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If you’ve ever considered writing for an audience, you’ve likely heard this advice: “Write what you know.” I’ve been working on two books for several months now, but the knowledge and experience I want to share with you have taken decades of experience, with plenty of ups and downs, to acquire. I’m ready to share this with you, and the world.

Tune in for Chapter 1 of the audiobook in this episode.  (We’ll release Chapter 2 next week). Interested in earning a free copy AND being one of the first readers? Tune in to find out how.

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Sneak Preview Of My New Book, “Building Indestructible Wealth” (Plus An Opportunity For You To Access A Free Copy)

In this episode, I’m launching my book or at least the first two chapters to you. What I’m going to do is give you a free preview of my book, Building Indestructible Wealth. It’s going to be a digital copy only to start with an audiobook option to listen to in your car or wherever you guys listen. It’s going to be most effective if you read it because there’s an actual assessment that you’re going to fill out that’s pretty detailed.

At any rate, what I’d like you to do if you’d like a free copy of my book and be one of the very first to read it is to go onto my show, leave a five-star rating and review, take a screenshot and then send it to me. Email it to me at [email protected] or send it through Instagram direct message. I check that pretty frequently, whatever works for you to get it over to me. Some of you have my number so text it to me too. I’ll then send you a copy of the book for free. You can be a pilot reader.

What you’re not going to hear is the setup, prologue or introduction chapter. That may potentially throw a little bit out of context as far as what I’m talking about. One thing that’s very important about the book is this book is targeted at six-figure earners. The subtitle is the Six-Figure Earners Guide To Growing A Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio. The book has more advanced strategies, things that you’re going to have to have more investible dollars to be able to do.

If you’re just getting started on your journey, I’m not forgetting about you. I’m writing a book about starting from the beginning. What would it look like if you were Jack Gibson who started all over from scratch? What would he do? It’s going to be fantastic as well so I want to make sure that I’m serving you wherever you’re at on your journey. If you’re not there yet, you’re not a six-figure earner and you don’t have 100,000 to invest, I still believe you can get a lot out of the book. It could also expand your thinking and thought process of what your plan’s going to look like when you do get there and have more investible dollars to work with.

With that, please be one of the first readers. I’d love to send you a free copy so please give me a five-star rating and review. Go to Apple Podcasts app. That’s the only app that you can submit reviews on but those make a huge difference for my show. I’ll give you something very valuable in return if you could do that for me. Enjoy the book. Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for chapter two. We’re going to give you chapter 1 and chapter 2 in two separate episodes. Here we go.

Chapter one, Why Do You Need My Solution? Income flows into my accounts every single day from my three main asset classes, real estate, stocks and crypto. I don’t care that much if they go up or down. I want them to grow in value but I don’t need them to go up to make money. Thus, it’s a small concern. Rent checks in my account a few times per month from my property holdings. Pieces of crypto flow into my exchanges daily from both mining and staking. More on that later.

Cashflow hits my stock brokerage account from a simple but typically little-use strategy called options. When I add them up, there are 21 different streams of income that my wife and I have flowing in. Some streams are earned income because we apply the time and effort to generate them but that’s not what this book is about.

What I’m going to break down for you in these pages are the ways you can generate an income passively and set yourself up with at least seven different income streams. Why seven? It’s because that’s what a typical millionaire has so we want to put the statistics on our side. Wouldn’t it feel good to not be concerned with the up and down movements of the markets?

A typical millionaire has at least seven streams of income. Share on X

For instance, when the Federal Reserve says they’re going to raise interest rates, which at the time of this writing would still be lower than historical lows, the markets freak out and drop like a rock. When Russia invades Ukraine and suddenly events happening thousands of miles away in distant lands, throw your holdings into a bear market sell-off.

What if, regardless of the markets and world events, your investments were generating $10,000 or more and passive cashflow each and every month? What kind of peace of mind would that give you? Wouldn’t that give you the ability to spend on things that give you joy now while also positioning yourself for a brighter future?

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. Investing always carries risks and a sustained market crash will certainly result in losses that will take time to recover. Investing to create a $ 10,000-per-month passive income can take years to build but the Indestructible Wealth Method has the ability to bring in a profit that is measurable, predictable and significant.

I’m going to show you exactly where to find these investments and how to set them up. Some you can do on your own and some you’ll need to plug directly into my systems to alleviate the guesswork and a potentially expensive learning curve. I’ll also show you what a very basic sit-it-and-forget-it system looks like so if after reading, you decide you don’t want to spend any time or effort in the implementation.

I’m not going to speak to you in any technical language or present complicated strategies. Frankly, I’m still not sure if I completely understand the blockchain and the cryptocurrency that represents each blockchain project. I do know that you don’t have to understand how an engine works to drive a car. Similarly, you don’t have to understand all of the components of an investment to profit from it.

Can you have your cake and eat it too? My mom used to say, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” I never understood what she meant. What kid wants to stare at a delicious cake and not devour it? It wasn’t until years later that I learned it was an idiom or a figure of speech about having two good things that are impossible to have at the same time. It also means having the good parts of something without having to deal with the bad parts.

An example would be parents that think they can have excellent schools for their children without paying higher taxes. There are two options that you want but you can’t have both because they conflict with each other. Most people buy investments and wait for them to go up. They are staring at their cake, their investment account, without eating it, AKA spending the increase.

It’s hard that few people can stick to a plan that requires them to wait for decades to spend and enjoy the fruits of their delayed gratification. The vast majority that buys stocks or crypto, for instance, simply hope and pray that they rise in value and that someone down the line will pay them more than they bought them for. Instead, what if you could have your proverbial cake and eat it too? What if you could buy assets and generate cashflow from them while you patiently or most likely impatiently wait for them to appreciate?

For impatient people like me, we don’t like sitting back and doing nothing. After all, we did not become strong six-figure earners by sitting back and being patient. We drive results with our aggressive actions. Buy, wait and pray goes against our very nature. Let’s face it. You love to make money and you value a strong income. There is nothing wrong with that. That drive is what built America into the economic powerhouse that we are now.

If it takes over your heart and your soul and money becomes your God, that’s where things will get ugly. I’m banking on the fact that you’re a good person who wants to do good things for others, including your family, community, country and world. To maximize the impact and the mark you can leave on the world, you need money.

As I write this, the Russians are in a full-scale, horrific attack on Ukraine. My heart is hurting watching the story unfold. There’s a piece of me that wants to go over and join their fight to be a part of something so much bigger than myself, the defense of freedom. These people live in a free democratic country and their citizens are being brutally attacked.

However, I have no combat skills so I know I’d be a liability more than an asset. However, there is a formal military who have the skills and want to go join the fight. I can pay for plane tickets for them to go with the cashflow for my investments. Although I cannot realistically fly there and be useful, I can send those who can be without adversely affecting my family because I have income streams from real estate, stocks and crypto.

Not only can I finance a small piece of the fight but I can donate to humanitarian causes to aid refugees. I do not want my life to be about an accumulation of money. I want it to be about making a difference and creating income while your assets appreciate. How do you create income while you wait for your assets to appreciate? It’s simple. You rent or lease them out.

In real estate, as I’m sure you’re already aware, you rent your property to a tenant. This is easier for us to understand because we all have likely participated in the rental market in some capacity, typically as the renter of an apartment, home, commercial space for a business or even a storage locker. What you may not have done yet is least your crypto or help to secure and validate transactions in the crypto space, which is also referred to as staking lending or mining.

You don’t need to buy crypto to just wait through the incredibly exhilarating price pumps when the inevitable market crashes. You can create streams of crypto-based cashflow to reduce your risk while you wait for it to achieve the next all-time high. You do not have to be technical in nature to do any of these things. I promise you, I am not.

INWE Building Indestructible Wealth

Building Indestructible Wealth: You don’t need to buy crypto just to wait through the price pumps and the inevitable market crashes. You can create streams of crypto-based cash flow to reduce your risk while you wait for the next all-time high.


With stocks, you can also create strong income streams through options. Dividends are a great source of income from stocks but the average dividend yield currently sits at 1.27%. That rate is hardly going to make any meaningful difference in your finances anytime soon. With stock options, however, it is possible to generate 20% to 30% annualized returns safely.

Remember, anytime you create income from a stock you own or you’re willing to buy, you lower your risk because your cost to own that stock has dropped. I’m going to address this later on in the book. “You don’t have to be great to start. You have to start to be great.” I love this quote from Zig Ziglar. Does the thought of generating an additional 10,000 per month in passive cashflow income get you excited? What about $40,000 per month?

Anytime you create income from a stock you own, you're lowering your risk because your cost to own that stock has now dropped. Share on X

$10,000 per month can cover most of your family’s monthly obligations but $40,000 per month can provide you with an extremely comfortable lifestyle in the market. A $40,000 passive income gives you the ability to do whatever you want to do when you wake up. If you want to play for a few months, you can with no thought or worry about where the money’s coming from.

If you want to pursue a passion project, like what I’m doing here with the Indestructible Wealth platform, you have the time and the money to pursue it. If you need to attend to some personal or family issues, you do without the worry or fear of your money running out. The income that flows in each month provides you with a stable foundation to take bigger risks and bet on early-stage companies.

Early-stage investing, often referred to as venture capital investing, is the best way to create generational wealth that I know of. The reason is simple. The large established company’s growth is largely behind them. It’s much easier for a $10 million company to jump to $100 million for a 10X gain than for a trillion-dollar company to move to $10 trillion. I’m going to introduce you to the hidden world of private early-stage investing that can truly move the needle on your net worth within a few years instead of 40 or so, which has become the norm.

INWE Building Indestructible Wealth

Building Indestructible Wealth: Early-stage investing is the best way to create generational wealth. It’s much easier for a $10 million company to jump to 100 million for a 10X gain than for a trillion-dollar company to move to $10 trillion.


There’s a famous scene in the movie, The Matrix, in which Morpheus presents Neo with the choice of taking the red pill or the green pill. If Neo takes the green pill, his world will stay the same. Similarly, if you continue to buy stocks and hope they go up, you will patiently sit back and do what everyone else is doing or you can take the red pill and learn a new set of investing skills that will place you into an elite class of sophisticated investors who buy assets, not on a hope and a prayer but on knowing they will produce cashflow now while you wait for them to go up.

INWE Building Indestructible Wealth

Building Indestructible Wealth: You can continue to buy stocks and hope they go up. Sitting back and doing what everyone else is doing. Or you can learn skills that let you know which assets are producing cash flow right now.


In this scenario, if you choose the red pill, you’ll have access to private market deals that produce much higher returns with less risk. You’ll also gain access to early-stage projects that offer upsides dramatically higher than downsides. If you do it enough times, you’ll undoubtedly be a winner in real-life outcomes. The strategy isn’t just working for me. It’s working for many people who have adopted the Indestructible Wealth Method.

April and Jason came to me years ago in a challenging situation. Jason had just lost his job making around $50,000 to $60,000 per year, which supported a family of 8, 3 biological children and 3 adopted. April just started a side hustle business but it was only generating $1,500 to $2,000 per month. Together, we came up with a plan to aggressively drive their business. Their backs were against the wall but they went to work. They grew their business quickly over the past two years and are now earning between $10,000 to $20,000 per month.

The business income fluctuates because it’s still young and impacted by seasonal changes. They’ve always lived a modest lifestyle so they financially weren’t prepared for this increase in income. Having lived in a 1,500-square-foot home with 6 children for several years, they wanted to buy a bigger house. To pull this off, they needed to sell their camper some toys and utilize the full equity from their current home to make the down payment, leaving them nothing to invest.

On this one, I said, “Fuck it. Buy the house and put up investing for 1 year or 2.” There’s no reason to delay gratification. You’ve got a large family and you’ll be able to breathe in your new house. Enjoy your new home. I don’t see how continually living in a small cramped home is worth putting that money to work making more money.

Hardcore financial planners may differ from me on this one and I am sure they are wrong. Following my recommendation, they set up an S corporation to save on taxes and create another layer of protection. I estimate they’ll save at least $5,000 just from that. Their next step, now that they’re settled in, is to stabilize their business income and start buying assets. Jason’s pretty anti so he’s looking at potential fixer-uppers that they can hold and rent out for additional streams of income.

Even though they’ve not purchased any assets, their net worth has gone up significantly in the past few years. What most entrepreneurs forget about is that as their business earnings grow so does their net worth. Most private businesses are worth 3 to 5 times their earnings or net profit. Since their business does at least $100,000 in earnings, it’s worth at least $300,000 and I estimate over $500,000 in the market.

As you can see from this example, every situation is different and requires a unique approach. There are times in life when it no longer makes sense to delay gratification. This was one of those times. Jeff is a young, very talented high-earner. He has his own business and earns over $800,000 per year. Jeff knows how to market, sell and inspire the sales team. We had a conversation a few years ago and at that time, he was earning good money but not banking any of it.

There are times in life when it no longer makes sense to delay gratification. Share on X

He was living in the trendy, most expensive apartment building in Cleveland, where professional athletes lived. He was driving a high-end Mercedes-Benz, buying the most expensive clothes and renting out a warehouse for $5,000 a month to do his group workouts. That was not cashflowing. I told him that if he wanted to build any meaningful wealth, he had to cut these things out. I shared my strategies for how to keep more of the income that he was making and urged him to keep his luxury purchases to a minimum. I honestly didn’t expect him to do any of it. Most hear me but they don’t listen.

Fast forward to 2021, Jeff reached out and told me he banked $1 million. I was shocked that he listened to me. He was ready to put his funds to work, especially because his cash was getting less valuable by the day due to inflation. Side note, ideally, he would’ve been doing this much sooner but he was just so focused on his business that he had not taken the time to learn investing.

We discussed setting up a balanced plan with a mix of a particular type of real estate plus stocks and crypto. With many years of incredible earning power in front of him, he can afford to take more risks. He also needed to take advantage of his accredited investor status and invest in private equity deals like self-storage and Regulation D, Pre IPO deals. I honestly don’t think Jeff needs the distraction of rental real estate. He can get his real estate exposure from bigger deals where he can remain passive and not be distracted by tenants, toilets and trash.

I set him up in a self-storage fund that has a track record of 120 deals over a decade that average over 20% returns. He also put a big chunk of his investible dollars into Bitcoin mining hardware to grow his Bitcoin holdings at a lower-cost entry point. This produces nearly $10,000 in Bitcoin each month. I also gave him a list of big-basket crypto altcoins, which is more speculative but many of them will explode in the next market run-up.

We also went to work to reduce his tax burden. I estimate that he could have saved over $100,000 in taxes if he followed my tax strategies. That alone can give him a higher ROI than any investment. He’s ready for advanced tax strategies like buying conservation land and preserving it, which gives a huge tax deduction for those earning over $500,000 in the higher tax brackets. April, Jason and Jeff’s stories like Mary Kate and Matt are living examples of how the Indestructible Wealth Method works for different people in different situations at different times in their lives. What I’m about to lay out in the following pages should guide you as a high earner as well.


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  If you’ve ever considered writing for an audience, you’ve likely heard this advice: “Write what you know.” I’ve been working on two books for several months now, but the knowledge and experience I want to share with you have taken decades of experience, with plenty of ups and downs, to acquire. I’m ready to […]