INWE 58 | Thinking Moves Ahead


“Life is like a game of chess. To win, you have to make a move.” – Alan Rufus

What can these three things bring you: a great whole-life policy rep, an excellent turnkey company, and a knowledgeable crypto expert? Tune in and listen as Jack Gibson reveals the answer. Hint: It has to do with thinking six moves ahead to reach your financial freedom.

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Why, And How, To Think Six Moves Ahead…

I’m excited to be here again. I got a fresh haircut and you guys out there know what I mean when I say you feel reinvigorated and re-energized when you get that fresh cut. My kids, my boys almost being teenagers, apparently, what’s cool is you say, “I like your cut G,” and then they punch you or something. I’m getting an education on what’s cool. Have you guys heard that one? That was new to me.

I’ve got my book in the near-ending stages. I’m almost to the rough draft. I’ve written over 33,000 words. Apparently, that’s still a short book. 25,000 is like 100 pages. I’ve got some additional content that I’m going to be adding. One of the topics in the book was this episode. I’m excited to share with you a snippet from the book. I can say that I’m very excited to launch it.

I’m going to dive into a little bit more of that in future episodes of what the process looks like of writing a book. Needless to say, I can’t wait to launch it. I hope you guys grab a copy. It will be very reasonably priced once I launch it. I’m excited to get the content out there in the format. I’ve always wanted to write a book. It had been on my to-do list for ten years and finally, I took the plunge and dove in. I found it to be a pretty enjoyable process. Once I had the outline of all the different topics flushed out, it wasn’t that easy to sit down and write.

I wrote most of the book on my iPhone. I don’t know what it is. When I get on my computer, I got all these tabs open. I got all these other things and distractions that I can do so you would think I’d be distracted on my phone but I’m not. When I sit on the living room chair and just chill, I’m more relaxed. There’s no distraction and I crank it out right there on my phone. That’s how it’s gone so far.

Six Moves Ahead

I want to talk to you guys about this episode of thinking six moves ahead. Why do you want to do this? What do you want to consider? DirecTV launched a series of commercials a few years back and the main theme was to get rid of cable. I don’t know if you guys remember these commercials. I don’t watch that much TV. In all reality, any TV I watch is typically sports. That’s about it. If I’m going to watch a show, typically, the show is on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or whatnot.

They may still have these commercials out, but I think they stopped them. Each commercial follows a person who by having a cable plan ends up in a very bad exaggerated situation. These commercials were always my favorites. I love how they laid out the sequential, making one decision to hold onto cable puts you in this very bad predicament by the end. I thought they were great. I have to say my all-time favorite commercial is the Klondike Bar commercial. If you haven’t seen this, YouTube it and you will get a great laugh. This is where a couple was on a game show. The guy had to listen to his wife for five seconds in order to win the Klondike Bar. It’s a little chocolate-covered ice cream bar. It’s so delicious.

He stared at her as the clock was counting down intently. These five seconds were a supreme struggle. When the final second ticked off, he starts celebrating because he was able to listen to his wife talk for five seconds. The confetti drops, lights start blasting all over, and he wins it. That’s my all-time favorite because you guys know that the struggle is real. These women talk a lot. You can’t focus on everything that they say all the time. My dad told me this. He gave me this great advice.

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One of the DirecTV commercials goes like this. Step 1) When the cable company keeps you on hold. Step 2) You get angry and it leads to Step 3) When you get angry, you blow off steam. The guy goes and plays some racquetball and starts hitting the ball super hard. Step 4) When you blow off steam, accidents happen. The ball hits him right in the eye. Step 5) When you have an accident you get an eyepatch.

Step 6) When you get the eyepatch, people think you’re tough. He is on a bus with gang members staring at them. Step 7) When people think you’re tough, they want to see how tough. The gang members are chasing him down the street after he gets off the bus. Step 8) When they see how tough, you end up in a roadside ditch and they always end it, “Don’t end up in a roadside ditch. Get rid of cable. Upgrade to DirectV.

We can laugh, find humor, and know that these commercials are highly exaggerated. We do see the same thing play out in our lives, just typically not so quickly, maybe so drastic, and exaggerated. Typically, the initial action or decision that you made doesn’t come with any immediate consequences. If we look 6 to 7 steps later, we can either see the reward, the consequences, or the punishment for actions that kicked off that process.

This applies in business. I want to give you an example of business. I was on a Zoom call. We had a guest speaker. Her name’s Blair. She’s a young and dynamically successful wellness entrepreneur. This is one of the other businesses that I have run for the last several years. She explains how so many sales reps struggle to get out of their comfort zone to hand out flyers to promote their business. For most people, it’s not an enjoyable process to walk up to a stranger, introduce yourself quickly, and hand them a card to come into your business.

The immediate payoff is extremely low. In the best-case scenario, you have 1 out of 25 come in and redeem the coupon. If you’re not working at that time, you don’t even technically make the sale. This is for a $7 to $12 smoothie and energy bomb-type combination. If you are working, you get maybe $3 to $6 profit. She explained that if you wanted growth, you do 50 of these per day. For anyone short-term in thinking, this is a terrible proposition. It doesn’t sound appealing at all when you’re looking at the immediate rewards.

To motivate yourself to do them, instead of finding all kinds of other excuses to fill up your day, you have to think five-plus steps forward. What do I mean? In this case, it would look like this. Step one, you go up to the stranger, you hand them the flyer and you invite them to come in and try your product out. That leads to step two where they come in and try the healthy smoothie and energy bomb.

They then like it and then step three is that they would get on a full nutrition program and make a total lifestyle change. This is to lose weight, have more energy, feel better, put on muscles or whatever that case may be. Step four is where they get a physical result. They get that actual, tangible result. They have more energy. They lose some excess body fat. They feel better about themselves. Once they’re in this stage, then they can positively rep the product line, the brand, and the lifestyle and become a coach.

INWE 58 | Thinking Moves Ahead

Thinking Moves Ahead: The initial action or decision you make won’t come with any immediate consequences, but if you look six to seven steps later, you can see the reward or consequences for the action that kicked off that process.


They get into step five, which once they’ve learned the business for twelve months and established a customer base, they can move on to step six and open their own brick-and-mortar location, potentially opening up a new market and serving a new set of customers. That greatly benefits the original person who handed out the card to a stranger because they can then leverage the efforts of others and open up a new market and have access to a huge new set of customers.

In order to get to that step six, where they’re going on and they’re opening up a new market, step one kicked off the entire process. No step one, the hard and not-so-fun part, then there is no step six and there’s no opportunity for expansion and growth. Building wealth works the same way. You don’t want to drive the used 2010 Honda accord because you want to look good. Let’s be honest. The reason why you want to get a nice car is that you want to look good to your peers. Some people can argue and say, “I like nice things.” I would say that could be true for certain subsets of people but for the most part, I would call it bullshit.

Our Deepest Human Desire

You want to buy a nice car because that’s your way of showing off the ability to buy it. It’s about getting respect for guys. The reason why you would buy a nice and expensive car is that you want respect. You think that by having a nice car, you’re going to be more respected. The deepest human desire for a man is to be respected. For women, your deepest desire is to be loved. You’re going to buy the expensive car, the nice purses, or all that because that’s your way of feeling that you’re going to get loved.

Now, that could absolutely be the reverse of that. For example, for an alpha female that is super driven, goal-oriented, and an achiever, their probably deepest need is respect. Some men are wired in a certain way. Their deepest need is to feel loved. It can flip, but for the majority of men and women, that’s how it works.

We don’t want to have a used car because in our mind and with our emotions, it doesn’t make us look good but in this scenario of building wealth and what I have done in the past and what I recommend that you do is step one, you buy the used car so you can save the $500 per month. It maybe more or maybe less but as an example, let’s go with $500 a month. It’s pretty accurate, I would guess, between saving money on the payment, the insurance, and the depreciation of the car.

That way, you can get to stage two, which is to fund a high cash-value whole life insurance policy. This is the fundamental baseline of what I recommend to create indestructible wealth, especially for an entrepreneur because it creates liquidity. You have access to cash through your policy. Even at step two, there is no reward and it feels like drudgery. It feels like you’re handing out the coupon that you know you’re not going to get anything immediate and it sucks.

After a few years, you have $30,000 in cash value in your policy that you can borrow against and that leads to step three. You borrow the $25,000 back out and you put 25% down on a rental property. That leads to step four, which creates a positive $300 per month cashflow off the rental property. That then leads to step five, in which you take and you buy $300 a month in cryptocurrency. That leads to step six, where your money is making money in three places at one time.

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What do I mean? Let’s go through it. Your whole life policy is still compounding and growing, even though you borrowed against it. The growth of the policy and the borrow-back event are two separate things. Your rental property is slowly appreciating in value and going up faster when the government prints more money, which is happening right now. You’re also paying down the loan with the renter’s payments funding. That is called loan amortization pay down.

When you’re paying down the value of the note every single month, eventually, that note will go to zero if you were to hold that note or that loan for the full term, either for 15 or 30 years. Although that’s not cashflow that you can pocket, it’s still increasing your net worth with each payment. The money from your rent, you’re putting into crypto. You can place that on exchanges like Nexo where you loan it out and you get interest in the crypto paid daily while you HODL.

Do you know what HODL means? It means Hold On for Dear Life. That’s how you hold on to cryptocurrency and that’s where you wait for your crypto to appreciate. Although I illustrated a total of six ways that an initial $25,000 can increase your net worth, Number 1) is that your life insurance value is compounding. Number 2) is the rental property cashflow. Number 3) The rental property is appreciating. Number 4) is the rental property loan pay down. Number 5) The crypto daily interest and Number 6) The crypto appreciating.

I would say we can all agree that your money is making money in at least three different places at the same time and I gave you six different streams of income or wealth appreciation and wealth-building. If we go with the thought of, “If I drive this used car now, the savings invested will give me those six different streams of income versus I don’t want to drive this piece of shit car. I don’t look good to my friends and I make plenty of money to buy something nicer, then we’ll be more easily able to buy a used car.

I got into this situation back when I was 22. It costs me a ton of money because I had a decent-used car. I was only four years into it. It was a black sports car, a Dodge Avenger. It was still a nice car. I ended up upgrading to a brand-new BMW 330 series, the top of the line and I had to give my mom to co-sign because I didn’t even have the credit. That ought to tell me something that I shouldn’t have gotten in the car. I wanted to look good. That’s why I got that BMW. I am 100% clear on that looking back.

When I switched from that philosophy, I got rid of that car. I started buying used cars. That’s what started accelerating my wealth because I had all that extra income coming into investible dollars. Is it any wonder that the rich get richer because they understand the power of having money go to work in multiple places at the same time? They understand the power of compounding. They understand the importance of living below your means to increase your investible dollars so that you can create wealth faster.

I’ve had this scenario that I describe producing six different forms of income off of that initial money. I’ve done that. Now, I fund my policy to the tune of $100,000 per year. Certainly, I know a lot of people are not in that position. I wouldn’t have been in that position in my twenties or even close. I wasn’t even making $100,000 in my early twenties. You’ve got to think about this though in a situation where you could get even more aggressive, the more you’re able to put in and save investible dollars.

INWE 58 | Thinking Moves Ahead

Thinking Moves Ahead: When you look at the overwhelming number of millionaires in America, they did it by building a business or owning and investing in real estate, then investing in creating multiple income streams.


In my opinion, without clarity, we simply are not wired to pay the price. I can see it with direct sales reps many times over the years. If they aren’t clear on the outcome of what can happen and they take uncomfortable actions and implement simple disciplines right now, then the price is heavier. It’s easier to watch Netflix, scroll aimlessly on social media and engage in a myriad of low-level producing activities that make them feel like they’re working but, in all reality, they could hire a VA from the Philippines to do it for $5 per hour.

By thinking six steps ahead and knowing exactly what the plan looks like, the resistance is largely removed. You can see that the promise is indeed worth the price that you’re paying. You can see a future not so distant where you can legitimately improve your lifestyle by a large margin by not buying everything that you want now. What’s also great about the plan that I illustrated is that you’re in three different risk buckets as well.

Your whole life policy is super conservative and it’s practically indestructible. The only way to kill it is to stop your monthly payments and surrender to the policy, which you never want to do. The real estate property is a mid-level risk, but you can get higher returns in the 8% to 20% range, and crypto is your real aggressive and riskier bucket but can give you 100% returns or more.

With this type of diversification, you have a sleep-well-at-night portfolio as there isn’t much that can happen to completely wipe you out. You’ve got a lot of security with this plan. Think about how most of us have been trained in financial planning and it’s no wonder very few want to do the plan. Save $500 per month and invest in a mutual or an index fund. In 40 years, you’ll be rich. I see that all the time on Instagram now that I’m following other finance creators.

I’m sorry. I can delay gratification, but that plan is total shit to me. I could see how that could or should be a part of your plan, but it’s mostly sold as the way when in reality, when you look at the overwhelming number of millionaires in America, they did it through building a business and/or owning and investing into real estate. Also, investing to create multiple streams of income.

As a high earner and a pretty good networker, I’ve yet to meet a wealthy person who did it by the complete total crack of shit plan that’s being sold to Americans that you keep investing these amounts, and 40 years later, you’re going to be rich. I don’t want to wait that long to enjoy my life. I don’t think that you do either.

Looking at the plan to create six streams of income from the $25,000, consider what could happen if you do 3 additional things besides driving a used affordable car. What if you house-hacked? In the previous episode with special guest, The FI Couple, Ali and Josh, they bought and then rented out a two-unit home, a duplex. They meal-prepped and cooked at home. You could also set up an S corporation and take advantage of the tax-saving strategies that I went over in a previous episode. You could easily be up to $2,000 per month in additional investable dollars and you could have that $25,000 in a year to kick this plan off.

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What if you did all of that and in addition, you work hard to increase your income? You got a side hustle or whatever the case. You worked hard on increasing your ability to earn more income. You could create $5,000 then even $10,000 a month or more in free and clear investible dollars. The FI Couple that I interviewed, when they bought the duplex, they lived on one side. They rented the other. They drove the used car and they bought one more duplex. They’ve paid off just shy of $100,000 in student loan debt in less than 3 years.

They explained that their entire focus is on widening the gap between their income and expenses to create more investible dollars. Ultimately, what are you trying to do? You’re trying to get to your financial freedom number faster. The faster that you invest larger amounts now early and often means the faster that you get to freedom to where you don’t have to work that job for the money. You can do it for passion. You don’t have to do the things in your business that you don’t want to do anymore. You can take more risks, hire people, and not feel the pressure of a cashflow crunch.

Finding The Three Things You Trust 100%

You don’t even need to be an average investor to do this plan. You only have to find three people that you 100% trust with all your heart. Number 1) You need a great whole-life policy rep who won’t gouge you on commission fees and front load your policy. Number 2) You need a great turnkey company that will deliver you quality property at a fair market price with great management and Number 3) You need a knowledgeable crypto expert with a great research team behind them.

I’ve got all three of those components right here on this platform. Number one, Rachel Marshall of The Money Advantage. You can email her at [email protected]. Set up a call with her and they can design an incredible policy for you that I know for a fact will not gouge you on the frontend commission fees that they charge. They are very reasonable and they want to set the policy up to be in the best interest of the policyholder.

She was on a previous episode. It’s How to Make Money in Two Places at the Same Time. Go ahead and check that episode out if you haven’t yet. Step two is a great turnkey company. I’ve got a great network, having been in the turnkey business for a few years now. Although we don’t have much inventory ourselves, we do have partnerships with other great providers throughout the Midwest that we can refer you to. Go to and you can book a call with Nicole. She can show you some other markets and properties that you could invest in if you’re ready for stage two.

Step three is a knowledgeable crypto expert with a great research team behind them. I don’t say that I’m an expert in crypto. I’ve been studying it for over a year now. I’m heavily invested. I’ve made 52 different cryptos. I’ve made money on 49 of the 52 and a lot of them have doubled and even tripled. I have an incredible research team behind me and I pay a lot of money to get their research and their picks. What I’m going to be doing is launching a service that so many of you ask me over the last few months, “What crypto should I buy?”

I can’t send individual messages out with buy and sell orders. I’m creating a mastermind where you’ll be in a group situation. I will give you whenever I’m making a move inside crypto, pre-IPOs, early-stage companies, and more stage four-type investments. I will give you those picks, buy up two prices, and when it’s time to sell as well. That service will be coming soon. Stay tuned. Hop on my email list over at so that you can get the first updates right there or follow me on Instagram. As soon as those services are ready, I will be launching those on those two platforms.

INWE 58 | Thinking Moves Ahead

Thinking Moves Ahead: The faster you invest larger amounts early and often means the faster you get to freedom where you don’t have to work that job for the money.


One more example because I want to drive the mindset of thinking six stages ahead. I’m writing the book. I’m not sure if you know how the book business works, but in all reality, you don’t make shit from selling a book unless you’re a big name and you have a huge number of volume sales. You have a large-scale publisher that’s willing to push your book out to all the different distribution channels. Most people that write a book don’t make squat from selling the book. I am writing this book knowing that I will not make any money on the sale of this book, even though it’s a complete masterpiece. I’m kidding but it’s good.

I believe that it’s good value and much higher than the price that people will pay for it. Why write a book when you know that it won’t be profitable? Again, I have to think six steps ahead. Step 1) Coming up with the book idea and the outline. Step 2) Focus for multiple days and weeks on writing and then all of that process of getting it submitted to the editor. Step 3) I get the book edited. Step 4) I get the book published. Step 5) I run ads and promote them on social networks so that people buy them, love them, and read them.

Step 6) They want additional help to solve their problems. They love what I represent and the strategies that I talk about in the book so they go onto Step 7) They buy some of the other things that I’m going to be coming out with, a video course, a private investing mastermind group to get all my financial moves and even the higher ticket one-to-one coaching that I’ll be launching as well.

That leads to the final step that I want. We’re going seven steps here that I positively impacted someone’s financial life and I’m in their testimonial. Those initial steps, 1 and 2 are extremely challenging because there’s no immediate payoff. In fact, it likely will result in a loss and that’s why most of the steps that you take where you’re getting a return later on, are what’s called a loss leader.

A loss leader is in a business where say lows will oftentimes discount something like 2x4s or something that’s a very popular item. They’ll discount that below what their cost is, even on that product, knowing that they’re going to take a loss, but they get you into the store to buy other products that are way more profitable. That’s what the book is. That’s what handing out the card is to the stranger.

That’s what so many situations and you could probably go through 100 different scenarios where you need to be thinking 6, 7, 8 steps down the road of what the payoff is. Writing the book and all of that, I can see how someone who reads the book will now potentially view me as an expert. They will know, like, and trust me. They’re intimately familiar with my strategy and how I think. They know that I’m human.

My journey includes lots of ups and downs and they’ll realize, “This guy’s got a lot of knowledge to glean and a lot of wisdom and there’s relevancy here. He’s in the market himself.” The simple act of going through the very tough process of disciplining myself to write the book is easy because as I write it, I’m emotionally feeling steps 7 and 8 where I’m driving increased revenue, new streams of income, and changing people’s lives. I’m excited to launch these new products and services that I have coming out. Please stay tuned. I will certainly be announcing them when they’re available.

The great thing about the services, especially the video course and the group mastermind, is that they’re going to be evergreen. You’re going to be able to get into those at any time. It’s not like the previous course I launched where it opens and closes and there’s a set time when you have to get in. These are going to be able to get in when you’re ready to buckle down, focus, and change your financial life. Stay tuned.

I hope this helped you start thinking about your own life where you could envision yourself at that step 6 or 7 pay off. The only way you get there is by kicking off the step 1 and step 2 which are the grind, the drudgery, and the things that you don’t want to do, but when you do them, you know that you’re creating a chain reaction to hit the good things in life. Thanks so much for joining me. I’ll see you in the next episode.


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  “Life is like a game of chess. To win, you have to make a move.” – Alan Rufus What can these three things bring you: a great whole-life policy rep, an excellent turnkey company, and a knowledgeable crypto expert? Tune in and listen as Jack Gibson reveals the answer. Hint: It has to do […]