. Have a great day.


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  Achieving your first 100k is a crucial step in wealth-building, and it isn’t easy. Once you hit this crucial mark with the right strategies, getting to your first million dollars is easy compared to you. In this episode, I explain why this is true and how to get there. — Listen to the podcast […]