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We’ve talked a lot about where to hedge your bets, now it’s time to talk about how to be bold (and smart about it). Tune in to learn how to reinvest a portion of your safe income back into well-researched hypergrowth investments.

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It’s Time To Have Some Fun. Take Some Big Swings

I want to tell you guys a story. In February 2022, I took my boys and three of their friends’ skiing. I love snowboarding, and it’s such a great thing for me to do with my boys. My wife does it too, but for this one, this is guys only. We go to this little mountain in Lower Michigan. I can’t call it a mountain, but it’s probably more like a big hill. I take the selfie with the kids. We are all excited. Everything is great. This is our time to get out together.

On the first run, I get to the top, and it is snowing heavily. I can’t see well. I got an old pair of goggles on. That maybe didn’t help at all either. I decide I’m going to go down the terrain park run, but I’m going to avoid all the jumps. The train park has the halfpipe and all that crazy shit that my kids like to do. They are not scared. I’m scared, but I wanted to do that run because it is a little bit steeper. It is right in that sweet spot for my skill level.

I’m going down this run, and all of a sudden, my feet are in the freaking air. I’m like, “What happened?” I panicked, and I did exactly the opposite of what I should do. I turned my board sideways to land on my feet. You are supposed to keep your board straight. When you hit, your board continues straight down the mound. When you turn it sideways, your edge catches like a whipsaw. Your head smacks the ground. That is exactly what happened to me. I turned sideways. I tried to land like you would a normal jump, and my face smacked the ground, and I was stunned.

My head hit the ground hard, and my goggles cracked. I’m on my knees on the mountain. I can’t see shit, and blood is starting to pour down my face, hitting the landing in the snow. I don’t know, I’m disoriented. I took off my gloves so I could start wiping the blood off my face. I can get it out of my eyes so I can see. This other guy is coming down the mountain behind me, and he stops. He goes, “Oh, shit.” I knew when he said that this wasn’t good.

He was like, “Can I help in any way?” I’m like, “I need to know where this cut is and how bad it is so I can figure out how to get down this mountain and get into the medic.” He was like, “Here it is. You are cut. It is right here by your eye.” I had to stay there for two minutes, wiping the blood to clear the blood off my face. I’m wiping with my bare hand. I didn’t have anything else. I get to the bottom of the mountain. My boys and friends are all waiting for me. They were like, “What the heck happened to dad?” They saw me and they were like, “Who did? Oh my God.” They are freaking out.

This lady runs up to me. She heard the commotion, and she was like, “What’s your name, sir?” I’m like, “It’s cool. I’m fine. I’m oozy. I hit my head super hard. I got blood down my face, but everything was great. Everything was fine.” They take me over to the medic. They were like, “You need stitches. You’ve got this huge hole in your face.” I’m like, “I don’t know this. I don’t want to leave. I want to go back up. I came here to ski.”

I keep my boots on. I drove through the blizzard over to the ER, and they didn’t do shit. They were like, “We can’t stitch it. It will stretch your face out and look weird. This should heal up.” I go up to the mountain. I ski with my kids three runs, and I wanted to be like, “I’m a man. You can’t stop me. I don’t care if I pretty much got a concussion and cut my face. I’m going back up.” I did a few runs, and that got old. I didn’t want to do it anymore because I didn’t feel good.

What does that have to do with this show? It doesn’t have anything to do with anything I’m going to talk about now. The only thing maybe how I could relate to it is that every time I do a video filming, I have to say, “Do I want to put makeup on it?” It’s not a big, red blotch on the side right by my eye, or do I not? That is the only thing I can draw as far as what that has to do with this show.

Sometimes I feel most of the time when I do a show, I don’t, but when I do videos, I’ve got to put makeup on. It’s important to remember that you never know what can happen to you. I thought everything was going great. It was going to be a great night. It was good until it wasn’t. It is going to happen in your wealth-building journey. Everything is going to be going great until it doesn’t.

You are going to have to be able to navigate through those types of ups and downs. If you have proper asset allocation and you are diversified into multiple different asset classes, when something doesn’t go well, it is typically not going to affect every asset that you own. It is usually going to be isolated to that specific asset class investment.

If you have proper asset allocation and you're diversified into multiple asset classes, then when something doesn't go well, it will not affect every asset you own. Click To Tweet

We are just wrapping up steps 6 and 7. This is pretty short content. These are much shorter topics. Step six is we are going to reinvest a portion of your safe income back into well-researched hypergrowth investments called asymmetric bets. Remember that an asymmetric bet is risking $1 or $10 to make $100 or $1,000, while in an asymmetric bet, you are risking $100 to make maybe $5 or $10.

Symmetric investing is important to your plan. It is typically cashflow investing where you buy an asset for the income it kicks off each month. These are generally much safer, consistent, and steady. There certainly can be a loss of principle value, but not as much of a risk. They are not quite volatile. You are going to be taxed on the income from these investments, which is considered passive income. Passive income is taxed the same as ordinary income, which is income from a job, a commission, a short-term flip on a property, or selling stock or crypto. For anything under twelve months, you are going to pay ordinary income. That is the highest tax bracket you can pay.

In an asymmetric bet, you are going for a large increase in the value of the asset, which is called appreciation or capital gains. The tax advantages are incredible, providing you hold the asset longer than twelve months. This is called capital gains tax. It is substantially lower than ordinary income tax and quite a bit lower than passive income tax.

There is also a way that we are going to dive into this platform where you never have to pay taxes on these assets and be able to utilize the increase in value to benefit your life. How is it possible to not pay taxes yet still enjoy the spending of the asset? The key to this is you never sell the asset. You borrow against the value. You can borrow the equity back out of your assets, giving you cash to enjoy to purchase more assets, and you continue holding them. You get to continue appreciation and avoid paying taxes.

INWE 8 | Hypergrowth Investments

Hypergrowth Investments: You never sell the asset; you borrow against the value.


A lot of people understand this concept because when they have a house that they own, they get out to HELOC or Home Equity Line Of Credit, which is you are borrowing out or against the asset that you own. The problem with this is that this is a liability that you are creating. You are creating a larger liability because your home is already your biggest liability. You are adding a HELOC on top of that. Unless you use that HELOC to invest in cashflow-producing assets, you’re creating more liability on top of more liability.

I don’t recommend that to fund your lifestyle. That’s dangerous. That caused a lot of people back in 2008 to lose a lot because they were underwater. When they went to sell their home because they had a primary mortgage and they had a secondary mortgage with a HELOC, those two combined when the house dropped in value, they were underwater. Their asset is worth less than what they owe on it. That is a dangerous place to be. You don’t want to be able to put yourself in that type of position.

There is not enough time to cover more depth on this strategy, particularly borrowing against assets. We will dive into this in much more in-depth. I’m going to do at least a couple of episodes on this particular subject because I do believe it is essential to you building indestructible wealth. That is step six. You got all this cashflow coming in from your step five investments, your safe, conservative income place. You are going to take a chunk of that and pop that right back into these higher-risk, higher-reward places. If they don’t work out, it’s no problem.

You are not risking your current lifestyle to create a better one. You are not risking your principal value. Your principal value keeps kicking off cashflow. If you invest that and it goes parabolic, great. You score big. If it doesn’t work out, you will be okay. Your cashflow comes in again the next month and next year. You can take another swing for the fences.

Let’s talk about step seven. This step is straightforward. You are going to repeat the plan until you are wealthy. Always remember to give back generously and keep your ego in check. Here is what I think about money. It’s not your money anyways. How do we know it is not yours, and what do I mean? At some point, it will all go away and be distributed to others. Whoever you decide you want your wealth to be distributed to, it’s going to be distributed. We know that. It’s an inevitability.

You are the temporary custodian of God’s money. Your job is to make it by providing value to other human beings. Keep it by controlling your strong desires and urges to spend it all and grow it by following a strategic plan and making sound diversified investments. Enjoy it, create an incredible quality of life, and live an amazing life.

You're just a temporary custodian of God's money. Your job is to make it by providing value to other human beings. Click To Tweet

That is the reason why we are investing in creating wealth. We want to live a higher, better quality of life, full of incredible experiences and memories with those that you love, with the ability to give back, bless other people and be charitable. If you hoard it all and let it get to your heart and you let it get to your ego, you are not going to truly enjoy the greatest gift of all when it comes to money, which is giving it and helping to serve other humans.

I hope you’ve found value in this seven-step strategic process. If you would like help in implementing this plan, I like to quickly tell you about the options you have to work directly with me. The first course is called The Essential Indestructible Wealth. These courses are taking a waitlist. This first course, Essential Indestructible Wealth, is designed for those that earn less than $100,000 per year or have less than $100,000 to invest.

Our primary focus in this course is on making more and keeping more buckets. We are going to start looking at setting up your investing plan and cover principles of growing your money, but you don’t have as many options quite yet. This stage is critical to set the proper foundation so you can enjoy the massive compounding of your money down the road. It is creating a solid foundation.

It’s a five-week course on Zoom in a small group setting. We cap each group at ten people. In addition, you are going to get a downloadable workbook. You are going to have a private group chat to ask questions, and you will get a private 30-minute call with me to discuss anything you would like. If you look at my site, the knowable charge is a minimum of $995 for a one-hour call. You are going to get all of that for less than that. It is economical because you are in a small group setting. I can coach ten of you at the same time. I don’t have to charge as much for that.

With everything that I will personally teach, please keep in mind that I’m not a licensed financial advisor. I’m a financial coach. I will not be able to sell you any licensed securities, like stocks, bonds, or any regulated financial products. All participants will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. That means when the course opens up, and you are on the waitlist, whoever gets their money in first, they are in. We are going to cap these out at ten for the time being. We are making sure that each of you is served and have a chance to ask questions and be interactive.

I truly hope that you’ve got a ton of value out of my seven steps series. I look forward to continuing to serve you. We are getting started. I’ve got tons of incredible content lined up and ready to go for you. You’ve got the basic strategic steps. Now it’s about implementation. I’m going to help you with that implementation and bringing on guests that have implemented the various steps that we have already outlined.

I would love to say, “Good luck,” but we know building wealth is not about luck. It’s about having a strategic plan. Stay tuned, and buckle luck. Things are going to continue to get more exciting as you start to build and compound your wealth. Over time, you are going to see some exciting things happen. Thank you so much. I will see you in the next episode.

INWE 8 | Hypergrowth Investments

Hypergrowth Investments: Building wealth is not about luck. It’s about having a strategic plan.


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  We’ve talked a lot about where to hedge your bets, now it’s time to talk about how to be bold (and smart about it). Tune in to learn how to reinvest a portion of your safe income back into well-researched hypergrowth investments. — Listen to the podcast here   It’s Time To Have Some […]