NWE Two | Best Investment Decisions

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The Two Best Investment Decisions I’ve Made

On this episode, I’m going to rewind the clock to some smart decisions that I made back when I was twenty, and how you can duplicate these decisions because it has made a huge difference on how my life has turned out. I talk a lot on my platform about the mistakes that I made at an early age in my book. I talk and beat myself up. I realize that I’m tough on myself. I’m sure that all of you are as well.

High-performers demand excellence of themselves. Let’s be totally clear about that. There is no doubt that I am very hard on myself. I’m harder on myself than anybody else. Nobody else could even come close to being on as tough on me as I am on me. I know you could say the same thing if you did some soul-searching.

What we got to remember is that there’s a Law of Polarity. In life, what that means is that anything has an opposite. We’ve got good, evil, hot, cold, in shape, and out of shape. We have God and Satan. We have tall and short. The list goes on and on. Everything has polarity. That means if you’ve made bad decisions, that you’ve also made good decisions too.

I hit a lot in my book and on my show. I go back in time and say, “Here are the mistakes I made. I have spent $50,000 buying tech stocks that I had no idea what I was buying.” Then when they dropped in half rather quickly in the dot-com bubble crash, I sold them off, panic sold, because I didn’t understand what I bought. I had no idea, anything else than listening to somebody who was a so-called advisor or guru told me to do.

With that, I also made some good decisions that I want to share with you and hopefully you can duplicate these. These are not that difficult to do. This is the way that you create long-term, incredible, and sustainable wealth. What does this look like? I did two things. When I was nineteen, my very first personal development book I ever read was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s one of my all-time favorite books.

I know some people have said because it’s written back in the 1950s. They have a little bit of a hard time reading it or getting through. I did not have that issue. I got through it in like a day and a half. I devoured that book. It’s not a long book either, but the concepts in that book were so incredibly revolutionary to me that I could utilize the power of my God-given mind, and use that to create wealth. This possibility is within me. I unlock that and unleash that at a very young age.

What I did that was pretty smart that I’d say, “You should consider this too,” is that I did a coaching program through the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Napoleon Hill Foundation is basically a group that was set up to teach and carry on the thinking, strategies, and teachings of Napoleon Hill as he’s no longer with us. With that, I had a coaching session. I don’t know how many. I don’t exactly remember how.

I know it was $1,000. I know that was a pretty difficult decision to spend $1,000 when I probably had $10,000 in my checking account at that time. I was still young and early in my business, still massively hustling. That was tough to spend 10% of my net worth on a course. What that gave me was ten weeks or more of personalized coaching with a certified Napoleon Hill coach.

On those calls, we would go through all the types of things that I needed to be working on and implementing, and the ways of being and thinking that could help me for the rest of my life. That course and that guidance was incredible. That’s pretty cheap to be able to spend $1,000 and get that coaching. That was 1998 or 1999, and those types of prices obviously are not even remotely reasonable for one-on-one coaching in today’s dollar. You can forget about that. However, the concept still remains the same. Invest into yourself and your own mindset.

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With that program, I still look back now and remember the things that we discussed and we talked about, and the mindset shifts that I made that have carried through decades later, those are still with me now. That same year, I also spent $400. I went to James Ray. It’s called the Power to Win at that time. It was a seminar. It was a fully immersive full weekend deal. That was a tough decision because you are giving up a weekend in college. You are away from and having FOMO from all the parties that are happening. You are giving up your money and you are like, “Is this worth it?”

To this day, I’m so grateful that I took the time and the money and the energy to invest into developing my own mind, because those two investments or those decisions have far outweighed. They have made up for 10X, 20X, or more, the poor decisions that I made in my financial life investing into things that I did not understand.

I would like to encourage you to consider ask yourself the question. Great people, smart people, and leaders ask great questions, and they don’t ask great questions to other humans. They ask great questions to themselves to get themselves thinking outside of the box. Disrupting their thinking so they can get out of those ruts that they are in and start looking at things from a different perspective.

One of the questions you need to be asking yourself is, “What can I do to invest into my own self or mind to accelerate my level of thinking and being an energy vibration so that I can become the type of person that can attract wealth that I so badly crave and be able to hold onto it and to grow it?” What does that look like to you?

I have completed not only my book, but I haven’t talked about them much because I have been focused on my book. I have got two financial courses that I have done that are pretty strong. Do I feel I could get this better? Yes. They are not done. They are works in progress. I’m going to keep continually adding, updating, and changing now when something could be made even better. These financial courses would be a smart investment for you guys to make if you are serious about growing your wealth, and they are very affordably priced. Let me tell you a little bit about them, and then I will talk to you about idea number two, or the second thing that I did when I was twenty. That was a smart financial move that’s still paying off now.

NWE Two | Best Investment Decisions

Best Investment Decisions: These financial courses would be really a smart investment for you to make if you really are serious about growing your wealth.


The basic Indestructible Wealth Builder course, which is a $97 program. With that, there are 30 videos. There are eight hours of content. I legitimately feel like I over delivered on the amount of content and value that you get in this program for the price. This is for people that are wanting to get a basic level foundation to last the rest of your life. You are going to learn many different strategies, not only how to earn more money. We talk about side hustles. We talk about investing into yourself, into your businesses. We talk about dollar cost averaging in the stock market. We talk about what a plan looks like, a strategic financial plan. What to do and how to set that up with automation.

There’s a section on how to do a financial audit and how to do tracking of your finances. It’s very comprehensive, and again, it’s not done. When you purchase the course, you get up the lifetime membership to any upgrades and additional content that I post in that course. It’s all video-based learning as well. You guys can log right in. Once you purchase, you get your own login to the admin site for you, and then you can get right in and do your learning.

The second course, which is a phenomenal opportunity for those of you that are earning a six-figure income or have six figures to invest is called the Advanced Indestructible Wealth Builder. It’s $997. Why is it so much more than the basic? It’s an advanced course. It’s got incredibly actionable strategies that you can utilize right now to start developing out your multiple streams of income investing approach. In turn, taking those income streams and multiplying those through early-stage investing and doing higher risk and higher reward type place that if they don’t pan out, it’s no problem. Your money’s going to replenish from all your multiple streams.

This is about the same. It’s about six and a half hours, a little bit less in terms of the amount of hours of content. At the end, when you finish, you get a free strategy call with me, and we’ll go through everything that you learned in that course. I will help you implement the things that make sense for you. We’ll go through everything that you learned, all your questions, and guidance on how to implement everything that you’ve got there.

These courses are ready for you to purchase. You go right to MyIndestructibleWealth.com and click on What Jack Offers is the tab, and you can see right there the dropdown link to be able to get those courses. If you would like to do both, I don’t think that if you were a six-figure earner, you could do the first course, and if you are not a six-figure earner yet, but you are approaching that, you are working toward that, but you want to learn these strategies for be able to know what to do down the road, you can certainly do both courses.

You have to decide where you are at and what makes sense for you. I can promise you this, my goal is always in anything that I do in business deliver ten times the amount of value that I charge. The tax strategies alone that are in the course are going to be more than what you pay for the courses by far. You’ll get your 10X on those strategies right there.

The second thing that I did when I was twenty that made a difference in the course of my life is that I invested my money into my own cashflow producing business. If you are an employee and you are thinking, “I don’t have a business or whatnot.” I would suggest you strongly consider developing a side hustle. As an employee, what’s great is you have income predictability. You have a solid income and you know what’s predictable. You can budget exactly each month what you are going to have for investments and all of those things.

There’s a lot more consistency with your income versus an entrepreneur. However, you don’t have equity yet. You don’t have equity because you don’t have your own business unless you are owning stocks and other assets. Building your own side hustle business is going to give you that build-up of equity that you need to be able to multiply your wealth in what I consider the fastest way is growing your own business.

NWE Two | Best Investment Decisions

Best Investment Decisions: Building your own side hustle business is going to help you build the equity that you need to be able to multiply your wealth.


This strategy is good for you either way, but you need to have a business or have a thought of what you are going to do in terms of growing your own business, to be able to capitalize on this. This is the deal. When I was young, I sold my CD collection and I’m dating myself by saying that. I don’t even know if some of you know what those are, but I was out of money. I was struggling in my business, but I knew that I needed to start advertising. I needed to start marketing. I needed to get the word out because what I was doing word of mouth-wise was not working.

I sold my CD collection. I got $50 to $60 for it. I didn’t sell them all, but that was most of them. I took that money, and I went down and put an ad in the local newspaper, and that ad generated 20, 30, to 40 calls leads. Out of those leads, I converted 5, 6, or 7 of them to customers, and then some of those were so happy. They got such incredible results that they started telling other people, and then I generated another 40 customers for my nutrition business.

That one sacrifice of, “I want this so bad. I want to grow this business, and I need capital. I need to put money back into my own business.” That decision has paid off in huge amounts. Never, ever hesitate to invest into your own mind. That’s the best real estate that you’ll ever own. That’s the one that’s going to give you the biggest return on investment. The tough part about it is that you can’t quantify it.

In other words, when you buy stocks, real estate, and any assets, you know you can tell what you are making. It’s quantifiable. Investing into yourself, you can’t quantify it because you don’t know and you can’t say, “This return that I’m getting is a direct result of this money that I put into my own mind.” I can’t quantify that. I have no idea what to tell you how much I have earned from putting all this knowledge, coaching, and training back into my own mind.

All I know is if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t be even close to where I’m at now. I wouldn’t be doing this show, I wouldn’t be writing a book, and I wouldn’t have my courses because all of that was the sum of me reading other experts’ knowledge, taking their courses, and getting one-on-one. That’s accumulation of simply investing into my own self.

Investing into your own business, that’s the next best move that you can make because you have the most control over that. You get to dictate how that is going to play out because whenever you invest into the financial markets, let’s be honest. We have no control. That’s the great part about having passive income is you don’t have as much control. Generally speaking, over assets that you are not running or managing.

With investing into your own business, this is going to be able to be something that you can direct, you can control, and you can force the valuation of your business up through growing the sales and growing their earnings. I will say it one hundred times that that’s the fastest way to truly grow indestructible wealth is to increase the valuation, revenue, and profitability of your own business.

The fastest way to truly grow indestructible wealth is to increase the valuation, revenue and profitability of your own business. Click To Tweet

That’s where I spent the very early stages the first several years, that’s where I put the most amount of time, energy, and money into those two things. That’s why I feel that we have had some success and we are able to teach you how to build indestructible wealth. The other things that I did, beyond selling my CD collection like that wasn’t it.

NWE Two | Best Investment Decisions

Building Indestructible Wealth: The Six Figure Earners Guide to a Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio

I got a little storefront. It was small footprint. Like your bathrooms are probably bigger than my very first storefront that I had. My rent was $175 a month. Is that crazy? It was. Our bathroom and our home that we are in right now is twice as big as that original storefront. To give you guys a picture, it was absolutely tiny, but it was perfect because I didn’t have much risk at $175 a month. I didn’t have much money going out the door. I was very profitable at that location. That was something where I invested into my own cashflow-producing business.

There are all kinds of ways that you can invest into your own cashflow-producing business that I can’t go through all of them with you on this particular show. I’m only giving you a few examples here, but that’s what’s going to be able to give you a monster return down the road. I want you to be zeroed in and dialed in as you are growing and buying these assets. You are buying your stocks, crypto, and real estate. Don’t ever lose sight of the most important things to invest into are the base layer.

The ones that I teach in stage 1 and stage 2 of my five stages to building indestructible wealth, invest in yourself and your own business. Have a great day. I love serving and helping you. I love to help you implement and take your knowledge to the next level. Grab my book and courses. I will make sure that you get no questions asked ten times the amount of value that you are paying for them.

If you do get them, please complete them. Don’t get them and do 20% or 30% of the course. Get the course and finish the course. I will help you. Once you finish the advanced course, I will be glad to hop on a Zoom, and we can take as long as we need to make sure that you guys are clear on implementation.


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I have some excellent investment tips for you on this episode. As always, my suggestions are based on my own experience. Tune in! My book, “Building Indestructible Wealth: The Six Figure Earners Guide to a Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio,” just launched. Get your print and audiobook copies and a few other timely insights into what to invest […]