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I know the concept of financial freedom may seem harder to envision right now, but trust me, it is still possible. I started from zero.  If I can do it, you can too. Tune in to learn how.

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Do You Desire Financial Freedom in Seven Years? Adopt These Three Simple Habits  

Welcome back to the show. I’m excited to be with you again. I’m heading out to Detroit for a week-long sales conference. This is with one of my direct sales businesses. There’s a big conference called Extravaganza. It’s a very exciting event. There will be sales conference parties. Pitbull’s planned for us for a private show. It should be pretty awesome.

There are several of you that are readers. Make sure that you come up to me and tell me how much you love my show because that is the only thing that keeps me going a lot of days. I look forward to networking and speaking to some of you. A lot of you are not going to be there. I’d love for you to reach out to me as well. Send me a DM or ask me a question. I love questions because that’s what helps me develop my content and serve you. All I want to do on this platform is serve.

I’ve already built multimillion-dollar businesses. I have several of them. We have twelve properties that are finally selling off under contract. It’s going to be about a $400,000 or $500,000 profit. That’s not all for me. We’ve got partners and employees to pay. We have a pretty big month headed up but that doesn’t do it for me, to be honest.

What does it for me is when somebody says, “I’m reading your show and watching your Instagram reels. I get your emails. What you’re teaching is changing my life.” That’s why I’m doing this platform. It’s for words of affirmation and words of praise. It’s my primary love language. Feed me with that. I don’t need the money. I’ll take the money. I’ve got stuff to sell but only if it is right for that person.

With that being said, I don’t know if you care or not about updates on my life. You could fast forward here for 30 seconds if you don’t give a shit. We took Tyler to a camp. He is there for five days. He has no phone, so he has no way to communicate with us. He’s playing and having a blast at this camp. You could call it a church camp. It’s a Christian camp but its main goal is to have the kids have fun, socialize and do fun activities.

I, for five days, don’t have anybody ignoring me in the morning when I wake up, leaving their trash around or calling me fatso. He did that at the baseball game. He was pretty upset with the way I critiqued him. I don’t critique people. I do what’s called celebrate, create and then another celebrate. It’s the celebrate-and-create sandwich. I critiqued him. I didn’t celebrate him, so that’s why I got a swift rebuke.

At any rate, I am excited about this subject, which are three simple financial habits to help you create financial freedom to build indestructible wealth. You’re going to be like, “I’ve already heard this from you.” With the way I’m going to set this up, I don’t think you have heard this content yet from me. Stay plugged in. This is going to be great for anybody at any level, wherever you’ve started from, in terms of growing your wealth. Whether you’re getting started or you’re a multimillionaire, you’re going to love what I have to say.

Let’s dive in. To set this up, we’re all inundated with some screwy beliefs about money. I was taught money was evil, that rich people were mean and underhanded and that you must accept you will never be rich. Maybe you can identify with that type of upbringing. Here’s the thing. You’re probably thinking that I was taught this by my parents but I was not. My parents didn’t ever spew that garbage to me, which I was fortunate.

A lot of people did have upbringings where this was a constant conversation in your house. You’re going to have to work extra hard to inundate yourself with financial abundance-type programming to overcome that early childhood negative beliefs. Here’s the thing. I wasn’t taught that by my parents. I got it from movies like you. Let me explain.

The top ten movies of all time, at one point all had an evil, rich villain. Let’s look at some movies that were top 10 or would still be considered top 10 of all time. They’re adjusted for inflation and higher ticket prices at the theaters. Think of Titanic, Spiderman, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Jurassic Park or Avatar. I’m guessing you’ve probably seen most of these movies. These were big movies.

The formula for a top-selling movie is pretty simple. The hero battles a greedy, corrupt, megalomaniac, extremely rich dude with sinister plans for self-absorbed expansion of money and power. The hero defeats an evil, rich villain. The end. There you go. You got a top-selling movie. It plays into our limiting beliefs. The hero is always poor.

Think of Spiderman or Jack, which was Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from the Titanic. They’re in it for the cause. Think of Indiana Jones or Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park. They’re very different from others like Avatar. Whatever the case is, they are not rich. They are the underdog and money is not their motive. They made all these movies subconsciously play to our limiting beliefs.

Here’s the thing. I bet when you went to these movies, like me, you never put two and two together. We weren’t consciously thinking, “This movie is dangerous because it’s causing me to hate rich people.” Money is devoid of consciousness. It doesn’t sit there and think, “This person is deserving. Let me flow it to him. This person is undeserving. Let me not flow to him.” Instead, money is a by-product of three habits, which I’m going to cover.

Am I suggesting that you don’t go watch movies or top-selling movies that have evil rich villains? No. It’s enjoyable. It’s fun to hate the rich person in there but you’ve got to be consciously aware of what’s being said to you or subconsciously inundating you so that you can put your guard up. You cannot get sucked into what I consider an evil vortex of a lack of pandering to these hugely unproductive and meaningless beliefs.

Live On Less Than You Earn

These are the three habits. Habit number one, live on less than you earn. If you consistently keep more than you spend, you’re going to have a surplus of money. Is it simple? Yes. Is it easy? It’s far from it. Here’s the thing. Internally, we’re in a conundrum. What is that? It’s a difficult situation or a problem. Our primary need as a man is to be respected. A woman’s primary need is to be loved. You can flip this in the cases where the female is the alpha or the hyper-driven competitive version and the man has maybe embraced more of his feminine energy. Overall, this holds true. A man wants respect more than he wants sex.

If you consistently keep more than you spend, you're going to have a surplus of money. Share on X

For the ladies reading this, you’ll probably find that very hard to believe but it’s true. With this extreme drive for respect, a man believes that acquiring a material object will get us the respect that we crave. I did this. When I was 23, I had a decent business growing. It wasn’t a six-figure income business but I was doing well.

I hustled through college with my direct sales business, which I built into a full-time income after three years and by the time I graduated. It was a very slow, gradual process to get to that point. It was a ton of hard work. I busted my ass more than any college kid, probably in the history of college kids. I got up at 7:00 AM and worked until 10:00 PM through college classes, studying and then working my business after hours.

A woman’s primary need is to be loved. For a woman, they buy material objects. Those are the purses, shoes and whatever else you like. You think that that is going to create more love for you. Your reason to buy material objects is to feel love. Being in an alternative business model when I first got started back in 1997, there was no lack of jokes, disrespect, slams and occasionally but rarely some scam like hate mail.

Naturally, I wanted to shove my success, although limited at that time, in their face. On top of that, my friends told me that if I had a sweet car, I would make a statement when I showed up at the beach with a cool new ride. I don’t even like beaches. I’d much rather be on a golf course, the mountains skiing or anywhere but not the boring beach unless I’m out on a jet ski or a boat. Maybe there’s a bunch of friends on the beach with a cooler full of some great adult beverages. I might enjoy the beach with those limited situations.

Here’s the thing. I already had a car that was paid off. It was a black Dodge Avenger. It was a nice car. It wasn’t bad by any stretch. It was four years old. I nearly touted it about two months after owning it and that messed up the engine. I lost a lot of horsepower on this car. I convinced my mom to co-sign on a loan to a brand new silver BMW 330i because I didn’t have any credit buildup from using debit cards, which is a different episode.

I used debit cards throughout college. I had no credit score when I graduated, so I could not get any loans to save my life. That should have told me right there that when you have your mom co-sign on a BMW, you weren’t ready for the car. My drive for respect in good old-fashioned revenge that Jim Rohn, the wise old sage and an incredible business philosopher, said, “When you drive your new car up on your hater’s lawn and do some donuts on it, that’s revenge.” He did say that. That was almost a direct quote but I’m pretty sure he was kidding. I took it seriously. Maybe it gave me a little respect but the only thing I got from that purchase was the stress of the payments.

Maximize Your Ability To Earn

When my business took a dip, which is going to happen because businesses are cyclical, I had to get creative to make the payments. The last thing I could stand would be the loss of respect for turning that car back in early. I knew I only had one choice. That was to focus on habit number two, which is to maximize your ability to earn from your current profession.

Above any other financial assets, invest into your own skills. Share on X

Your single biggest source of income is your job or business. Most jobs will pay you more money as your skill rises. Your business will provide you with more money when you increase the revenues and profitability, which typically only comes when you advance your skillsets. This is why I believe you should invest in yourself, first and foremost, above any other financial assets. Invest in your skills.

The quickest way to make more money is to improve your skills. Put yourself on a skill development track to become world-class in your chosen profession. If you don’t know how, no problem. Here’s what you do. Offer to take the most successful person at your company out to lunch. In some cases, your company could be so big that it would be impossible to get a hold of the most successful person. Get ahold of somebody that is quite a bit ahead of you. Ask this person about their work habits. Acknowledge their success. Go in prepared. Have a list of ten questions ready to fire away at them. Ask them, “What do you do that’s different from everyone else?”

Successful people love to pour into others. You are doing them a favor by asking them to do this. You’re feeding their ego you’re bolstering their significance or desire to pour into others. Most people who have reached a level of success are happy with that but they get bored with that. They want to switch to a life of significance by pouring into other people. It’s like me with what I’m doing with this platform.

INWE S1:E88 | Financial Freedom

Building Indestructible Wealth: The Six Figure Earners Guide to a Multimillion Dollar Portfolio

At our church luncheon, our cool church put on two food trucks. They had jumpy house obstacle courses. They had baptisms going. This was quite a production. One of the guys there at the taco truck line said, “Come here. How much for an hour of your time?” He said he has been watching all my Instagram videos and he valued my expertise. He asked if he could take me to lunch. I said, “Of course. The only thing I ask is that you read my book before we meet. It’s $4.95.” I don’t think that’s a huge commitment.

I said, “Here’s my thought. If someone can’t bother reading my book, then I’m not very interested in giving up my valuable time. I’m probably going to repeat a lot of the things that I already said in the book. I worked for months to put that book together. It’s an incredible body of knowledge from 25 years of entrepreneurial investing. Read my book first.” He said, “That’s no problem. That sounds great.”

When you’re in the lunch, don’t interrupt them or talk over them. Listen, ask questions and take notes. By the end of the lunch, you’ll have the beginning of a blueprint for becoming world-class at what you do. If they’re not local to you, which I always prefer these types of things face-to-face because you’re going to get more out of it, set up a Zoom call. Make sure that you’re asking what you can do to earn their time.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Here is habit number three. This leads to my favorite subject. You can probably figure out what it is. Create multiple streams of income. If you’ve nailed the first 2 habits, number 3 is how you turbocharge your wealth. This is where you invest in low-risk income-producing stock options, cashflow real estate or private businesses.

Invest in low risk income producing stocks, stock options, cashflow real estate or private businesses. Share on X

My initial capital was invested in a small single-family home in Arizona, which I purchased for $80,000. I rented that for 6 years and then sold it for $230,000. I bought self-storage and received a guaranteed 10% return. There are ways to do self-storage where you can get an equity of 25% return but I stuck to the safe 10% return because I wanted to protect my capital. I didn’t want to lose half my money or take any chances with it as I did back in 2000 when I lost half my money in the tech market.

I got a mortgage-backed note. I became the bank for a property. I got an 18% return on that. I still get $350 a month on that investment several years later. I ran stock options. I generated thousands of dollars in profits. If you want to dive deeper into these strategies, grab a copy of my book. It’s the only finance book I know of that teaches multiple streams-based approaches. You can get it right on my site,

This is not the time when you buy digital-only assets like crypto, NFTs or eComm stores. There’s nothing wrong with crypto, NFTs or eComm stores. They’re great. There’s no diss on any of those but let’s be honest. Digital assets like these are very high-risk assets that have no place in your foundational strategy. Potentially, if you have been following me, you know that I advocate for a responsible 10% to 20% of your starting capital. That depends on your age and risk tolerance for these higher risk-type bets, so you have some exposure to them.

If you have investible dollars, I’d take a small percentage and put it into the crypto markets. This is the time when you create some serious wealth. The crypto markets crashed. This is a huge buying opportunity. Crypto will survive. It will eventually recover to new all-time highs. Take advantage of these market dips. Don’t try to time it. We could be at the bottom.

Although, it’s possible that we drop additionally from here. I don’t know that but from everything I’ve been researching and reading, it’s possible that Bitcoin drops down to $13,000 or maybe $10,000. I don’t think if it drops down that low though that it’s going to be there for very long. There’s going to be so much money coming in to scoop up those assets at those kinds of prices so it’ll bounce back fast. This isn’t a show about buying crypto. I just wanted to give you a little insert of what I would do.

Instead, you’re going to take the income from the safe income-producing plays. That’s what you’re going to use to speculate on these types of digital asset projects. You’re going to play with house money. House money is a common gambling strategy where you take your initial betting chips off the table once you go up and play with the winnings, AKA the house money or the casino money.

INWE S1:E88 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Take the income from the safe income producing plays to speculate into these types of digital asset projects. You’re going to play with house money.


This strategy that I’m giving you is a way to de-risk yourself. You’ll still get exposure to these plays that could go up 10 times or 100 times. This is also where it may make a lot of sense to incorporate a side hustle for extra income. Side hustles include but are not limited to Uber driving, Grubhub deliveries, selling crafts on Etsy and buying and selling on eBay.

Direct sales were my side hustle in college. I still get paid for product reorders many years later. If you’re willing to forego immediate cash with your side hustle, then building a personal brand and creating digital influence will pay you more over the long run than any of these ideas. It just simply will require a lot more patience.


I will do an episode probably coming up here about my take after attempting and striving to build a digital brand. It is a wealth-building strategy that you can incorporate. You can also incorporate it right into the existing business that you already have so that you’re not distracting yourself with a new venture. There will be more on this to come. I’ve learned a lot. I’m continually learning, evolving and soaking up. I’m trying to continually become better at this craft. I’m trying to increase my skills and my earning power with indestructible wealth.

If you keep reinvesting all your surplus capital into low-risk income-producing investments, lo and behold, in about seven years, you’ll be rich. If you’re not rich by then, it’s probably because you didn’t bank enough percentage of your income. You didn’t live on the least amount that you could have. You spent too much on other things. Maybe it’s 10, 15 or maybe even 20 years. It’s still a long shot from the traditional 40-year retirement plan that’s taught by Wall Street.

Did you do anything wrong to get this wealth? Did you tread on anybody to create this wealth? No and no. You can see wealth creation isn’t complicated but it is difficult because we’re bombarded with ads to buy stuff every minute of every day. We see social media posts of the Jones family showing off all their material possessions and lavish vacations. We feel left out or left behind. It creates that FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. That makes habit number one, which is living on less than you earn, by far the toughest to acquire. Without that habit, you can never create lasting wealth.

What am I here for? If I have any agenda, it’s to spread the message that anyone can become wealthy. My entire mission is to take my hard-won wealth-building lessons and share them with you so you can increase your wealth. I’ve made real estate sales where I was paid a commission of $115,000 for one transaction. I sold seventeen houses to a single large investor. I enjoy helping everyday investors change their financial lives more than I ever did helping some rich people get richer.

If I help a wealthy person go from $20 million to $25 million, that did not change their life in any way. If I help someone that makes $100,000 a year with $50,000 in assets go to $2 million in assets and increase their income to $250,000 to $300,000, that changes their life. I get the biggest blessing, which is words of affirmation, my primary love language.

There’s another reason I’m giving back. I was given an incredible work ethic by my parents and their constant love and support. I build my businesses from scratch with their core values guiding me. America gave me the opportunity to get everything that I value. When I saw that flag swing on July 4th and I hear the national anthem playing in the background, it still brings a huge feeling of gratitude. I can’t convey in words how I feel about this country. Love is not a strong enough word.

This country, America gave me opportunities, mentors, love, friendship and the type of painful life lessons only a free market economy can provide. I still have faith in America. I still believe if you work hard, save and invest wisely, you’ll be rewarded like I was. Times are a little bit tough in the financial markets. It could get a little bit tougher in the economy. I don’t think we’re going to crash but we’re in for some rougher times. You are tougher. You can take control of your actions. Start changing your life.

Thank you to all my audience for the opportunity you’ve given me to be of service to you. You’ve changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. I’m more grateful to you than you will ever know. I would be very grateful if you could help me. If I’ve given you value on this show, you could give me a five-star review. It will take you a minute on the Apple Podcasts app.

Share this show on your social media channels. Tell everybody what the show has done for you, what you’ve learned and the things that have helped to change your life. That would mean the world to me. Tag me in the post if you’d like. Who knows? If you do it enough, I’ll give you a free strategy call, which is worth quite a bit of money, in my humble opinion. Thanks for reading. I love you all.


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  I know the concept of financial freedom may seem harder to envision right now, but trust me, it is still possible. I started from zero.  If I can do it, you can too. Tune in to learn how. My book, “Building Indestructible Wealth: The Six Figure Earners Guide to a Multimillion Dollar Portfolio,”  just […]