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You and I are going to flip a coin. Our bet is $100,000 on one single coin flip. On one side are your traditional “heads.” On the “tails” side, it’s blank, and if heads come up, you win. If the blank “tails” side lands, you don’t win. But you don’t lose anything either. How many times would you like to play this game with me? As many times as you possibly can.

Tune in to learn more about the safe bets I’m investing in while we wait for the market to stabilize.

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How to Get Guaranteed 7 Percent Returns, with a 10x Upside

I’m going to give you guys a specific, actionable investment that I feel extremely competent in recommending to you without knowing anything about your financial situation. Most of the time on this show, very rare occasions do I make specific, actionable suggestions. The reason for that is I don’t know your situation, and I could be recommending something that could be above your risk tolerance. Without knowing your situation, I could be putting you in a compromised position. Let’s put it that way.

On my new relaunched show, which I’m going to start after the summer, to be honest, I just want to play golf, enjoy these trips that we have coming up, and hang out with my kids while they’re off school. I don’t want to do three episodes a week. We’re going to relaunch when the kids go back to school, but there are going to be three episodes. It’s going to be money mindset or motivational type of conversation. That will be on Monday, Monday Motivational Money Mindset. I’ll come up with a cool name.

Wednesday is going to be a specific, actionable investment. Everybody, no matter what your situation is, whether you’re just getting started and you’re trying to build wealth, and you’re trying to learn the concepts and the mindset, or if you’re actually looking for specific ways to deploy your capital, that’s what Wednesday is going to be all about. Then Friday is going to be an epic guest.

This is going to be an episode that’s going to be released on Wednesdays. It’s a specific, actionable investment. If you don’t have any investible dollars, you may skip these episodes, or it’s totally your call, you plug in and learn, and that’s how you’re going to grow your capacity and your ability when you do start developing some capital to be able to know and have an idea of where you want to deploy it. Personally, all of my content is fantastic, but you’ve got to decide what makes sense for your current situation. With this particular opportunity, essentially it’s a guaranteed 7% return. This is the worst-case scenario. On the flip side, some of these have some potential 10X type of returnability.

Let’s dive in. You and I are going to flip a coin. Our bet is $100,000 on one single coin flip, except this coin is very different. On one side is your traditional heads, and on the tail side, it’s blank. If heads come up, you win. If the blank tail side lands, you don’t win, but here’s the kicker. Here’s the key. You don’t lose anything either. How many times would you like to play this game with me? As many times as you possibly can, “Sign me up. I’m in.”

At one of our sales conferences for my business, my buddy, Graham, I asked him, “Did you gamble last night? I went to bed early. I was exhausted. Did I miss out?” He’s like, “Yeah. I took the casino for $50,000. I have it in my backpack.” He’s carrying around his backpack $50,000 in cold, hard cash. I reached in the backpack, I just had to see, “Is that $50,000 in cash?” I’ve never had that much money. I’ve done pretty well in poker, but never walked away with $50,000.

He was playing Baccarat, and it’s pretty close to 50/50 odds, but he had to risk quite a bit of money, $40,000, $50,000 to be able to make that $50,000. With this opportunity, we get to play Baccarat, but we don’t have to risk any of our money. This specific opportunity and investment is what I’m going to teach you. If you follow me and my content, even for a short time, you figured out that I don’t BS you. I save my exaggerated stories for my close friends and family while I’m consuming adult beverages. If you’re in that situation, if I like you, I tease you with relentless sarcasm. This is not one of those times. This is serious. This is your financial future. I take this very seriously.

Growth will return to the markets as it always does, but until we see some healthier market conditions, it makes sense to look for more conservative strategies, even in a great market. Share on X

You know that I believe that most investors, and particularly new investors, they gamble way too much. They put their principle capital, their hard earned, delayed gratification cash, the cash that they earned through blood, sweat and tears and risks. They put that at great risk. I did this, and most do this. The key to building wealth is to get your initial capital kicking off streams of safe passive income from multiple asset classes. Once you have a steady stream of cash flowing in, take those streams and speculate with them. Go for the 10X, 100X type bet, but do it with the income that will easily replenish itself if the bet doesn’t work out. That time to go for the 10X bet, that is not with your first $50,000 or even your first $100,000.

You guys can pretty much guarantee. If I’m recommending an investment to the broad public, in most cases, you can bet that it’s a pretty safe bet. I saved a high-reward, higher risk opportunities for my premier mastermind, which is going to start October 1st. If you’re interested in being in an exclusive group of six-figure earners that are all locked and basically zeroed in on growing a multi-million dollar portfolio, then reach out to me. Book a call, and we can discuss if it’s a good fit. I say those opportunities for that premier mastermind in one-to-one clients.

I want to dive in a little bit about the backstory, the origination of this, so you understand a little bit of how it works and why it’s needed and why it’s legit and all. JJ Hill was born in a log cabin in Ontario, Canada. We’re going back to 1838. At that time, to paint the picture for you guys, the Industrial Revolution was well underway. North America was booming and in need of a lot of basic infrastructure like railroads.

After a couple of decades of hard work and establishing himself, JJ Hill partnered and purchased the railroad company St. Paul and Pacific railroad. His plan, which his haters refer to it as Hill’s Folly, that’s what they named this project. There are always critics and haters. That was to take a railway westward through the Rocky Mountains and eventually North into Canada. It was an ambitious plan, thinking about constructing these new tracks through unpopulated wilderness, and that’s why there was no shortage of skeptics.

JJ Hill was patient and systematic. Rather than build the entire railway all at once and take that enormous risk that it would actually be utilized, his plan was to lay new tracks in smaller increments of around 200 miles, and then he would pause and focus on attracting the farmers and settlers and miners to that area. It just gradually, systematically kept building and building.

His approach was so successful that by 1893, he reached Seattle. The Great Northern Railway, it was called then, operated through much of the 20th Century. His original route is still in use today. He was able to accomplish all of this without receiving any government aid. How he financed the construction was something that had not been done before. At that time, capital was not easy to obtain by just issuing shares, getting equity like the stock market or bonds, which is a debt instrument. A bond is simply like a guaranteed loan.

It’s not hard to imagine that the equity markets back then in the late 1800s were immature. They were much more difficult to manage and navigate than they are today. It was also much more difficult to raise equity through the equity markets. Standard bonds that paid interest, they were largely thought of as conservative securities, would not have been well-received for investors for a project that was perceived to be risky like Hill’s Folly.

INWE 10x Upside | Guaranteed Returns

Guaranteed Returns: The key to building wealth is to get your initial capital kicking off streams of safe, passive income from multiple asset classes.


In other words, a bond simply would not provide enough of a return to generate investor interest for the risks that they were taking on. Selling shares in his company was even more difficult to the massively extreme perceived risk. These were all the challenges that were the catalysts for JJ Hill creating an entirely new security. It’s called a convertible bond. It was a way for the railroad to differentiate itself from everyone else out there looking to raise capital.

The convertible bond was unique in that included both debt and equity, being able to invest in a bond backed by assets, which in this case was the railway, and having the added benefit to profit from rising equity prices due to the convertible aspect of the security, and made JJ Hill’s convertible bonds very attractive to all investors, large, small, institutional, etc.

When I say the word ‘bond,’ I don’t know if like you, my mind automatically goes to the word boredom. My dad is 78, and he needs income for his retirement and he needs more safety. He needs to be more conservative. His portfolio is loaded with bonds and it almost puts me to sleep looking at all the low-return, boring bonds that he owns. A lot of these are only paying out 3% interest, and some even lower than that.

This is not your ordinary bond. This new form of security, the convertible bond in the 1800s, it was so successful that it was adopted by a lot of people in the railroad industry to help build out the infrastructure. It’s still in use today, but convertible bonds are no longer just for real ways. There are technology and biotech companies that are offering these instruments and investments that will deliver for us steady guaranteed income, virtually no downside, and some very attractive upside potential when you think about the conversion option.

Stay with me, guys. I think you guys got to understand how this works. This is very exciting stuff. Many great technology companies are obviously being very unfairly punished by the market wide volatility. Great companies are getting slammed, hammered, and nothing has changed with those companies. Growth will return to the markets as it always does, but until we begin to see some healthier market conditions, I think it makes sense to look for more conservative strategies. Even in a great market, I think that this is an awesome strategy for a new investor that’s looking to protect their capital and get a kicking off income with some awesome upside. I think this is absolutely perfect for you, even if you’ve got $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, which I don’t normally say, but I think that’s perfect for any investor at any level.

Let’s take a higher level look at the convertible debt market to understand our tech income strategy here. Most convertible bonds pay are what’s called a regular coupon. Think of it like a dividend and interest payment. In that way, they act like a fixed income investment. Some convertible bonds are what’s called zero coupon bonds, which are typically purchased at a discount to the face value of the bond. They pay no interest, but you do get a guaranteed yield or return because if they’re held all the way until the very expiration date of the maturity, you’re going to get that yield and receive the full face value of the bond back, which is fantastic.

If the face value is $1,000 and you’re able to purchase it for $900, then that’s a guaranteed 10% return, depending on how long it takes for it to get to maturity. Let’s say it took one year, you have one year to maturity, you buy it for $900, it’s worth the face value, and expiration is $1,000, there you go. There’s 10% return in a year.

Aside from the safety of high-quality convertible bonds, the upside opportunity for investors is the chance to participate in significant equity upside. Share on X

The reason that convertible bonds are so interesting for high-growth companies is that they can earn a nearly guaranteed yield on our investment. The only way that we don’t get our money back and our yield is if a company goes bankrupt. That only happens with some very low quality companies, which generally I would never recommend. This is why I’m going to spend a little bit of time in the special research report that you guys can access about the health of the balance sheet of each company that I recommend.

Aside from the safety of high-quality convertible bonds, the upside opportunity for investors is the chance to participate in significant equity upside. Let’s give you an example. I looked at a convertible issuance for a semiconductor company called AMD. I own AMD stock. I think it’s a fantastic company, and semi-conductors are incredibly, hugely in need. There’s a huge shortage. That’s what’s happening. Why we have a shortage of automobiles is because of the low supply of semi-conductors.

There’s no way that AMD is ever going bankrupt. The bond on AMD is issued with a yield of 2.125%. That’s not a large return, that’s anything to get excited about, but if investors purchase these bonds and held them through today, they would have made 10X on their money. It’s possible to see incredible capital gains or upside in appreciation and the price with virtually no downside risk. That’s very attractive. This is the, “Heads I win, tails I don’t lose strategy in motion.”

Assuming a strong economy and strong appreciation and the share price of the underlying stock convertible bonds can then be converted into shares, into equity, at a specified conversion ratio prior to the bond maturing. It’s this conversion feature. This is what gives the convertible bonds that upside potential of a high-growth stock.

Here’s the best part. Even if the underlying stock never reaches its conversion price, investors will simply hold the bond to maturity. They collect the yield along the way, and then you receive the face value of the bond on the date that the convertible bond matures. Our strategy right now should be to take a more conservative approach to investing. Growth stocks simply aren’t being appreciated by the market right now. Capital has been on the sidelines waiting for improvement in both the economic and the Fed to see what they’re going to do. What are they going to do to interest rates?

This guarantees that we’ll earn an attractive minimum yield while we wait. The best part about convertible bonds is the upside potential that comes with the bond, the ability to convert the bond to equity when the underlying share price rises above the convertible bond conversion price. I believe that having knowledge about convertible bonds is something that’s going to be useful to all investors at some stage during their lives.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into this ultra-low risk asset with huge upside, I’m adding in a training module into my starter course called Indestructible Wealth Builder. It’s an online learning course. I’m putting it into that. That is priced at $97. That’s it. It’s 32 videos and 8 hours’ worth of content. I went overboard on the value that I offered.

INWE 10x Upside | Guaranteed Returns

Guaranteed Returns: The best part about convertible bonds is the upside potential that comes with the bond, the ability to convert the bond to equity when the underlying share price rises above the convertible bond conversion price.


I simply can’t give you guys these three companies on this episode because this is an evergreen podcast, meaning that if someone listens and reads to this six months from now, these will likely be out of date and there will be new picks that will make more sense at that time. Not only can you get these three picks exactly what to do, it walks you through exactly how to access them, where to go to get them, a little bit more detail about how they work, then get my course.

Not only will you get these picks, but you’ll get a solid base of safe asset recommendations that will help you to kick off your investing strategy and build your multiple streams of income, and bulletproof your investments for the rest of your life. Go right to my website to get the course, While you’re there, check out my new blog page. Tell me what you think. I think it looks pretty freaking good. We redesigned it. It’s more sleek. I’ve updated and created new blogs. I feel much better about the blog site. You guys got to check it out. It’s pretty strong.

If you guys are not following me on Instagram, I have one reel, one short form video going out every single day. If you follow me and you can go right to my bio and click on my reels, or they’ll probably get served up to you on the algorithm if you start watching them and such. The algorithm is going to figure out that you like my content and keep serving it up to you.

I don’t want this episode to feel like a tease, and it was just a promotion of my course. The $97 course, I have to sell a hundred of those for that to make a difference in my financial life. I have to charge for that. I’d love to give it to you for free, but I have to charge or nobody is going to do it. I think that’s the reality. If you don’t pay, people don’t take it seriously. They don’t value it. They don’t go through the information. You can absolutely do more research on this and figure out these picks on your own. That’s certainly well within your wheelhouse to go get armed with this basic knowledge about how these work. Do some Google research. If you want to try to get them for free, go for it.

These are three picks that I’ve been researching and feel very strong about. The upside potential on all three pics is absolutely 10X. With that, thank you guys so much for reading. I value you and all your feedback. I love your questions, so hit me with questions. Don’t forget to share my show with other people that you’d feel would benefit from this information. It’s the only way that I’m going to grow this show is if you value the information and that you share it with others, that’s a win-win. Thanks so much. Have a great day, guys.


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  You and I are going to flip a coin. Our bet is $100,000 on one single coin flip. On one side are your traditional “heads.” On the “tails” side, it’s blank, and if heads come up, you win. If the blank “tails” side lands, you don’t win. But you don’t lose anything either. How […]