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Garrain Jones is an author, songwriter, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and coach with an incredible story to tell. This episode is rich with hard-won knowledge about how everything we create is a reflection of what is within us. Don’t miss this.


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A Candid Conversation With Garrain Jones: Finding Indestructible Wealth Within

I know you folks are used to the solo episodes and you love them, but I’ve got a special guest on. I’m excited to have him on. You folks are going to love hearing his journey and his story. We’re going to talk about the real meaning of indestructible wealth. Let’s get right to it. I’ve got Garrain Jones from Austin, Texas. This guy has an incredible journey, incredible success in multiple areas of business and life. He’s a new father, crushing the game as a dad. I know that. Let’s dive into it. Garrain, thanks so much for being on. I appreciate you being here.

Jack, thank you so much for having me. It’s like you introducing me, you said, “The Garrain Jones,” but I’m being interviewed by The Jack Gibson. Thank you for creating a platform for stories like mine to have wings and touch other people.

As a content creator, this can be a very lonely profession where sometimes you’re in isolation. You’re putting all what you think is value and good out into the world. Sometimes it’s a lonely journey. It’s great to have a fellow content creator and thought leader that understands that process of getting to have influence. Tell us about the Garrain Jones journey. It’s pretty remarkable, entertaining, crazy, and heroic. It’s something special. Wherever you want to start.

I’m going to give you a couple of talking points from when I was a kid, teenager, young adult, and what led up into the man that you see now, the human that you see now. As a kid, I didn’t come from money. My parents separated when I was four. My dad was into drugs and alcohol. My mom was always working. At the time, my brother was too good to hang out with me. My father was murdered when I was twelve years old, and my mom was always moving. There were lots of moving parts to my childhood.

One thing that stands out, I didn’t feel like any of the kids liked me because of the way that I was thinking or the way that I dressed. The only people that wanted to hang out with me were the kids that got in trouble all the time. At the time, I didn’t know what that was. They were selling drugs. They were doing drugs. I never did the drugs but I sold the drugs.

They were breaking into cars, breaking in houses and I knew that it was wrong. However, I was immersed into this community as a child. By nature, I did whatever I saw all the time what was getting recognized, getting celebrated and who was doing the celebrating and I never felt special. I never felt important. I never felt like I mattered in the world until I got around the kids that got in trouble all the time.

Any time I would break into a car or do something fearless, they were like, “Congratulations.” They’re like, “You’re so fearless,” because I wanted that and I craved that nutrients of being seen. I would do it over and over. Now, all of this was happening simultaneously. I asked my mom to buy me some $135 at the time, Michael Jordan’s. She said, “When you can make your own money, you can buy whatever you want.”

She didn’t tell me how to make the money, so I was breaking into cars. This is when I was a little kid. Stealing candy from the grocery store, selling it at school for double the amount, breaking into the Rec center, pixie sticks, blow pops, lollipops, Jolly ranchers, selling them at school and buying my Jordans. I was doing any and everything.

I didn’t know it was the makings of what would soon become a successful entrepreneur. My mom unconsciously did for me what most people have never had the access to, which gave me the tools to figure it out for myself. This is at age 5 and 6 and 7. Most people are learning entrepreneurship when they’re like 20 and 30. I had my own lemonade stand when I was seven years old and I had people working for me. I was going door to door. I was mowing people’s lawns. I was asking perfect strangers, could I wash their car? They would say, “No.” Can I mow your lawn? They would say, “No.” Can I sell you candy?

INWE Garrain Jones | Indestructible Wealth

Indestructible Wealth: Most people are just learning entrepreneurship when they’re 20 or 30. I had my own lemonade stand when I was seven years old and had people working for me.


There were some legitimate activities inside mixed in with the nefarious activities.

In my head, all of it was, “None of this matters. I’m going to do whatever I need to do so I can make my own money and buy whatever I want.” I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. I didn’t think about the repercussions because I was never taught the repercussions. I did what my community did or the people that I hung around with.

As I got into a teenager, all of a sudden, I got in trouble, went to juvenile and was on probation. I got in trouble for doing the same thing. Breaking into 62 cars in one night. One car is a felony, so imagine 62 felonies as a fourteen-year-old being tried as an adult. All of this was happening but I never wavered from the energy, from being fearless, from putting myself out there, from being vulnerable and saying, “I’ve got this. I want to do this.” I’ve been training for this my whole life.

Now, going into juvenile, being tried as an adult. I get out, finally try to change my life, don’t have any money. I get into the same habit loop again because I know how to create money, a way, be creative, be solution-oriented because my mom says, “I’m not buying your Jordans for you.” All of this is leading to my story of how I’ve been able to create my life now.

I’m going to wrap this in the bow, in my twenties, I meet a girl and go to France. She goes out of town, meets some guys at a club and I want this big lifestyle. I always wanted big cars and nice money and everything. I go there and they give me a job. I know that it’s a bad job but I’ve never thought about the Repercussions. They asked the next day, “Drive this car over a ferry into another country.” I end up from the UK to Rotterdam. I do that job seven times in two months, €4,000 a pop. $2.3 per pound in 2002.

What’s the math on that? How much was it worth?

That was almost $9,000, seven times.

You didn’t know what you were transporting?

I didn’t know what I was transporting but I knew I was doing something bad because of the people that I was working for. My scapegoat was, “I’m a model. This is why I’m traveling over the borders.” I’m not thinking that I was going to get caught because what? When I was a little kid, you do whatever you got to do to make your own money, you can buy whatever you want. The eighth time, I got caught, then I spent the next two and a half years in a French prison.

When they looked up what was in the Congo drums, it was 6.2 kilos of heroin. That’s the only time in my life where I thought about the circumstances. I’m like, “What did I do?” It was in that moment. I thought if watch the movie, The Sixth Senses where he didn’t know he was dead. I looked at every moment I stole and got away with something. I said, “I’m not being busted for this. This is my karma coming back from when I was a little kid saying, ‘Wherever you go and whatever you put out in the world. You’re eventually going to have to pay the price.’”

Do you think people escape karma that do bad things?


It could take a while to catch them, to catch up to you.

People might think that it happens in the moment, in the very thing that they’re doing but they don’t associate it with somebody who died that was close to them or the job that they lost or the lid that they can’t get past. I literally almost, match for match had to pay the price of everything I thought I got away with early on in my life when I look at the grand scheme of my life from the bird eye view. I’m like, “This is why that happened. I must face the reality and handle all of my responsibilities.” I feel that because it happened to me. I can’t speak on everyone else but for me, I feel like everybody must pay the price for anything that they put out in the world.

That’s powerful. What happened in the French prison?

To fast forward that, I ended up getting sentenced after a year for twelve years. They told me I wasn’t going to get out until 2014. I don’t know whether it was good behavior. I was praying every day, doing everything that I love that brought me so much joy. When I started doing that in prison and I felt free. I want people to get this. It’s one thing to fight for your freedom and say that a present is take away your freedom or the left side or the right side is taking away your freedom.

It’s another thing to be in prison, feel what that feels like, then find your freedom inside of everything that you think everyone took away from you. While I was in prison and losing my freedom, I discovered my freedom. I remembered all the things that I didn’t do for myself, that I lied to myself about, that I didn’t have integrity with and all the things that I gave up on when I was a little kid that made me the absolute happiest.

While I was in prison, I was like, “If I can think myself in here,” because while I was out I used to say, “I feel like I’m in prison. I’m so far away from where I’m supposed to be.” In that moment, I had an epiphany. If I can think myself in here, then I’m free. I’m free now. What would a free person do? Everything that he loves brings him joy.

I started singing, dancing in prison, drawing portraits of people, running in the yard where most people are stabbing doing drug deals and all this other stuff. I started running when nobody was running. Funny, in 30 days, 62 inmates were running with. As I connect the dots looking backward, I didn’t know that somebody had to go first in the joy meter.

I brought joy to myself. It got out onto the inmates and when I felt free, like the most essence, I felt free. They called me into the office and said, “We retested the drugs,” which they had already tested the drugs three times. “We retested the drugs, 90% was fake and for the amount that was real, you’ve already done the time. You are free to go home.”

Isn’t that incredible? One thing I want to ask, I believe you read a lot of books. Didn’t you find your passion or love for reading again and you devour personal development?

I never read books. I had never had a love for reading. I just learned while I was in prison because all I had was time. I was trying to like, “What can I do to pass the time?” It’s not like I can use the phone or do all these other things. I started reading books and the ones that felt the best were mystery books, where I’d have to think, “What would happen? What’s happening next or books on personal growth that I can apply while I was in prison.” I read over 275 books but I read them like two or three times a piece.

Many books have changed your mindset and made an impactful difference for you in that?

There was a book called The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peele. There was something about that book. Even at that time, I didn’t even know that it was book that was based on Christian principles, which is those principles of the same principles that are in a lot of other religious books because I read a lot of other religious books while I was in prison.

INWE Garrain Jones | Indestructible Wealth

The Power of Positive Thinking

I’m like, “Forgiveness, love your neighbor, letting go of resent and not gossiping,” was in the Bible. It was in the Quran. It was in all these books that I was reading. I’m like, “This is so interesting.” The one that I resonated with the most for the way that I wanted to live my life was The Power of Positive Thinking. The more I’ve read that book, I feel calm. I feel there’s a sense of peace inside of there. Regardless of where I am. I feel calm, I feel peaceful. They think I’m in prison but I’m free in my mind and my body and my soul.

I was freer in prison in another country than I probably had ever been since I was a little kid. Basically, everything that was stripped away from me needed to be stripped away from me in hindsight as I connect the dots looking backward so that I could be reminded of everything that I was putting power into. I was taking away from myself. When I was reminded of, “I’m the one.” I was ignoring this entire time and all those things needed to be stripped away from me so that I could remember myself. When I remembered myself, it was like everything was course correcting and coming back to me but from me generating it power. Not it taking power away from me.

You get out of prison, you get out early. You’re free now internally and you’re free externally as well. What do you do now? You got to recreate your whole life.

While I was in prison, I had these dreams. I was like, “When I get out, I’m going to get a record deal. I’m going to write these songs.” I was writing songs while I was in prison. I was writing movie scripts while I was in prison. I didn’t want to get out and have nothing to do. I made a decision while I was on lockdown with this time. I’m going to do all the stuff that I’ve been saying that I wanted to do. All I needed was time.

I have the time now, so let me work on the book. Let me work on the inventions. Let me write the songs with the intention that if I ever get out, I’m going to get a record deal. I’m going to get this out. I’m going to retire my mom. I’m going to make millions. I’m going to be on a show called Locked Up Abroad, which was one of my dreams while I was in prison.

I woke up from a dream and I was like, “I’m going to be on the show Locked Up Abroad.” The same thing with Oprah, all this stuff written in dreams. I had a plan for when I got out and as soon as I got out. I executed that plan with abandon. There was no other option than to do everything that I said I was going to do if I were to get out.

What did that look like?

I went on MySpace because when I got out, social media was a thing.

You’re dating us. Come on. I never had a MySpace account though.

Social media was a thing. I was like, “This is so weird.” There are people. Somebody from 5th grade that I hadn’t talked to messaged me. I’m like, “This is weird.” I said I wanted to be a singer. I was telling people that I was a singer with no music. I have a play brother named DeRay Davis. He’s a comedian, been in like 50-something movies in LA.

He says, “You can stay with me for free. I’ll drive you wherever you want to go. You can get all food for free, clothes, shelter, everything. Do you want to be a singer?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Don’t come home unless you have a song.” I’m like, “I don’t know producers.” He was like, “You want to be a singer, right?” I said, “Yes.” “Don’t come home unless you have a song.” I’m like, “Damn.” All I wanted to do was sleep.

What did I do? I got on my space, and before there was spam, I messaged probably a thousand people over. I’m a singer. I want to get in the song. I want to sing in the studio. One person responded, “Free studio time,” John Henry. I went in there, recorded a song called Breathe It In and Let It Out. Put that song on my MySpace, then re-hit up all the people that I had messaged again. In 30 days, I had 28 songs. I only didn’t sleep at the house twice. I was sleeping at some girl’s house.

Are you saying you recorded 28 songs in 30 days?

In 30 days.

You just let it rip, but you already had them all. They were already inside you.

They were, but half of them were songs that I wrote while I was in prison. I had a plan. I didn’t just, “What am I going to do? I’m going to figure it out. If I ever get physically free, this is what I’m going to do.” My first songs, I needed somebody to record. I understand the sounds and everything. What the mind can create when you quiet it? As I was praying and meditating in prison, it quieted the busyness of my mind and it activated my creative mind to always continuously produce new things.

I get out. In 30 days, I have 28 songs. One day, my brother hosts the Improv in LA. He’s on stage and instead of him putting a comedian, he put me on stage. He said, “My little brother, he’s an up-and-coming singer and everything.” I didn’t know who was in the audience. Jermaine Dupree and Ludicrous was in the audience because it was dark back there and I’m performing.

All of a sudden, my brother introduced me to Ludicrous. He was like, “I like that song. Do you have any more songs?” I said, “I just recorded 28 songs in the last 30 days.” He was like, “I like your hustle.” Two and a half months later, I had a $500,000 record deal with DTP Def Jam. That taught me, when you are prepared, you don’t ever have to get ready. I already had that but I got to thank my mom because my mom supported me with that hustler mentality.

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Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred. I took the same mentality and I put it all in one direction. “I need a song a day. Whatever that.” This was the muscle that was developed so that I could create that, which ultimately landed me on MTV, BET, performing at the American Music Awards, all those things.

This is a wealth-building show, so we got to talk a bit about financial decisions. What you do with the $500,000? Did you invest it wisely and multiply it?

Heck no. I didn’t even know. None of that was. I had no money manager and I didn’t even get the $500,000. The only way I could get the $500,000 is if the album came out. The album never came out. I left the label. They only gave me an advance for $100,000 but that $100,000, I paid off so much debt. I bought a car, My Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, straight off the lot. All cash. I bought a car and I was spending like I had millions. I was like, “I’m about to get this. I’m going here first class.” I didn’t understand.

We don’t understand how little bit of money $100,000 is until we get ahold of it and realize how quickly it goes.

The next thing you know, it’s like just as fast as it came, just as fast as it went. I want to make a note. When it came, I was writing off the momentum of what I had given myself from prison. I had given myself the ability to self-start. Finding freedom inside, inner peace, forgiving people who hurt me, letting go of resentment and admitting all of my mistakes.

I literally wrote a letter and I wrote out every single lie that I was telling myself. “I lie about this, I lie about this, this is not the truth and I want people to see me as this but it’s not the truth.” I wrote down all of it while I was in prison. I had built the optimal human, freedom inside of my own body. That was the momentum that carried into the modeling, that carried into the music but I didn’t know that. The reading, all of that. I didn’t know that.

By the time I got the deal, I stopped praying every day. I stopped meditating. I start talking bad about people. I started gossiping. When people say, “You’re so talented.” I’m like, “I know.” I didn’t know the power of what the ego does to your life. It will swallow your whole life whole. It’s like a parasite that’ll eat up your future and I was unaware.

Once again, I leave the label because I’m like, “The album’s not coming out.” I feel like I’m shelved. I’m in there doing these rap songs with artists and I’m not even a rapper. I’m like ghostwriting for like a bunch of rappers. I’m like, “My stuff isn’t coming out, so I’ll do it by myself.” Still, no money was coming in. Next thing you know, I’m by myself. No money still. When you write a song, sometimes you don’t get paid for another three years.

This is what’s even crazier. I wrote a song, it’s on a number one pop group in Europe called The Wanted. It’s a song called Personal Soldier. I did the melody, the vocal arrangements, I did everything. That song didn’t get on the album until after I came out from being homeless. Imagine, you’re going the number one album from a number one pop group. You write a song. I was on hard times but it doesn’t get placed until three years later.

Sometimes you don’t see any royalties from those songs until two years after it gets placed because the album’s got to come out. Five years later, I saw hundreds of thousands of dollars from the songs that I wrote while I was in my lowest point. There’s no money coming in and I’m like, “The only thing I have is my car.”

INWE Garrain Jones | Indestructible Wealth

Indestructible Wealth: Imagine you have the number one album from the number one pop group. You write a song while on hard times, but it doesn’t get placed until three years later, and sometimes you don’t see any royalties from those songs until two years after it gets placed.


One day led to a week, led to going from different girls’ houses and I’m like, “How can I have this much talent? All these people with less talent are doing way more than me. It doesn’t make sense.” I go, “Nobody hustles like I do. Nobody has the passion as I do and I’m extremely talent.” All of a sudden, I work with this artist. I’m not going to say his name, multiplatinum R&B artist. You can guess if you want. I write a song and I wrote half the song and the melody. I come up with the melody.

They tell me, the management, “Though, they’re not going to use that song on the album.” They completely changed the song. I’m like, “Okay. Cool.” The song, while I’m on hard times, living in my car, comes out. It’s the exact same song, the same lyrics. It goes number one. It wins a Grammy and I’m a Grammy-selling multiplatinum writer who did not get his credit. I’m living in my car, $200,000 in debt off the heels of me trying to kill myself twice.

I said, “F music, F these weirdos, all these crazy people. What’s the point? I have all this talent and people keep taking it.” Here I am. That’s when I abandoned music. I abandoned the entertainment industry, all of it. I was like F all of it. That’s when I went dark. Living in and out of my car, storage unit, abandoned building, sleeping on bubble wrap and it’s like, “How could you? You could have went home.” I was like, “I made a bet.” I was like, “If I ever come back home, that is the lowest place because I left here to make something of my life.” My pride wouldn’t even let me go back home. Plus, my mom didn’t have it. I couldn’t do it, so I’d rather live in my car. I’d rather just, I don’t know.

You’re at that spot where there’s so much internal frustration with getting your ideas and your talents stolen from you. Seeing others to be able to get rewarded for that. That puts you in a very dark place. I can only imagine. I get it. I’ve been stolen from. Not like that but people have stolen a lot from me and be frauded or whatever you want to call it. I understand the potential dark place that can put you. What I want to know because this reminds me. I had James Ray on my show about 40 episodes back.

He was up in worth $20 million. He was on Oprah, on the Secret. He was the main speaker on the Secret. He had a tragedy while he was doing a sweat lodge ceremony for one of his programs. He got sued and prosecuted then in jail and he lost all $20 million then went $20 million in debt. The one thing he said that, I still think about every day is, “Your wealth and your money can be taken away from you but what can never be taken away from you is your ideas, your creativity and your mindset.” It sounds very similar of what you’re speaking of. You realize that concept of, “They can take that but they can never take what I truly have as value inside of me.”

I 100% agree and that became a trend that was happening in my life. Even while I was living in my car, somebody would come and give me these words of inspiration. I would tell them about these ideas and they would take my ideas and all of a sudden blow-up. I’m like, “What’s the point?” There was a point and it was 3:43 in the morning, August 2011 and I cried.

I was like, “I’m tired of fighting. I don’t want to fight anymore. I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I want to be surrounded by nothing but positive people. I want to inspire people. I want to make a bunch of money but I want the money to represent something that I passionately believe in that I would do for free.” That’s when all of a sudden, I ended up in health and wellness industry. I was excited and people didn’t get me but I never cared.

I come from the entertainment industry, so I brought my fashion, my love and my dance. The same thing that got me the deals, then all of a sudden, I noticed that people started taking things and ideas. I was like, “Everywhere I go, I share things. People take it. They don’t give me the credit.” It was like a running trend. It seems like everywhere I go, someone’s trying to stop me from being my fully expressive self until I stop caring.

I was like, “Whatever you’re taking from me wasn’t meant for me.” When I stopped caring and I was just like, “I come up with this thing but do you know what’s beautiful? It’s an endless well because little kids never run out of ideas.” I found a way to tap in to the inner child of myself and my inner child energy and creativity and passion, which was driving all of it. I just wasn’t aware. You can’t articulate where certain energy comes from, then you’ll be hit or miss all the time.

There’ll be breakdowns and crash and all this other stuff. I went on a self-journey to discover the deepest, richest part of myself is a little kid inside of me who genuinely wants to be fully expressive. I coined a phrase called Artist Power. I teach people all over the world how to tap into their artist power and sustain it so they’re living from the inside out, the frequency of freedom. When you’re living from the frequency of freedom and genuine passion in your most authentic state.

You’re authentically expressing what you’ve always wanted to do. The universe conspires because whatever the health of the seed determines the fruit of the tree, the fruit can be money. It could be love, abundance, peace and prosperity, all of which I have in my life. It’s continuously growing without me trying to force it.

Now that I know that no one can take anything away from me. No one. Not one person. Whatever you think you’re taking away from me, you’re taking away from yourself because you are going to pay the price. Maybe you might be removing things so that I could remember that I was the one that housed the power the entire time, instead of giving my power away. That’s when everything opened up for me business-wise.

What did that look like? You’re living out of your car and you’re in this homeless situation. You’re down. You put out this manifestation that, “I’m tired of going after external success. I want to be in joy and happy.” Was it that decision, that thought process of, “I’m going to be happy no matter what. I’m going to be in joy and that’s the most important thing to me?” That decision, that emotional state, is that what created the transformation in your financial life as well?

Yes. I would say that was the seed. You plant the seed and it’s just a seed but then there are certain nutrients that has to go in water and sunlight. The gardener tinning the weeds so that the weeds don’t overtake the garden. All of a sudden, a leaf grows but that’s the top of a giant oak tree. Your whole life where the essence of life is growth, the whole life is designed to continuously evolve.

We’re the ones that stop ourselves from evolving. What it looked like is I planted a joy seed in my life. I will not waiver from feeling this feeling. When it has that off, weird feeling, I don’t want anything to do with it. Anytime, any people, any company, anything that threatens my state of joy, I will energetically disassociate. I don’t care who it’s because if you don’t protect your child, your child will get eaten up.

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You got to experience life, however, you can do your part in giving the inner version of you the best opportunity to even be able to navigate through life. What it looked like for me, as I got back to doing all the things that I loved. I love fashion. I don’t do it to be cool. I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid. I love running. I don’t run to lose weight. I run because it genuinely opens me up to the world. I’ve been running since I was seven and a half months old.

My mom said babies don’t start walking to the eleven and a half. Seven and a half months, she was like, “I knew you were going to be a runner.” That means it’s always been inside of me. When I’m motivating people, I want to be a superhero when I was a little kid. I’m not doing it so I can sound like somebody. I’ve been this way since I was a little kid. The hustler in me that had the ability to go and fearlessly do things, it’s always been inside of me. What I do is honor what I feel called to do.

Every time I don’t, a part of me dies. The cemetery is not where you see the dead people. It’s where you walk around and you see many people with something that’s died inside of them. Only a person that’s truly living from the inside out can see a dead person walking. My role is to wake people up to themselves, not to stay wake. You’ve got to stay woken with the society and the planet and see what they’re doing.

No. When you wake up inside of yourself, you don’t get magnetized by all the other distractions out there. The only way to truly change the world is by changing yourself then teaching people how to do it because of your example is the most powerful teacher ever. For me, feeling is the secret. The better I feel in any area of my life, for some reason has results that I’m proud of.

If I don’t feel good and I have great results in an area. There’s no like embodiment inside of that. That means I’ve overcompensated in a specific area to distract from an area that I don’t pay attention to. I learned to focus on my whole life. Not just part of my life. What that looks like is the seed of feeling good. Feeling good about myself, feeling great about my decisions and being in the frequency of joy. Now wrapping my whole life around that feeling.

What does that look like for you? How are you doing that now? I know you’ve got a book. I got your book. I love your book. You create content, have and you have students. What gives you that extreme joy that you’re experiencing?

I wake and I dance for five minutes a day. Whether I have clothes on or I don’t. It’s raising my own vibration. You’re the most powerful magnet in the world and money is going to match how you see yourself unless you try to force it. In the long run, it’s going to end up coming back to how you see yourself anyways. Coming back meaning you can lose it, you can gain it but it’s ultimately going to match how you see yourself in the long run.

For me, I’m always dancing. I’m always motivating people. It doesn’t matter if it’s money or not. It’s something that’s inside of me. I do one-on-one coaching. I get paid six figures for twelve sessions. The sessions are an hour or an hour and a half long and I get that easily. I run retreats. I have a retreat coming up June 10th through the 12th called Awaken the Artist Within. Which is everything that we spoke about but through the medium of speaking and teaching and training and art, the music, dance, and cultivating the arts so that you can understand how to even tap into that energy.

I run retreats. I speak on stages all over the world. I work with some Fortune 500 companies where I go in there and I speak to their sales reps. It could be twenty people but they’ll pay me $50,000 for two hours to come speak to them, talk about team camaraderie and productivity. Ultimately, it’s me teaching these sales reps how to tap into their artist power. They may not understand that language, so I use the language that the company uses.

It’s like team spirit or team camaraderie. For me, I teach people how to tap into the artist power together so they can produce better results in their lives. That’s another thing that I do. My book, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, has sold damn near 100,000 copies with no PR and no money behind it. Only passionate people who want to spread the word. It’s been in Barnes and Nobles, schools, pretty much all over the world. We’re now about to put the marketing team behind it when we do the rewrite. We’re doing the audiobook. I have another called Awaken The Artist Within that is on its way out as well. It’s talking about everything.

My last question is, what’s the question I should have asked you but I didn’t? The last words of wisdom that the gem, what does that look like?

I’ve been able to generate millions. My next frequency, the question is, what is your next goal monetarily? What do you plan to do? Sometimes I can plan it and all of a sudden, I do this other thing that has nothing to do what I plan. At least the universe needs to know that I have a plan. It can be like, “Scratch the plans, here’s what you’re going to do.”

Sometimes you have a plan, but suddenly you do something that has nothing to do with your plan. The universe just needs to know that you have a plan. Click To Tweet

The next goal is $100 million a year within the next five years. Five years to get to that $100 million a year. I think it’s going to be two and a half years. The frequency that I know that I need to be in is one, that’s understanding even more. I would say, into the crypto lane, into the investments when it comes to the real estate and different stocks and trade and all of that stuff. I’m fairly new, but I also have my money into it because I’m surrounded by some powerful people in that space.

I listen to them but being someone who makes that the new song that I’m learning and singing. Instead of like, “Where should I put my money in?” I want to know enough so that I can teach other people. That’ll be the next phase. In that, I know me and how I generate anywhere that I go. You don’t have to teach me that. I just need a direction to go in. That will be the lane for me. One thing I’m excited about is I’m one of the investors in the number one toy that’s about to come out. I’m trying to tell you all now. Pay attention. There’s a toy called Gel Blaster. Look it up on Walmart, Target or Amazon, Gel Blaster.

That sounds like something I can shoot my kids with.

Adults, kids, and everything. I’m one of the investors in that. The return on investment within a year is insane. We went independent. We were about to do a deal with somebody, scratched that deal, and then all of a sudden, we have a deal with the NE boys and everything. It’s insane what’s going on. Pay attention to Gel Blaster.

I talk quite a bit on my show and in my platform about early-stage investing. It’s the most incredible way to build generational wealth. If you get in on day one or in the very early stages, that’s where the big bulk of the money is made. Now, it is riskier. However, there are a lot of things you can do to mitigate risk, including being very careful and knowing who the team is behind it and doing your research and due diligence and understanding what you’re doing. That’s incredible what you got coming out. I’m excited.

They’re the most addictive toy that you can think of. We’re about to come out with glow and a dark one. You’ll see and feel that joy that I was talking about when you all are shooting and these little gel that are biodegradable. You get a package and there are 5,000 gels. Do you ever play paintball before?

I’ve got a scar from many years ago right here on my end.

It is the safest version of paintball that doesn’t hurt. It’s enough to go, but the little gel explodes. It’s that same paintball-type feel, only it’s safe.

That’s great because I’ve never done paintballing since then. My hand partially exploded. I had a huge gaping hole near my wrist, so that’s great to do because I’d love to do it. I didn’t want to get have that experience again. Thank you so much, Garrain. You shared so much of your journey. This is gold. This will have a replay of this episode. You can catch the video on my website. Garrain is wearing a pink stocking hat in Austin, Texas, which is probably over 100 degrees there now.

Not now. It was like 60-something.

That’s why he’s wearing a pink stocking cap. You’ve got a unique style. That’s your vibe, your style, and that wouldn’t fit me, but we both bring incredible things to the table.

Including this handshake right here.

I was going to set it up at the very beginning. When I first met Garrain, he comes up to me, and his handshake was at eye level. I’ve never had anybody with such a high handshake. It was so unique that every time we see each other since then, and this was probably years ago, we shake each other’s hands up high.

Do you know why? Did I ever tell you why?

No, you never told me why. I never knew.

It’s because your wife was standing right there. I did like this because I didn’t want to put my hand in her. I had given her hope. I did like this and we maintained it for years.

It’s our greeting now. It will never go away. That’s indestructible greeting right there. There’s so much more that the readers on the show can get from you, Garrain. Super excited you were on the show. Thank you so much for being here. What a gift it has been.

Jack, thank you so much. I appreciate you. Thank you for being brave enough to create a space for stories like mine. I’m excited for that one person that says, “Me too. Maybe my route is not his route, but at least I know that I can make something more of my life, more of my business,” then create an indestructible wealth inside and out as well. Thank you so much.

Thanks for joining us. See you on the next episode.

That’s a wrap for this episode. If you’d like to dive deeper into your own wealth-building strategy, check us out at and follow along on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. Send me your questions and your financial challenges, and I promise I’ll respond. Also, I’ll think you’re awesome if you’ll share and leave me a five-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Until next time, remember, our mission here is to help you make, keep, and grow wealth you can enjoy now and for years to come


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