“Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move.” – Alan Rufus

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Episode #58 – House Hacking, Paying off 100k in Debt and Gaining 75k Followers on Instagram in 12 Months with Special Guests, @theficouple


DirectTV launched a series of commercials a few years back with the theme “Get Rid of Cable.” Each commercial sequentially follows a person who by having a cable plan, ends up in a bad situation. These are my favorites next to the Klondike bar commercial where the couple was on a game show and he had to listen to his wife for 5 seconds in order to win it (he stared at her intently as if 5 seconds was a struggle, then won with confetti dropping). Guys, you know the struggle is real. One of the DirectTV commercials goes like this: 1) When the cable company keeps you on hold, 2) you get angry 3) when you get angry, you blow off steam (guy plays racquetball) 4) when you blow off steam, accidents happen (ball hits him in the face) 5) when you have an accident, you get an eye patch 6) when you get an eye patch, people think you’re tough 7) when people think you’re tough, they want to see how tough (gang members chasing him) 8) When they see how tough, you end up in a road side ditch. Don’t end up in a road side ditch. Get rid of cable, upgrade to DirectTV. Although we all laugh and find humor and know these commercials are highly exaggerated, we do see the same thing play out in our lives, just typically not so quick and drastic. Typically the initial action or decision you made doesn’t come with any consequences, and can be 6 to even 8 steps later before we see either the reward or the punishment for our actions that kicked off the process.

This applies to business too. I was recently on a zoom call where we had a guest speaker. Blair, a young and dynamically successful Wellness Entrepreneur explained how so many sales reps struggle to get out of their comfort zone to hand out flyers to promote their business. For most people, it’s not an enjoyable process to walk up to a stranger, introduce yourself and hand them a card to come into your business. The immediate payoff is extremely low. At best case you have 1/25 come in and redeem the coupon, of which if you’re not working you don’t even make the sale. If you are working, you get maybe a $3-6 profit. She explained that if you really wanted growth you’d do 50 of these per day. For anyone short term in thinking, this is a terrible proposition. In order to motivate yourself to do them instead of finding all kinds of other excuses to fill up your day, you have to think 5 steps forward. So in this case, it would look like this. Step 1 is to hand out the flyer, so step 2 can happen, where they come in and try a healthy smoothie and energy bomb. Once they like that, then step 3 is they get on a full nutrition program and make a lifestyle change. Then step 4 is able to happen, where they get a physical result – more energy, lose some excess body fat, and feel better about themselves. Once they’re in this stage, then they can positively rep the brand and the lifestyle and become a Coach and enter step 5. Once they’ve learned the business for 12 months and established a customer base in step 5, they can move to step 6, and open their own brick and mortar location, potentially opening up a new market and serving a new set of customers, which greatly benefits the original person who handed out the card to a stranger. In order to get to step 6, step 1 kicked off the entire process. No step 1, the hard, not so fun part, no step 6 – and no opportunity for expansion and growth.


In building wealth it works the same way. You don’t want to drive the used 2010 Honda Accord because you want to look good. But step 1 is to buy the used car so you can save $500 per month so you can get to stage 2 which is to overfund a high cash value whole life insurance policy. Even at step 2 there is no reward and it feels like drudgery. After 5 years, you have $30,000 in cash value that you can borrow against. Step 3 is you borrow $25k back out and put 25% down on a rental property. That leads to step 4 which creates a positive $300 per month cash flow. That leads to step 5 which you take that and buy $300 a month in crypto. Which leads to step 6, where your money is making money at 3 places at once. Your whole life policy is still compounding and growing even though you borrowed against it. The growth of the policy and the borrow back event are 2 separate things. Your rental property is slowly appreciating in value and actually going up the faster the government prints money. You’re also paying down the loan, with the renters payments funding that, which is called loan amortization pay down – although that is not cash flow you can pocket, it’s still increasing your net worth with each payment. Then the money from your rents you’re putting into crypto, you can place that on exchanges like Nexo where you loan it out and get interest on your crypto, paid daily, while you HODL (hold on for dear life) and wait for your crypto to appreciate.

Although I just illustrated a total of 6 ways that initial $25k can increase your net worth – 1) life insurance value compounding 2) rental property cash flow 3) rental property appreciating 4) rental property loan pay down 5) crypto daily interest 6) crypto appreciating, I would say we can all agree that your money is making money in 3 different places at the same time. If we go with the thought of “if I drive this used car now, the savings invested will give me 6 different streams of income” vs. “I don’t want to drive this piece of shit car, I don’t look good to my friends and I make plenty of money to buy something nicer”, then we will more easily be able to buy the used car. Is it any wonder that I was able to financially retire by age 42 despite all my missteps? I’ve had this exact scenario that I described producing 6 different forms of income off the initial money. Except I fund my policy to the tune of $100k per year. The rich get richer because they not only understand compounding but they understand leverage and how to get your money constantly generating money at different places at the same time.

You see, in my opinion without clarity, we are simply not wired to pay the price. I can see it with direct sales reps many times over the years. If they aren’t clear on the outcome of what can happen if they take uncomfortable actions and implement simple disciplines now, then the price is just too heavy. It’s easier to watch Netflix, scroll aimlessly on social media, or engage in a myriad of low level producing activities that make them feel like they are working but in all reality they could hire a VA from the Philippines to do for $5 per hour. With thinking 6 steps ahead, and knowing exactly what the plan looks like, the resistance is largely removed. One can see that the promise is indeed worth the price. They can see a future, not so distant, where they can legitimately improve their lifestyle by a large margin by not buying everything they want today. What’s also great about this plan is that you are in 3 different risk buckets as well. Your whole life policy is super conservative and is practically indestructible – the only way to kill it is to stop your monthly payments and surrender the policy (never do that). The real estate property is a mid level risk, but you can get higher returns in the 8-20% range, and crypto is your aggressive and riskier bucket but can give you 100% returns or more. With this type of diversification you have a “sleep well at night” portfolio as there really isn’t much that can happen to wipe you out.

Think about how most of us have been trained in financial planning and then it’s no wonder very few want to do the plan. “Save $500 per month and invest into a mutual or index fund. In 40 years you’ll be rich”. I’m sorry, I can delay gratification but that plan is total shit to me. I can see how that could or should be a part of your plan, but it’s mostly sold as THE way. When in reality, when you look at the overwhelming amount of millionaires in America, they did it through building a business and/or owning real estate then investing to create multiple streams of income. As a high earner and pretty good networker, I’ve yet to meet a wealthy person who did it by the crock of shit being sold to Americans.

So looking at the plan to create 6 streams of income from the $25k, consider what could happen if you do 3 additional things besides drive a used affordable car. What if you house hacked (rented out a 2-4 unit house, or rent out a bedroom), meal prep or cook at home, and setup an S corporation and take advantage of the 4 tax saving strategies I outline in a later chapter? You could easily be up to $2k per month in additional investable dollars, and you could have your $25k in a year. What if you did all of that, and then in addition you worked really hard to increase your income. You could create $5k, then $10k a month or more in free and clear investable dollars. Last night as I write this, I interviewed a young couple on my podcast (episode 57) who are social workers on low incomes, who bought a duplex, lived in 1 side, rented the other, drove a used car, and then bought one more duplex and they have paid off just shy of $100k in student loan debt in less than 3 years. This couple explained their entire focus is on widening the gap between their income and expenses to create more investable dollars. This will get them to their financial freedom number, faster. The faster you invest larger amounts now means the faster you get to freedom. Freedom to where you don’t have to work that job for the money, you can do it for the passion. You don’t have to do the things in your business that you don’t want to do. You can take more risks and hire people and not feel the pressure of a cash flow crunch.
You don’t even have to be an average investor to do this plan – you just have to find 3 people you 100% trust with all your heart. 1) a great whole life policy rep who won’t gouge you on commission fees and front load your policy. 2) a great turnkey company that will deliver you a quality property at a fair market price with great management 3) a knowledgeable crypto expert with a great research team behind them.

One more example because I really want to drive the mindset of thinking 6 stages ahead. The book I’m writing. I’m not sure if you know how the book business works, but in all reality you don’t make shit from selling a book, unless you’re a big name and have a huge number of sales. I literally am writing this knowing that I will not make any money on the sale of this book, even though it’s a masterpiece (I’m kidding!). But I’m not kidding when I believe it’s very valuable, much higher than the price that people paid for it. So why write a book when you know it won’t be profitable? Well again, I have to think 6 steps ahead. 1) Coming up with the book idea and outline 2) Focus for multiple days on writing 3) Get the book edited and published 4) Run ads and promote on social networks 5) People buy the book, read it, and love it 6) They want additional help to solve their problems, so they go to step 7) buy my video course, private investing Mastermind to get all my financial moves, and 1:1 Coaching, which leads to the final step I really want 8) I positively impacted someone’s financial life and I’m in their testimonial. The initial steps, 1 & 2, are extremely challenging because there is no immediate payoff, in fact, it’s likely it will result in a loss. But because I can clearly see how someone who reads this book will now potentially see me as an expert, they are intimately familiar with my strategy and how I think, they know my journey including lots of ups and downs, and realize there is not only knowledge to glean from me but a combination of wisdom with relevancy. The simple act of going through the very tough process of disciplining myself to write the book is easy because as I write it I’m emotionally feeling steps 7 & 8 where I’m driving increased revenue and changing people’s lives.

I do have some exciting products in development that I feel can really help my audience. I have a video course which will give you additional guidance, and for absolute best results join my private Mastermind group where I post everything I’m buying and why. If you want to really dial things in then you can get 1:1 coaching from me directly or one of my team. I’m very busy with multiple projects always going so I only take on a select few clients where it makes sense for both of us. To book a call to learn more, go right here:




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